A newborn - Moving to NYC with a newborn|||A child-resistant lock - Moving to NYC with a newborn
A newborn - Moving to NYC with a newborn|||A child-resistant lock - Moving to NYC with a newborn
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December 18, 2019

Moving to NYC with a newborn - quick guide

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If you ask people if moving to NYC with a newborn is possible, ten out of ten would say that it isn’t. They would advise you to wait until your baby is a little older. However, you shouldn’t listen to them! Yes, moving to NYC with a newborn is hard, but it certainly isn’t impossible. If you work out the logistics and make a good plan it should be okay. But if you’re not sure yet then you can read this quick guide on moving to NYC with a newborn to see that it’s possible!

First things first when moving to NYC with a newborn

Many people think that relocating with a newborn to NYC is impossible because they think they have to do everything by themselves. So don’t forget that you don’t have to be alone in this. There are many moving companies like Brooklyn Heights movers that can practically do everything for you – from packing to unpacking. Your only job would be to show up at your new home on the delivery date.

A baby with father - Moving to NYC with a newborn

If you find a good moving company you'll be able to spend more time with your babySo I don’t have to tell you that picking the right moving company is extremely important in your situation. Don’t let your decision be based solemnly on the price. Yes, the price is important, but it is more important that your movers are reliable and that they provide high-quality service. Because you can’t afford to be going after them and cleaning their mess with a newborn in the house. So what you can do is carefully read the reviews and take your time choosing the right moving company.

When to start the moving process

It’d be best if you started with your moving process a few months before the moving day. After all, there are numerous things that you’ll have to do. You can make a moving calendar where you would set a date for every chore and just tick the chore off when you’re done. It will help you stay focused and keep up with your moving schedule. Furthermore, it can also give you a sense of control and help you stay relaxed. The last thing your newborn needs is for you to be nervous. On your moving calendar you can put tasks like:

  • pick a moving company
  • make an inventory
  • change of address
  • homeowner’s insurance
  • gather personal records
  • packing
  • confirm your moving day
  • pack the essential bag

Whatever you do try not to interrupt your newborn’s routine! Organize yourself around the baby’s feeding and sleeping time. And don’t worry, it is just as effective as if you were to pack your home in a day. It just means that you would have to start packing a little bit earlier than usual.

Sleeping baby

You can, for example, pack every time your baby takes a nap.

Asking for help when moving to NYC with a newborn

If you end up falling behind the schedule it’s time to call for some backup! I’m sure your parents would love nothing more than to spend some quality time with their grandchild. And, of course, to help you out at the same time. Or if they aren’t available you can always ask your siblings or your friends. Your last resort can be hiring a nanny or a babysitting service.With them taking care of your baby, you can focus on packing and running errands. Plus not to mention that it isn’t safe for your newborn to be in the house while furniture movers NYC are packing your furniture and carrying it to the moving truck.

Getting a green light

Before you embark on the journey to your new home in NYC you should consult your pediatrician. It is important that you let him or her examine your baby and give you a green light for the relocation when you’re moving to NYC with a newborn. While there, ask your pediatrician for some tips on how to keep your baby happy and comfortable on a plane or a car ride, especially if you’re moving long-distance with a baby. Moreover, this is the perfect chance to get a copy of your baby’s medical records.Once you’ve moved to NYC with a newborn you should look for a new pediatrician as soon as you can. I recommend you set up a meet and greet appointment before you decide on your future pediatrician. If everything goes well and you’ve found the perfect pediatrician for your newborn then give them the copy of your baby’s medical records.

Packing a baby bag when moving to NYC with a newborn

Packing half the nursery to carry with you when you go somewhere is something you’re already used to. However, packing a baby bag for the move is not going to be that easy. The reason is that even though it’ll probably take you a day to get to your new home, you should pack for at least three days when you’re moving to NYC with a newborn. That means that your baby bag (or should I say your baby bags?) must be full of baby’s essential belongings like diapers, wipes, clothing and pajamas, snacks, cooler for breast milk and formula, bottles, blankets, stroller and carrier, bath items, sippy cups, high chair or a bouncy seat, pacifiers.

Unpacking and baby proofing

Unpacking should be done in reverse order than packing. And that means that since you packed the nursery last it should be the first thing you unpack when you move in your new home. Once you're done with unpacking it's time to baby-proof your new home! Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Matches, lighters, knives, scissors, cleaning products and any products that can harm your child you should keep somewhere out of reach.
A child-resistant lock - Moving to NYC with a newborn

However, if that's not possible for all of these products you can put child-resistant locks on drawers that your child can reach.

  • Stairways are especially dangerous when you have a baby so use safety gates to block them.
  • You can secure windows with window guards.
  • Secure sharp edges on furniture in your new NYC home.
  • You should install smoke detectors in your kitchen and don't forget to change the batteries once a year.
  • Pay attention to any cords, especially on blinds and window treatments, try to cover them somehow and make sure to keep cribs away from them.
  • Electrical outlets must be covered with outlet covers.
  • After moving to NYC with a newborn use child-proof lock to protect all medicine and prescription cabinets too.


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