moving with toddler|creative activities for kids|favorite teddy bear toy|child's favorite toy
moving with toddler|creative activities for kids|favorite teddy bear toy|child's favorite toy
Relocating to NYC
August 17, 2017

New York City move: how to relocate with toddlers

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Planning your New York City move is a big deal for the whole family. After the relocation, your child could enjoy his new home as much as you do. But during the moving process, the little ones can show signs of stress and anxiety due to packing, moving and adapting to the new environment. Whether you are moving cross-country or interstate, relocation will affect your child's daily routine and sleeping habits.They say that babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are the happiest with predictable routines. Their toys, room decoration, eating and sleeping schedule can be disrupted during a move. How lucky you will be with your child adapting to the moving process depends on how sensitive he is. To make sure you make a good plan for your New York City move with a toddler, let's find out how you can prepare.

New York City move with toddler

New York City move can disrupt your child's daily routine, so make sure to get prepared.

How to prepare your toddler for the move

Before considering to move with your family, make sure you find out all the essential information about the city. Finding the best family oriented neighborhood is crucial. When looking for affordable neighborhoods for families in NYC, you should consider the distance of your new home to the child-friendly activities in New York City. Pick a neighborhood with lots of parks or the one that is the closest to the kindergarten you are interested in. Think about public transportation plan in advance. You might plan to drive to the city with your toddler, but that might not always be possible, due to bigger traffic jams New York City is known for.

  • Prepare your toddler for New York City move. When starting to pack for a move, you will find out that your daily routine is going to be far from "normal", and your child will probably act according to that. Everything from apartment hunting, packing, making infinite phone calls and internet research will make you much busier and stressed. You should try to avoid showing that in front of your child as much as possible.
  • Make your toddler interested in the moving process. If your child is old enough to understand, try to make moving process a game. Explain the pros of living in your new home, and get descriptive! Show him the pictures of your future New York City home or neighborhood you will be living in. Children associate environment to the objects they are used to, so make it familiar for him. You can talk about his favorite teddy bear and how you will visit the Brooklyn zoo and see big bears once you arrive. Your Ney York City move will be the thing your little one is anticipating with excitement!
  • Let your child help you pack. If you hired professional packing help, choose the rest of the items that will be suitable and interesting for a child to pack. That could be toys, games, clothes, his favorite toothbrush, and other daily routine items. Make a game of it – you can sing or dance while packing and let your little one sort out clothes that he likes. Let him pack his favorite toothbrush and blanket, he will be happy to find them while unpacking after your New York City move.
favorite teddy bear toy
  • Let your toddler pack his favorite toys. It will make him feel safe and have comfort during your New York City move.

Things to consider during the move

When moving to New Your City, the chances are you are going to spend a lot of your time in transportation. Whether it is a cross-country or international moving - your child may have to sleep in the car, on the airplane or hotel rooms once you arrive. On the day of your move, make sure to say goodbye to your home. This way your child will have less trouble understanding the changes your New York City move will bring.Get all the help you can get. If possible, make sure you are not traveling alone in case you have more than one toddler in your family. If you are moving without your partner, you can bring the nanny or a babysitter to travel with you. If your little one is already used to a friend or member of a family, ask them to help you during the moving process to New York City. During one week before and one week after the move, you will probably have many things to sort out, so consider hiring a nanny if you don't already have one.

creative activities for kids

Make sure to prepare toys and games for the travel. It will comfort your child.Prepare toys and games for traveling. When your child spends too much time in the same place during the travel, he will probably get bored. Make sure to prepare materials for drawing, reading and playing. Your toddler's favorite toys can comfort and occupy him during the long trip.

After your New York City move

When you arrive at your New York City home, plan your daily routine according to your child's needs, if possible. Traveling may cause your child to wake frequently, or to resist going to sleep at all. Upon the arrival, make sure your child's room is ready first. Try putting as many familiar materials and items as possible to his new room. If you have a feeling it could help your child adapt easier, decorate his room so it resembles the one in your previous home.

Changing the time zone can be an issue for your child during a move. When traveling all across the country or moving from another continent to New York City, your toddler's behavior may vary due to changing time zones. Make sure to prepare him a week or two before a move, making sure his sleeping schedule is steady. Don't try to delay his naps and keep him awake. It can only make your child tired and fussy. You should give your whole family the time to adjust to the new environment, including your little one.

child's favorite toy

Upon the arrival, your toddler's room should be ready first.After you settle everything about your New York City move, you can plan some fun activities for your child. Depending on weather conditions and season of the year New York City offers various fun family things to do. If you are moving during summer, make sure your toddler is exposed to sun rays – it will help him sleep better and adapt to the new environment. Go visit Central Park Zoo, or plan a picnic in many parks surrounding you. On the other hand, your New York City move might be scheduled for winter time. If that is the case, you can explore various indoor playground activities with your little one. There are so many reasons to move to New York City. If you plan everything ahead, your toddler will be grateful and enjoy the new environment in your New York City home.


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