It is important to know how to pack for a storage|There are some that you do not need|This shows that you know how to pack for a storage like a pro|You must learn how to use the space you have
It is important to know how to pack for a storage|There are some that you do not need|This shows that you know how to pack for a storage like a pro|You must learn how to use the space you have
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July 4, 2019

Pack for storage like a pro

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Moving nowadays is a very successful business. There a lot of options and services you can use. One of the options that many moving companies provide is renting a storage unit. Storage units are very popular nowadays because you can put the unnecessary stuff from your home to the storage unit or you can prepare yourself for a long distance move. You can try various Queens storage options where you can pick the one that suits you the most. There is only one problem, how to pack for storage? Stay until the end and find out how to do it like a pro!

Packing supplies

In order to even consider packing for storage, you should first get packing supplies. There a few ways on how you can do this:

  • Reuse old packing supplies- Since the stuff you are packing will be stored you can always use your old packing materials. Even if it is damaged, you can safely put your belongings there.
  • Get from friends and family- Also the way on how to get your hands on packing supplies. There is a high chance that your friends and family have some packing supplies that they do not need.
  • Get from a moving company-This is probably the most efficient way on how to get packing materials. You can rent plastic moving boxes that you will use. Many people recommend plastic moving boxes due to their durability.

What packing supplies you should use?

There is a difference when you are storing for a long period of time and when you are storing prior to the move. When you store for a longer period of time, you do not have to use that much packing material. For example, everything that is relatively small like books, clothes, smaller items, you can all pack in the plastic moving boxes. After that, you can just put them in the storage unit.There is a difference when you want to store your belongings prior to the move. When you are having a long distance move, the best way is to store your items days before the move. This way you will lower down the chance of something going wrong. So, when you want to pack for storage before the move, we recommend fully packing all of your stuff. Packing materials include bubble wraps, cardboard boxes, packing tapes, cover sheets, etc. All that is left when the moving day comes is to load the truck and move!

There are some that you do not need

You have to know what packing supplies you need

How to pack for storage?

It is not that much different than packing for moving. But many people make a mistake. They do not pack carefully so when the day comes when they need something from the storage, they can't find it. Do not make this kind of mistake. That is why it is important how to pack for storage! When putting your old clothes, books into the boxes, be careful about the mixing. What we mean by this is that you should not mix different kinds of things together. This way you will find whatever you need for a short time.There is one more thing that we would like to address. We were all in a situation where we buy new furniture. But what to do with an old one? The perfect solution is to put it into the storage unit. Before putting it there, we advise you to disassemble it so you can save space for other things that you also have to store.

Packing fragile items?

If you want to pack for storage like a pro,you should know how to pack fragile items. As you know, you do not have to do much in order for that stuff to break in a million pieces. In order to prevent this from happening you should wrap all of your fragile items with bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is the best material you can use for this because it is very durable so you should now have any major problems with doing this. Even though this is a good way to pack your fragile items, you should know that you still have to find the perfect place to avoid anything from falling on them.

This shows that you know how to pack for a storage like a pro

Fragile items have to be packed carefully


When packing for a storage unit there is one thing you have to consider, space! Depending on your budget, you can get bigger or smaller storage unit. You have to be careful about this and be aware of what is the size that you actually need. That is the key reason that will reduce your storage expenses. If you do not have to get bigger storage, then do not get it!It is good if the money is not a problem and you choose the best storage option there is. But if the money is a problem and you have to rent smaller storage, you have to make a plan where everything will be. Careful planning is the key to everything in life. Think about where you will put your boxes, your old appliances, etc. If you do this right, you can get even more stuff in the storage unit.

You must learn how to use the space you have

Space is a very important aspect of storage units!

Store Properly

While it is important to find the perfect location of everything in your storage unit, it is as equal to store properly. Every storage is full of boxes but not all boxes have equal weight. It is very important to put heavier boxes on the bottom. This will create a more stable ground where you can put lighter boxes on top. You should always have this in mind because if you are not careful, there can be a lot of damage to your stuff.


As you can see, the packing for storage is not that easy thing to do. It is not just putting stuff randomly. It has to be carefully planned so you could pack for storage as much as you can. After all, you want to use every inch of the space. Many people often hesitate to look for storage options. But there are certainly signs that you need a storage solution. Look for the options that suit you best and pack like a pro!


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