Relocating to NYC
October 23, 2022

NYC Neighborhoods for families to move into

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Though New York City seems small, it sure has a lot of diversity. From great restaurants to beautiful architecture. It can be hard to decide which neighborhood is the best one for you if you’ve never lived in this city before. Of course, lifestyle, family, career, and other factors determine your best choice. So with that, we will look at the NYC neighborhoods for families to move into.

If you’re considering moving here, some good and bad need to be noted. No city is perfect, however, doing a little research and planning ahead of time will better prepare you for the move.

Some NYC neighborhoods are perfect for school runs

Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is located in the borough of Manhattan on the East, the Hudson River is on the West. It is an affluent area with a working-class population. It is a significantly Jewish neighborhood with non-orthodox Jews as well.

It features a lot of parks, bars, restaurants, and more. Making this the perfect neighborhood for families. There are numerous museums, galleries, etc. It is very rich in culture. Like every neighborhood, there are a few pros and cons.


  • Family oriented area
  • Working class
  • Surrounded by parks and restaurants


  • Expensive
  • Busy nightlife


Greenwich Village

It is on the West side of Manhattan, is populated by artists, and is great for families too. It is very rich in history and LGBTQI+ friendly. If you’re looking for a more urban feel, this is the place to live. Most residents in this area rent their homes. It is surrounded by beautiful parks and attracts writers, artists, composers, etc. It can be the ultimate home for your family if you’re into artistry.


  • LGBTQI+ friendly
  • Great place for artists
  • Below-average violent crime rate
  • Top Schools


  • Very small apartments
  • Very expensive


Home to the oldest bridge in New York City. The bridge dates back to 1851. There are a few more historical sites in Newfield and a lot to see. It offers a couple of hiking trails, fishing areas, and more outdoor activities suitable for the whole family. 

It has a suburban and rural feel, making it great for all demographics of people.


  • Not too populated
  • Lower sales tax
  • The average commute time is about 24 minutes


  • Low-cost storage units
  • Low race diversity
  • Dry weather

South slope

Originally known as South Park slope. It is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn to live in because it boasts an urban feel, and is LGBTQI+ friendly. There are parks and coffee shops around the area making it great for families.


  • Laid back
  • Public schools are above average
  • Family-friendly and liberal


  • Is a little louder as it is populated by families
  • Dirty


It means North of Little Italy. It is a very affluent neighborhood situated in lower Manhattan. It is very trendy attracting artsy and crafty people. They usually have street vendors on the weekends selling jewelry and some selling vintage crafts. There are numerous jewelry stores, cafes, boutiques, etc. It is great for families as it has several art galleries and is rich in history.


  • Less commercial
  • Below-average crime rate


  • The cost of living is a bit high

Flatiron District is great for families

Upper East Side

This neighborhood encompasses smaller areas like Lenox hill, Yorkville, and Carnegie Hill. It is well known for its fancy restaurants and upscale high-rises. It is literally the place for New York City’s elite.


  • Distinguished prep schools
  • Beautiful museums
  • Well kept restaurants 


  • Not a lot of transportation to some parts of Manhattan
  • Street parking is hard to find

Morningside Heights

On the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It has several places of worship and is considered one of the safest neighborhoods in New York City. It is largely surrounded by schools. A lot of families live here as it has affordable housing.

There are several bars, restaurants, and parks which are great for little ones and for families to spend time enjoying nature. 


  • Secure living environment
  • Generally a quiet area


  • A lot of homeless people lurking around
  • Expensive

Flatiron District

Is a commercial neighborhood with tall apartment buildings. Tourists frequent this area because it has a diverse food selection. It is named after the wedge-shaped Flatiron building. The focal point is Madison Square park. Great for tourists and locals too with restaurants and bars around the area.


  • Lots of parks which is great for kids
  • Good schools
  • Close to downtown


  • Heavy traffic


This is a very diverse neighborhood that is considered chic and vibrant. It is very artsy and has a younger crowd frequenting it because of the nightclubs and the active nightlife. It is also primarily an industrial area.


  • Culturally diverse
  • Easily accessible public transportation if you work in Brooklyn.


  • The cost of property is high


New York City is a beautiful place to live. Full of history, culture, diversity, and more. It offers a unique feel that’s different from a typical American city. If you’re considering moving here, do it! Numerous neighborhoods are great for families you just need to find the perfect one for your family.

Yes, it is expensive, but living here and the experiences are priceless. So, research and find a district that is suitable for your lifestyle. A place you’ll enjoy raising your little ones in. 

Moving to this city requires a well-experienced moving company that knows the Ins and Outs of it. Capital City Movers can do that for you. Our team of professional movers will ensure your move to the city is as smooth as possible. 

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