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Stadion|Moving to Pittsburgh is easy|Moving quote|Calendar
Moving out of NYC
December 18, 2018

Moving to Pittsburgh on a budget

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Ah, Pittsburg. The town of steel. Home to many of the U.S. industries such as aluminum, glass, shipbuilding, electronics, and computers. Therefore, it is no surprise that more and more people are moving to Pittsburgh in order to make themselves a new, better life. But, what most people don't know is that relocating to Pittsburgh doesn't have to be expensive. With a little planning, some luck and a careful readthrough of our guide you will have no problem with moving to Pittsburgh on a budget.

Moving to Pittsburgh is easy

Moving to Pittsburgh on a budget doesn't have to be difficult.

Moving Preparations

So you decided that you want to move to Pittsburgh. Great! You should jump right into packing and relocate as soon as you can, right? Wrong! What you need to do is take your time and carefully prepare for your relocation. The more time you spend planning and organizing your move the cheaper it will be.

Find boxes

Start off by finding boxes. There are many different ways in which you can get good moving boxes for little or no money. You can look for free cardboard boxes by going to your local stores and markets and asking if they can save you some. Most of them will be more than happy to but will require time. Depending on their line of business they may receive boxes only once or twice per week. Furthermore, most of them will not be reusable. Therefore, do them and yourself a favor and start looking for boxes at least a month ahead of packing. Another thing you can do is to rent plastic moving boxes NYC. This way you will spend a bit of money, but the quality of the boxes will be ten times better.


Next thing you need to deal with is packing. Proper packing is important for every move. In fact, it is so important that most long distance movers NYC consider it the most important part of the move. The reason is that most moving accidents happen because of improper packing. Somewhere during the relocation improperly packed boxes will open or tear. Or a mislabeled box will cause a mover to mishandle it and damage the content. Therefore it is up to you to properly pad, wrap, pack and label every box. Make sure to list what you need to pack before you start looking for boxes so that you know how many boxes you will need to get.

Finding movers

You cannot move without reliable movers. Now, that doesn't mean that your movers have to cost a fortune. Heck no! All that it means is that you need to spend some time looking for good movers that are going to move you for a fair price. You might think that it would be a good idea to find cheap movers and let them deal with moving. At the end of the day, how complicated can moving be? The answer, tremendously complicated. So complicated that a bad mover can cause you much more damage, and therefore cost much more than a reliable one would. So, you need to know how to look for movers and give yourself enough time to do so properly.

Multiple estimates

The wisdom stone that will help you find reliable movers in NYC is multiple estimates. How much is fair to pay for your move? You don't know? Well, of course, you don't know. But that is not the problem. The problem is how are you going to find out. What you need to do is to get as many moving estimates as you can. Most moving companies offer free moving quotes, so you shouldn't shy away from multiple. Once you have at least three you can compare them and get a rough figure on what is fair to pay for your relocation. Plus, if you have multiple estimates you will easily know if a company is trying to overcharge you or undercharge you. You should be extremely careful of companies that offer considerably low estimates. Avoid moving scams at all cost.

Moving quote

The more estimates you have, the better you will be able to plan your relocation.

Double-check your movers before moving to Pittsburgh

Once you have figured out which movers seem reasonable, you need to double check them. Go online and see if they have good reviews. A reliable mover has had some experience in the moving industry and should have a considerable number of good reviews. A good idea would be to focus on local movers. By doing so you will be able to easily check them in person. Furthermore, you will be able to ask around about the quality of their service and how reliable they really are. Pick your interstate movers carefully when moving to Pittsburgh on a budget, as you probably don't have enough money to legally pursue them if something goes wrong.

How to make moving to Pittsburgh cheaper

In order to save money on long distance move, you need to know what goes into one. Every reliable mover will tell you about all the factors that influence your relocation. But, it doesn't hurt to be familiar with them before you start making plans with your movers. That way you will have a better idea on how to approach your relocation and you will be aware of important factors if your movers forget to mention them.

Time factor

Time is an important factor in everything, and moving is no exception. The cheapest time for you to relocate will be outside the peak moving season. That means that you should avoid moving during the summer and early fall. The reason is that most people prefer to move in that period and the bigger the demand, the higher the price. So, be clever about it, and talk with your movers about the cheaper relocation periods.


Even days of the week and the weeks of the month can influence the total cost of your relocation.


Everything your movers do for you, the will charge. Even if they don't mention it at first, it will come up in your final bill. So, your best bet is to have your movers do as little as possible and in the shortest amount of time. Therefore, you need to work with your movers and carefully prepare for the move ahead.


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