Moving boxes with flowers|||yellow tape
Moving boxes with flowers|||yellow tape
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December 18, 2021

Must-have self storage supplies

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There are many reasons to use self-storage for your belongings. It's also useful to keep some of your belongings in storage units temporarily while you are moving with one of the moving companies NYC. No matter the reason for renting storage, you will need some self storage supplies. Storage supplies are almost the same as packing supplies. So, if you are in the middle of moving preparation, you can use some of the moving supplies for your self-storage.

What self storage supplies you should get?

Putting your belongings into a storage unit could be a part of your relocation. For this reason, you will need supplies just like for a regular move with moving services NYC. You can just put your belongings in the storage unit without any protection. But, you probably already know that’s not a good idea. Therefore, before you take your items to the storage unit, you should get the following.

  • Moving boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Protective materials
  • Tape gun
  • Lock
cardboard boxes are the part of self storage supplies

You should get moving boxes for your items as they are the essential self storage supplies

Where to get moving boxes for your belongings?

You can get moving boxes for your belongings from a few different sources. The most reliable source would be the storage company that you are renting a unit from. Many storage units such as Westchester storage offer quality moving boxes for your items. Storage companies usually provide all sizes of cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, and dish packs. Of course, you can use cardboard boxes from local stores or the ones you have in your home. However, these boxes were already used and probably damaged to some degree. So, you can't expect complete protection for your belongings.

Why do you need bubble wrapping for self-storage units?

Fragile items are really hard to store. You always feel like they are not secured enough. For this reason, bubble wrapping is an excellent protective material that doesn’t cost much. If you combine it with quality cardboard boxes from storage NYC, your fragile items will be almost a hundred percent protected. You can use bubble wrapping to make a cushion for your items or you can wrap items with it. If you don’t have dividers in boxes, then a better option would be to wrap your fragile items with bubble wrapping. This way, your items won't rub against each other during transport.

You should get tape gun

Using quality cardboard boxes and bubble wrapping is not enough if your box will be wide open. You can use a couple of ways to seal your moving boxes such as tape gun, duct tape, or rope. The best option will be to use a tape gun or duct tape. You can get tape gun from many different stores and internet sites.

yellow tape

You should use duct tape to close your cardboard boxes

Locks are usually provided by a storage company

The lock might not be one of the standard self storage supplies as storage units already come with one. However, if you want more security, you can always get a standard padlock or something more technically advanced. But, you can be sure that your items will be perfectly secured if you choose the right storage company.


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