NYC senior moving is never easy, but with a little guidance, it can be much easier.|Saying goodbye is never easy, so be patient and give your parents time.|Lessen what burdens you can for a smooth NYC senior transition.|Make that new home feel just like the old one did.
NYC senior moving is never easy, but with a little guidance, it can be much easier.|Saying goodbye is never easy, so be patient and give your parents time.|Lessen what burdens you can for a smooth NYC senior transition.|Make that new home feel just like the old one did.
Moving out of NYC
October 5, 2017

NYC senior moving guidelines

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You might think that the Big Apple is only suitable for younger people due to the fast pace of the big city. You might also be mistaken. There are plenty of seniors who grew up on the streets of New York. And many of those are much better adjusted to the lifestyle than newcomers. So whether you have seniors making an NYC interstate move to a retirement home/smaller house, be cautious. And if you are in need of guidance, we have some NYC senior moving tips to help you get through it.

NYC senior moving is never easy, but with a little guidance, it can be much easier.

These NYC senior moving guidelines can make for a smooth transition for both you and your parents.

Preparation for NYC senior moving

What we have here is a very sensitive process. No matter how tough your parents or grandparents might be, asking them to change all they’ve known for the last few decades of their life is a big step. This is why there are precautions that you have to take before the actual relocation outside of NYC.

First and foremost, be thoughtful and considerate

Bear in mind that the older we get, the harder change comes to us. So arm yourself with patience and restrain yourself from criticizing. Remember that communication is crucial, so keep them talking and let them know that you are here for them. Assure them that the relocation is nothing to be scared of and that they are making the right call.Course of action: offer to clean the home and help with the packing. Heavy lifting is always involved when moving, and you can’t expect them to do it when you’re there.

Offer your help with the packing

Lessen what burdens you can for a smooth NYC senior transition.

Don't let your parents do the heavy lifting when you can do it or at least hire professionals.Remember that we are talking about the people who raised you and made you who you are. So the least you can do is be kind towards their wishes. Unlike you, they might not be in their prime, so packing for NY relocation might take a bit longer than anticipated.Another thing we tend to do as we grow is hoard stuff. And you don’t really realize how bad it is until that moving day comes. Next thing you know, you find yourself surrounded by piles and piles of clutter. Sure, some have nostalgic value, others had the value 20 years ago, but 90% of the stuff is not needed or used. However, this is not something you tell them directly, but instead, talk through it. Make them realize that they no longer need these belongings by finding ways for them to de-clutter:Donation – assure them that some institutions or museums might find a better use for some of the stuff.Gifting – offer to take some of the things they hold dearest. There must be some things that bring you back to past days, growing up. Others you can store away with some of your belongings in that NYC storage unit you’ve rented.*Under no circumstances should you suggest that the stuff be sold or, God forbid, thrown away. It is much easier than you find a good home for those belongings with the help of other family members and relatives.

Make sure to save any pictures of the current home

Make that new home feel just like the old one did.

Home is where you make it to be. Save all photos you can and try to replicate that in the new home.Since you are already exposing seniors to change, try to minimize it as much as possible. Of course, you can’t lie to them and tell them that the neighborhood or city suddenly changed. But what you can do is make a similar layout. Take mental or real photos of the current home and rooms inside. Then go about arranging the new home to match the old one as much as possible.This will significantly simplify the transition and make the new place feel more like home. And if the new place is smaller than the current one, make sure to include key assets and offer to have the rest stored away or included in your home.

Give them plenty of room

No need to rush NYC senior moving, just take it easy and slow – baby steps. Give your parents/grandparents more than enough time to do certain tasks, and start with small tasks at that. Guide them through the packing and prepping process, but allow them to decide the pace. That way you will give them adequate time to adjust to the idea of relocating.

Start with rooms with the least sentimental values

Don’t throw them in fire instantly, hoping they will adjust by doing. Instead, start your NYC senior moving process by packing rooms that carry no emotional burden. These would most commonly be the bathroom and the kitchen. So have you parents empty out those drawers first, and then slowly have them go over the boxes in the bedroom and living room.

Give yourself plenty of working time by planning the NYC senior moving well ahead

You need to be aware that sorting through years of accumulated stuff will bring back memories. Some might be painful, others joyful but all of them will be an emotional roller-coaster. So make sure that your parents have time to absorb it all by starting the moving process several weeks ahead of time. The goal here is to make them as comfortable as possible.

Look to outside professional NYC senior moving assistance

Some elderly people might find it too hard to go through the packing and sorting with their children. This is when professional NYC moving companies comes in handy. And the good news is that there are those that specialize in relocating seniors. So by opting for this option, you get the optimal solution for both you and your parents. And all the while you are getting the best possible packing and moving service while having enough time to spend with your parents.

Don’t rush your parents on that last glance after the move

Saying goodbye is never easy, so be patient and give your parents time.

Give your parents time to bid farewell to their old home and adjust to their new one.For you it might just be a house or apartment, but for your parents this has been the epicenter for so long. And you might not understand it now, but you will one day. So find the patience to listen to their stories and give them as much time as they need to say goodbye.

Take them to explore the new home before the move

Remember what we mentioned about sudden changes – avoid them if possible. So take the time to drive your parents over to their new home and let them get a feel for the place. If you haven’t arranged the space already, let them in on the planning. Trust us - they will appreciate every moment of it.


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