You should be very careful in order to safely move sports equipment.|Clean all your equipment before moving anything.|Beware of moving injuries when moving large pieces of sports equipment.|Renting a storage facility during the move can be very helpful.
You should be very careful in order to safely move sports equipment.|Clean all your equipment before moving anything.|Beware of moving injuries when moving large pieces of sports equipment.|Renting a storage facility during the move can be very helpful.
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February 9, 2020

How to safely move sports equipment?

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Moving home can be a stressful and tiring task, especially if you have to move sports equipment. Sports equipment is usually heavy and oddly shaped so you have to be very careful if you want to avoid damage and scratches. Also, it’s usually difficult to disassemble so moving it can be quite a challenge. If you don’t have any moving experience, it would probably be best to hire Capital City movers. Professional movers will facilitate your move and relocate all your possessions safely.

Why should you hire professionals to move sports equipment?

Moving sports equipment can be a demanding task. Sure, it’s easy if you have a yoga mat, balls or rackets. However, things get complicated if you add a treadmill or exercise bike to that list. These items are heavy and bulky, that’s the main reason why moving them can be tricky. In addition, they are quite expensive which is why you should be particularly careful. Don’t forget that moving injuries are very common, especially if you are not used to heavy lifting. These are the reasons why you should leave this job to the professionals such as Brooklyn Heights movers. Hiring reliable and experienced movers will save you a lot of trouble. But, if you decide to go ahead by yourself, here are some techniques and tricks that can help you.

Clean all your equipment before moving

It’s important to properly clean all pieces of sports equipment before moving them. In this way, you won’t bring any germs or bacteria with you.

  • Wash all your towels and blankets,
  • Wipe down your yoga mats,
  • Clean all handrails and surfaces on a treadmill, elliptical trainer, exercise bike, etc.

You can use all-purpose cleaners, cleanser specifically designed for yoga mats, wet wipes…

Clean all your equipment before moving anything.

Before you move sports equipment clean everything thoroughly

Moving small pieces of equipment

If you decide to pack and move sports equipment by yourself you will need to gather packing supplies first. These include:

  • cardboard boxes,
  • markers,
  • bubble wrap,
  • furniture blankets,
  • packing paper, etc.

Small pieces of equipment such as balls, hand weights, yoga mats can be packed in cardboard boxes. Make sure that the boxes are sturdy and without any damage. Remember that weights are heavy and, if the box breaks, they can cause serious injuries.Equipment should be protected – wrap each individual items in bubble wrap, moving paper or towels. Distribute the weight evenly and prevent the items from moving while in the box.Finally, label the boxes properly. Write content and destination room on the side of the box, so that you would be able to read them when the boxes are piled up.

Moving large equipment

As we already said, be particularly careful when moving large, bulky gym equipment. Treadmills and exercise bikes are probably the most popular pieces of sports equipment. First, unplug the machines. Don’t drag the bike along the floor because it can cause damage. Put furniture sliders underneath it and, if you need to lift it, ask someone to help you. Be careful and protect yourself from any injury. When it comes to treadmills, they should be disassembled and folded before moved. Once you do that, make sure to lock it in the upright position and protect it with furniture blankets. The elliptical trainer is slightly more difficult to move because it’s oddly shaped and has many parts. Make sure to disassemble it first and remove the handlebars and pedals from the main body of the machine. Then protect it by wrapping each piece in moving blankets.

Beware of moving injuries when you move sports equipment.

It's not easy to move sports equipment, especially large pieces such as treadmills and elliptical trainers

Do you need storage when moving sports equipment?

Renting a storage unit can be extremely helpful if you have to move sports equipment. If you don’t know where everything goes or you just don’t want to risk any damage, find a safe and secure facility to store your belongings. When choosing the storage unit, pay attention to price, safety, and location. The facility should be easily accessible and close to your new home. Check if it has cameras, security guards, and gates. Once you decide which items you want to bring in your new home, you can figure out the size of a storage unit. The size of a moving truck can help you determine this. For example, a 25-foot moving truck is the equivalent of a 10’x20′ storage unit. A 20-foot truck equals a 10’x15′ unit and a 15-foot truck is the equivalent of a 10’x10′ storage unit. The height of the ceiling in a typical storage unit is 8 feet.

Renting a storage facility during the move can be very helpful.

When renting storage think about location, price, safety, and size.


It’s not easy to safely move sports equipment and you shouldn’t take this activity likely. As you probably know, moving can be tiring, time-consuming and stressful. It’s important to plan your move in advance so that you wouldn’t rush things on a moving day. If you are not careful, you can get injuries easily. That’s why many home movers decide to hire moving professionals. Reliable moving companies provide full service – packing and moving, which can greatly accelerate the process. If you decide to move on your own, you have to be aware of certain things. First, sports equipment is heavy and bulky, so you would need help in order to carry it. Ask friends or family to help you move. Second, all your belongings should be properly packed and protected, especially expensive items such as gym equipment. Finally, you will have to disassemble some of the items so have manual instructions nearby. Have a safe move!


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