Your baby is ready to relocate to NYC|A baby playing safely on a carpet during preparations for a move.|A child holding a caretaker's hand when moving with a baby to NYC|A baby eating some grapes
Your baby is ready to relocate to NYC|A baby playing safely on a carpet during preparations for a move.|A child holding a caretaker's hand when moving with a baby to NYC|A baby eating some grapes
Relocating to NYC
March 19, 2018

Moving with a baby to NYC

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Moving house isn’t an easy thing. When you throw a baby into the mix, it tends to get quite a bit more difficult, though. But, it isn’t something which can’t be done. So, for every family with a baby on the way and their mind on moving, we’ve decided to give you a hand. Though our experience with both single mothers and families relocating to the Big Apple, we’re going to bring you our top tips. Here’s what we believe everyone moving with a baby to NYC should know. From reliable movers NYC straight to your screens…

The most important thing when moving with a small child is to have a solid plan

Remember the notebook you kept when your baby just came home? You knew exactly when food time was and when nap time was. Well, it’s time for this notebook to make a comeback into your lives. Well, maybe not in that exact form, though. Probably among our favorite words when relocating to NYC is concerned in a moving binder. It’s a good way to keep everything you need regarding your move in one place. So, all of your information about long-distance movers NYC, brokers, quotes, schedule, budget, etc. should be included. If you’re not sure how to get started with these, there are plenty of moving binders to print out online.

A baby playing safely on a carpet during preparations for a move.

Children are curious - keep the environment safe, even during relocation to NY.But, what does a relocation binder have to do with moving with a baby to NYC? Well, like we’ve mentioned, a solid foundation is the key to success. So, when relocating with a baby to New York we suggest starting with this easy tip. Plan your timeline carefully, keeping your usual routine as much as possible. While this may seem like an easy task, it’s often quite a feat to achieve. Remember, you may need more time than you originally think of a number of activities. We always suggest adding ten percent of the total time for moving activities to your final number. It will help you ease the pressure on yourself.

A trusty babysitter is a lifesaver when moving with a baby to NYC

If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that on-site NYC moving quote estimates are essential when you need to pick good local NYC movers for the job. So, this is when a little bit of help is quite useful. If there are no friends or family who can give you a hand, a babysitter is a good option. While the representatives from the moving company are in your home, assessing, you will need your child to be taken care of. So, this part of moving with a baby to NYC we leave to the babysitter. Also, we want to leave you with one more tip here. On moving day, you should consider booking the same service. During the hectic nature of loading and disassembling furniture, a baby might not feel at ease. To be sure that your child has the best care possible, we suggest notifying your babysitter ahead of time when you’re going to be moving house.

A child holding a caretaker's hand when moving with a baby to NYC

When relocating to New York with a small child, remember to enlist some help!

Next, consider removing the hassle of packing and unpacking yourself

Most homeowners stay away from offered packing and unpacking services in New York thinking that they are too expensive. Though, in our experience, a DIY relocation is often more expensive. Hence, when moving with a baby to NYC we advise considering a packing service with your movers.

Here are some of the options which you can think about:

  • A DIY relocation – where you do it all on your own. We definitely don’t advise this option when moving house with a baby. It is simply too much work, takes a lot of time and tends to stress out both the parents and the child. Instead, we advise hiring a moving company to help you out.
  • A halfway DIY move – which offers certain commodities. This is the option where you can book specific NYC moving services. For example, you could only select transportation. Or, you could opt to have your movers pack only the difficult furniture in your home. Talk to the representative during an in-house estimate and have them explain your options here in detail.
  • A relocation did by NYC movers – completely hassle-free. This is the way to go if you’re looking to be moving with a baby to NYC without any trouble at all. Your movers will come on moving day and get everything ready themselves. They bring their own packing supplies, package and load everything into the moving van. After that, they transport your belongings and unload them per your instructions. Often, unpacking NYC services are offered as well. Perfect when moving with a baby to NYC? We agree!

Another clever tip when moving to NYC with a baby is to pack a baby bag

A baby eating some grapes

There are plenty of healthy snacks which can be brought to you for an emergency meal.This might seem like something you would do whenever you leave the house with your child. But, when moving with a baby to New York is concerned, you’ll need to step it up a notch. Through our experience with various families relocating to NYC, here’s what we’ve learned. Some of the essentials are diapers, wet wipes, and a water bottle. Your child’s favorite toy, should, of course, be included in this bag of essentials. In case your baby uses a pacifier, two is a good idea, with their own caps. And, one change of clothes, at least, should enter the ensemble. A thermometer and the bag of usual medicine is a good idea, just in case.When moving with a baby to NYC you’re probably going to need two days before you have access to all of your belongings. These are the day of the move, the time it takes to transfer to your new home and the first day in the new apartment. If this is the case, you ought to at least double the clothing and other essentials you’ll be taking with you. Other than that, you should also think about food. A meal on a moving day can easily be prepared in advance. Though, for the time you need to transfer to your new apartment in NYC and unpack you’ll need an ace up your sleeve. Here, we suggest the following options. You could pre-prepare and store puree food or buy it at a supermarket. In case your baby is already eating solids, some biscuits are often a good idea. Remember to keep the water bottle we mentioned always full!


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