Moving to Upper West Side|||Moving to Upper West Side
Moving to Upper West Side|||Moving to Upper West Side
Relocating to NYC
May 6, 2018

Moving to Upper West Side

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Moving to Upper West Side is usually caused by a big lifestyle change. Therefore this affluent NYC neighborhood is a favorite among retirees as well as young professionals. A lot of Upper West Side residents used to live in their own NYC neighborhoods, but they all dreamed of moving here one day, to start a family or enjoy their retirement. So when this finally happens, it's marked by success in life.This trendy NYC neighborhood is nestled between the Hudson River and Central Park, offering a very luxurious and unique living experience. Definitely one of a kind in this world! We strongly recommend that you make your pick among relocation companies NYC, for a highly professional moving experience. You worked hard to get here and you deserve the best service imaginable. Plus you need highly trained professionals who are well versed in navigating Upper West Sides avenues and busy streets.

Moving to Upper West Side

Moving professionals will navigate these streets with ease.

Why should you pick Upper West Side?

Upper West Side belongs to Manhattan borough, stretching between West 59th Street and West 110th Street and Hudson River and Central Park. This is mostly a residential area with many of its residents working nearby in Lower Manhattan. Upper West Side has always been NYC's cultural and intellectual hub and it's considered one of its wealthiest neighborhoods. Although, throughout history, this hasn't been always the case.Native people, the Lenape, who used to inhabit Manhattan prior to Dutch settlers, didn't have much use of this part of the island. In the eighteen and early nineteen century, things begin to change, and this part of New York City started to have some of the most ambitious houses. This is the time when we first hear of "Bloomingdale District", which used to refer to the part of the Upper West Side located between 96th and 110th Streets, bounded on the west by Riverside Park and Hudson River. This is, of course, the first mentioning of today's most sought-after NYC real estate.By moving to Upper West Side you are taping directly into a link with Manhattan's earliest past. Residents of UWS have the privilege to share its legacy with every big name in NYC's past. Anyone from wise Lenape, Dutch settlers to trendy flappers. Hopefully, some of its magic will rub you. It's crucial to have experienced movers handle the relocation for you. That's why you should check out our moving services NYC, specially tailored to suit your high-end needs. But before you do that, keep reading about other amazing qualities Upper West Side has to offer.

Moving to Upper West Side

You made it to here now it's time to enjoy every bit of it!

Levain Bakery

For some funny reason, everyone's list of favorite things in Upper West Side begins with this bakery. The place is famous for its chocolate chip cookies and now operates in two locations. I guess New Yorkers are comfort creatures above everything else? There is a bit of a line but everyone claims it's worth it! Plus you know the cookies are always nice and fresh, hot from the oven.

Moving to Upper West Side

The smell alone is worth a 5-star review

The Beacon Theatre

Located between 74th and 75th Streets, this famous theater has been there since the 1920's. The legendary Beacon Theater features 2600 seats and its designed in art deco style, which was very popular at the time. Many of the music industry's greats had played here, such as Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Coldplay, Ray LaMontagne, Eddie Vedder and others. This is an iconic NYC landmark and a great conversation starter in the neighborhood.

Central Park & Riverside Park

This is actually one of the biggest reasons people aspire to live here. Moving to Upper West Side puts you between two legendary parks. There's no need to introduce Central Park, everyone and their grandma heard about it. This is one of the most prestigious views in the world! If you get tired of it, there is always Riverside Park that runs next to the Hudson River.

The Sensuous Bean coffee shop

This is a small yet well know coffee shop, that still looks like the original NYC coffee shops that existed before the big chain ones. Regular customers testify that smell alone deserves a 5-star review. So it will be hard for you to walk by it and resist it. If coffee is not your cup of tea, the shop also has well...tea!Moving to Upper West Side will enable a lifetime of exploring. The neighborhood is rich with small and big grocery stores, restaurants and fast food joints. Visit Pier I for a riverside dining experience, or go to a movie theater, this neighborhood has it all!

Moving to Upper West Side-you made it!

Nothing sounds like "I made it in life" better than "I have an apartment in Upper West Side". You made it to here, now it's time to enjoy every little bit of it! You are one of the very few who get the "Upper West Side" bragging rights, I mean, come on! You get the best that NYC has to offer, so here are some suggestions on what to do next:

  • visiting all the museums in NYC is a must! Best museums in NYC are easy to find, Big Apple is the biggest culture hub in the world.
  • go see a Broadway show
  • do a "Sex and the City" tour and relive favorite moments from the show
  • stay in NYC during Christmas
  • eat pizza
  • walk everywhere all the time

Make your own list, it doesn't matter what you do, the important thing is to live through this experience, make NYC your own! You made it to Upper West Side, now the world is your oyster.


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