Moving to New York City checklist|packing for a move|finding an apartment in NYC|job application NYC
Moving to New York City checklist|packing for a move|finding an apartment in NYC|job application NYC
Relocating to NYC
August 19, 2017

Moving to New York: make plans on time

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Relocation can bring a headache and stress, especially if you are moving long-distance or interstate. People say that New York City is the greatest in the world. The "city that doesn't sleep" attracts everyone especially those who love a busy lifestyle. Moving to can be a nightmare if you don't have the time for a solid plan. If you are planning on moving by yourself you have to be well-organized and prepared. That way the moving process goes smoothly and stress-free. Moving to New York can be an amazing and exciting experience if you prepare everything on time.When moving to New York City, the most important thing is to put everything on paper. Making your own to-do list is an essential part of the moving process. Your list should contain every step you will take during the process of your move. The list will help you make your moving process easier and remind you of all the things you need to prepare and organize before you moving day comes. Here are some suggestions to make your relocation to NYC easier.

Moving to New York: how to make a plan?

When moving to New York, take your time to plan every detail. If it's possible, plan your move at least six months ahead. Careful planning will help you to prepare better for a move. The list that you make should contain all the actions that will get the job done. For example, the first items on your list are the documents that you'll need to make your move possible. Write everything down one by one, and check if you have everything.Gather your documents. The first topic on your list are the documents you will need for your move. Considering that you might have to move to New York City from another continent, you need to organize all your traveling documents before you organize your move. Check if your passport is up to date, your visa and traveling requirements, tickets etc. You also might need permits or other documents to move your things safely to New York without much stress.

Moving to New York City checklist

Making a list is essential for a successful relocation plan.

Organizing your budget can save you money

The most important item of the list is organizing your budget. Budget calculations can make your moving process easier. When you have a bulk idea of how much money you need for moving to New York, you will be able to arrange it accordingly. When making a detailed budget you might consider contacting your moving company. You should have a bulk figure of how much your move will cost.Anticipate your costs for living in New York City for the first few months if you are still looking for a job. If possible, put some money on the side, and avoid stress if something gets more expensive than you have anticipated. Be aware of possible hidden costs and do your best to avoid it. Here is some advice on how to avoid New York City moving mistakes.

Start looking for a job

If you don't have a job before moving to New York, you should start looking for one before relocating. While preparing your move, you shouldn't let stress distract you from finding a job. Send out your CV to New York employers and use your new address on your application, if possible. Search for a job in the area where you plan on living in New York City. Use websites and other useful applications for browsing job listings.

job application NYC

To get prepared for a job application, gather all the documents on time.

Consider your commute

When planning to move to New York City you have to get familiar with a subway plan. People in New York avoid driving through the city, and they use the subway. Consider your daily and weekly transit needs before finding an apartment. Check for the buses that stop nearby and how far the nearest subway station is. Keep in mind that sometimes transit is in delay, usually on weekends.

Look for an apartment

Finding the apartment should be a big item on your list. The search for the apartment in New York City takes time. Research all the areas in the city and choose the one you would like to live in. You should have some money prepared in advance, for leasing the apartment. Also, all the documents have to be ready to send out at any time. Good New York City apartments that are on a budget tend to be leased quickly. Keep in mind that living by yourself in New York City is very expensive. When leasing an apartment, you will have to pay a broker's fee that is around 15% of the annual rent cost.If you are moving on a budget to New York City consider living with roommates. That is a cost-effective way to live in this town. You will make friends, and you share all of the living costs with them. You may use the social networks and websites online to find roommates in the part of town where you would like to live.

finding an apartment in NYC

Make sure to check apartment listings on time, and save yourself additional stress.

Organize your move

Organizing your move should be planned in detail. Be sure to contact more than one moving company and get a bulk estimate of your moving costs. Hiring the moving company in New York City should be done weeks in advance. When you find the right one get a detailed estimate for your move without any hidden costs. Check moving company's credentials and hire a moving company. If you don't have much time to plan your move it can cost you much more than expected.

packing for a move

Consider hiring professional help when moving in New York City.Ask the moving company for a delivery date so you can organize better, and be in your New York apartment when your things arrive. Check out the insurance policy of your moving company. If you have some expensive things you should get additional insurance that covers the possible damage. If you have too many things from your previous home you should consider renting a storage unit.


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