NYC Subway Guide|NYC subway|Subway stations|Be alert on the subway
NYC Subway Guide|NYC subway|Subway stations|Be alert on the subway
Relocating to NYC
November 9, 2018

NYC subway guide

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Moving to NYC is always weird. Especially if you are moving from a smaller town. The Big Apple has certain unwritten rules that only the people who live there for some time understand. Since it has existed for so long, and so many culturally important things have happened, the city has developed a character of its own. And if you want to survive there as a newcomer, you need to find out what to do and how to behave. While there are many segments of getting used to living in NYC, we will focus now on the NYC subway. Just like many Newyorkers, you will use the subway for pretty much all your transportation needs as it is the cheapest and situationally the fastest way of traversing NYC.

NYC subway

There is a love-hate relationship between every resident of NYC and the NYC subway.

How NYC subway works

The NYC subway is one of the worlds oldest and biggest subways systems. Today the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) runs and maintains the complex system of 36 lines and 472 stations. Keep in mind, that not every public transport is the part of the NYC subway system. The AmTrack, AirTrain JFK/Newark, Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Rail Road are all separate from the NYC subway. But, it is the most used way to get around NYC. Pretty much anyone who is bellow or close to the NYC average salary uses the subway.

How to plan your trip

So you want to take the subway? Great, start off by figuring out where you want to go. You can use an online service to map the road for you, like Google Maps, or you can go old school and figure out everything without the use of the internet. If that is the case, then you need to get yourself a map of the NYC subway. Ok, now you need to figure out which station to take. Mind you that some stations have specific entrances for specific directions. You need to know not only which train to take, but which direction it goes so you don't take the wrong one. If you do enter the wrong station, know that the ticket is not refundable.

The basics of NYC geography

If you get lost in NYC you can simply ask someone to give you directions. But, in order for those directions to make sense, you need to know some basic NYC geography. NYC is roughly divided into 5 boroughs: Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island. When people describe the direction of the trains they will use expressions like Manhattan-bound or Brooklyn Bound. That means that the train is headed towards that neighborhood. Of course, the more time you spend in the NYC the better you will understand it's geography and the colloquial expressions for neighborhoods, but this should give you a starting help for directions and orientation. Talk with your office movers NYC if you want to find out the best ways to move around.

Stations and lines

Since the NYC subway is so big and complicated, the stations and lines are complicated as well. Therefore, you should look at the map of the NYC subway, but don't let yourself get overwhelmed. You cannot remember everything that it can tell you, nor should you. It will take some time before you completely understand how it works and how to have the most efficient trips. But, for now, just know the basics. There are stations that have the same name but are not the same position. They can be miles apart. On the other hand, there are stations that have a different name depending on the train you are taking. Yeah... We told you that it is complicated. Now, there are fast trains and regular trains. Fast trains only stop and stations that are white on the map. Regular stop at every station.

Subway stations

Subway stations can be very confusing to a newcomer.

How to behave on NYC subway

The biggest problem of the NYC subway is the crowd. Over 5.7 million people use the subway every day, and you need to coexist with them if you are going to use it as well. And the crowd is especially obnoxious if you try to register and drive your out of state car in NYC. As there are no formal regulations on what to do and how to behave on the NYC subway, we will give you are a quick rundown of the basics.

Be aware

Like any big city, NYC has its share of pickpockets and thieves. And the best place for them to steal from unaware victims is the subway. And those are just some of the crimes people commit on the NYC subway. Once you enter the station, keep your eyes open. Make sure that you keep your bag closed and that it is constantly in your line of sight. Do not carry it on your back. Pay attention to any announcements as they can contain importation information about your journey. Avoid looking at your cell phone, especially when entering and exiting the train. Not only will you slow everyone down, but you will be a prime victim for a quick snatch and run. Keep your wits about you and constantly mind your surroundings. If something looks suspicious, find the closest employee and alert them. You could be saving lives by doing so.

Be alert on the subway

Keep your wits about you when you are on the subway.

What not to carry

Think of NYC subway as storage units NYC. You've gotta know when to use them. Avoid huge bags. Not only are they a hassle to move around with, but you will probably be searched by the police. If you are carrying something big, do everyone a favor and get a cab. Another thing to avoid doing is to eat on the subway. If you eat your food on the train you are not only forcing everyone to smell what you are eating, but you are consuming all the chemicals that are hovering in the subway air. Smelling people that worked an 8-hour shift is enough. Do not force everyone to smell your curry delight. Save if for a park bench.


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