people in a club||two persons holding cocktails
people in a club||two persons holding cocktails
NY lifestyle
July 2, 2020

Nightlife in Chelsea NYC

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You are thinking about moving to Chelsea NYC, you are looking for Chelsea movers. You found a lot of tips on how to pack, how to prepare for relocation, and about Chelsea itself. But you want to learn more about nightlife in Chelsea NYC? You want to know is there a place that you can visit and enjoy, party or maybe drink some cocktails? We got some simple inside tricks for you that will help you enjoy Chelsea nightlife!

TAO Downtown Nightclub is a jewel in nightlife in Chelsea in NYC

If you ever looked for nightlife in Chelsea then you probably know about this great place! It is located at 369 W 16th St. This multi-level space is a great place to have fun. You will find the subterranean restaurant, as well as the nightclub. This place offers a large space, cocktails, and dancing. TAO Downtown Nightclub also attracts some celebrities that will gladly come here to enjoy some late-night drinks. So start packing into moving boxes those great outfits that you have and come and meet some interesting people!

bottles in a club that is part of nightlife in Chelsea NYC

TAO Downtown Nightclub is a great place

Bar Wayō is a new gem

Bar Wayō is new to Pier 17. This bar is a new addition to Chelsea nightlife. It is chic and interesting. Here you can try a lot of different drinks. Bar Wayō offers some traditional drinks such as spritzes, slings. But also it offers some new drinks that are photogenic like Zombie Elvis cocktail that is served in a rather interesting glass.

Jungle Bird is a great addition to nightlife in Chelsea NYC

This place is also a new addition to a nightlife scene. If you are looking for some new experience this is the place for you. The place is rather bright with a long bar on one side and a long banquette on the other side. If you like to drink fresh fruit cocktails- this is the place for you. So start searching for cross country moving companies NYC and move! NYC is a rather unique experience, and is something that you should enjoy!

two persons holding cocktails

Jungle Bird offers fresh fruit cocktails

The Tippler is a hidden gem of Chelsea

This lovely place is tucked underneath the Chelsea Market. Although it is not a place that you will easily find - don't get the wrong impression. This is the place that is usually packed after work.They have some great cocktails with rather interesting names like "My Girlfriend Lives in Queens". Their food options are also very interesting and unique as well. You will definitely find something that you will love here. The Tippler is also a rather affordable place, so if you are moving to NYC on a budget - this is an ideal place for you!

Nightlife in Chelsea NYC is interesting and diverse

The one thing that you should know about Chelsea nightlife is that everyone can find something they like here. The most important thing is to have an open mind, do your research, find a good company, and enjoy lovely nights in lovely clubs and bars! We can assure you that you will have fun!


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