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June 9, 2022

Moving supplies checklist

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Moving day is approaching and so many things going through your head. About checklists, floor plans, packing supplies, etc. Whatever you’re thinking about, start planning as soon as you can. There’s so much that goes into moving and packing. You’ll need moving supplies during and on the day of the move. We have put together a moving supplies checklist.

This will give you an idea of what's needed to make packing easier. Shopping for moving supplies can be a headache, especially if you don't know where to start.

Checklists for moving are part of making your move stress free. Most of these items are available in home/building/moving stores.

man sealing a shipping cardboard box
Use tape to seal boxes

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap helps cushion fragile items like glasses, plates, etc.

This is an essential supply because you have to protect your items and make sure there are no damages.

Packing tape

This is a need. Packing tape helps put everything together, especially when making/building the boxes. You’ll need to use this to close all your boxes and other packed items that require taping.

Bin bag

You can use this to throw away items you don’t need. An example is clothes. Or throw away old/expired food from your home. You could also use bin bags to pack clothes and other items.


They come in different shapes and sizes, and you’ll most probably need all of them. Picture boxes and wardrobe boxes keep your clothes from wrinkling and folding. Don’t buy too many boxes before you start packing whatever you don't need, and give away whatever you can then buy boxes.

Tape dispenser

This is great as you won’t need scissors to cut tape. It is probably the best option for scissors. It's a quick, easy, and safer choice.

Stretch wrap

Helps protect furniture from damage. This can be used on the couch, table, fridge, etc. Buy a lot because you’ll need it.


The broom is for both packing and moving days. You will need a broom to clean your house to minimize the mess in your home and have less cleaning to do once moving day comes. Cleaning as you go is always a good idea.

Packing peanuts/chips

It is used for extra protection and in boxes for cushioning fragile items. Although this is not a packing supply people use, it is helpful, especially if you don’t have bubble wrap. This can be used as a substitute to that for some items.

Bubble wrap is great for kitchen items
Bubble wrap is great for kitchen items

Furniture pads

Some moving companies may supply furniture pads. So before you purchase, ask your moving company if they do so you don’t end up buying them. Furniture pads are also great for protecting items from scratches and other damage.

Furniture blankets

Furniture blankets are a great way to protect your items. They are used for covering tables, couches, washing machines, etc. They come in different textures and sizes. It’s best to go with the best quality, which may be a little pricey, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Additionally, you won’t have to throw them; you can keep them for future moves, sell them, give them away to family or friends who are planning to move or find other uses.

Ziplock bags

Small bags are ideal for storing small items. These are perfect for saving space. You can also use ziplock bags to store extra toiletries. Like deodorant or perfumes to avoid leaking.

Vacuum storage bags

They are used if you have too many clothes and not enough boxes. These are the best space savers. Get your hands on as many as you can. They are best used for bulky clothes like winter jackets, hoodies, etc.

Flat-screen TV cover

TV covers have stretch-resistant protection. Which means they are fully protected. Never try to move your tv without any protection. This “calls” for damage. TV is fragile it needs to be treated as such.


They are imperative for labeling your boxes and other packed items. Once you’ve moved into your new home, it’ll be easier to unpack. Write everything immediately after you close the box not to mix them up.


You can buy them or make your own. They are used for marking boxes and can be used to mark an item fragile or “hazardous”. Essentially, labeling and marking go hand in hand.


They will help cut the tape, wraps, labels, bags, etc. This is one tool you can’t do without. Get good quality scissors and always have more than one.


Gloves help protect your hands while moving furniture and boxes. This is especially useful if you’re moving yourself instead of a moving company. Moving is harsh on the hands, so using gloves will prevent injuries. There’s a wide variety, including non-slip gloves, which will make your grip firm enough, so you don’t drop anything by accident.

Tool kit

If you have to unscrew or dissemble furniture, tools are essential. Tool kits are handy. They are convenient, especially if something breaks while you’re packing. Make sure you have all tool kit supplies because you never know which ones you'll need.

Dollies with wheels

Dollies are great for dragging furniture out of the house, making everything less straining on you. They come in different sizes. So find the right one for your type of furniture.


There are so many things that go into packing and moving. Once you know your move date, you need to start getting supplies and packing. We at Capital City Movers offer packing services making packing easy for you.

We hope that this list will help make your moving supply shopping easy. Remember to be careful while packing and ask for help wherever possible. For any questions or for a FREE QUOTE. Contact us at (718) 619 4881. For more information on our services, visit our website.


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