Have a conversation with your child about the relocation to NYC|Moving with children to NYC|Use our tips to make moving with children smooth and stress free|Let your kids keep their personal items on moving day
Have a conversation with your child about the relocation to NYC|Moving with children to NYC|Use our tips to make moving with children smooth and stress free|Let your kids keep their personal items on moving day
Relocating to NYC
August 20, 2017

Moving to NYC with children

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Moving with children can be interesting, but it's stressful both for you and your kids. Sooner or later, many families face the life event of moving. This process can cause a lot of disorder for parents, but the experience can be even more traumatic for kids. They may not be a part of the decision to move and maybe they can't comprehend it. Children need some time to accommodate to relocation. Read below some helpful tips that will help you decrease the tense. Try these tips to make the process less stressful for everyone. Follow the advice of Capital City Movers and have a painless move to NYC with your children.

How to prepare your kid for relocation to NYC

Give your kids some time to adjust to the idea of moving

Almost all the kids like the familiarity and routine. Relocating to a big city like New York can be a big shock for them, especially if you are moving from another state. Children are typically not thrilled by such an event. In fact, they rarely enjoy this kind of change. But there still are some things you can do to help them feel less shocked. So as you consider a relocation to NYC, put on the scales the benefits of that change against the comfort that established surroundings, school, and social life give your kids. If possible, give your kids time to adjust.The decision to move is maybe out of your hands. It could be due to a job transfer or financial issues. You must try to maintain a positive attitude about it. During times of transition, a parent's attitudes can affect kids a lot, who may be looking for reassurance. Your attitude about moving and your willingness to let your children share in the experience will influence their feelings.

Talk about the move with your kids

 Use our tips to make moving with children smooth and stress free

Moving with children can be an exhausting experienceMoving with children can be an exhausting experience. Follow our tips to make your relocation to NYC smooth and stress-free no matter what are the circumstances, the most important way to prepare kids to move to New York City is to talk about it. Give them as much information about the relocation to NYC as soon as possible. Prepare yourself to both positive and negative reactions. Even if the move means an improvement in family life, kids don't always understand that. They may be focused just on the terrifying perspectives of the change.

Include your children in the planning

Involve the kids in the planning as much as possible. It will make them feel like they are participating. Both house-hunting process or the search for a new school. It can also make them feel more familiar with the move and less like it is being forced on them. When moving with kids, take them to visit the new house and explore your new NYC neighborhood.Involve your children, especially if they are older, in the selection process of the new NYC home. The moment you narrow the choices down to a few houses, get a feedback from your children. If possible, take them to see the homes you are considering. If you are moving to another city, show them photos of each home, describe the neighborhoods and take a virtual tour online. Ask them about their opinion for each NYC house.

Get your kids excited about the relocation to NYC

Have a conversation with your child about the relocation to NYC

Talk to your kid about moving to NYC and ask for their opinionIt is important that you as a parent do your homework. No matter if it is finding fun places for your child, like a park, hobby, activity, something the child has to look forward to. Investigate NYC schools, academics and sports for your kids, clubs and activities they can be involved in. If you are moving out of state, maybe the weather will be warmer or colder. There are plenty of fun activities they can learn like surfing, skiing, etc. Make the move to New York City exciting for your child and something they will look forward to. If you want to make the process of moving with children a little easier, this is a good advice to take. Also, you can see some more NY moving expert tips that may help you.

Tips for parents moving with children

  • You want to keep explanations simple and clear.
  • Use a story to explain the move, or use toy trucks and furniture to act it out.
  • When you pack your kid's toys in boxes, make sure to explain that you are not throwing them away.
  • If your new home is nearby, go there to visit before the move and take a few toys over each time.
  • Don't get rid of your kid's old bedroom furniture. This can make them feel comfortable in the new house. It is not a bad idea to arrange furniture in a similar way in their new room.
  • Try to avoid any other changes during the move.
  • Arrange for your kid to stay with a babysitter on moving day.


What to do with your kids on moving day?

Make arrangements for young children

Make arrangements for your younger children on moving day. Moving is already a very stressful process for itself. By having your kids stay with family or friends for a day, it will be a lot easier. And it does not matter if you are using local home movers, long distance movers, or doing it yourself. It is also a good idea for safety reasons, so nobody gets injured. Capital City Movers is providing special moving services to move you and your family anywhere in NYC.

Let them keep their personal items

Let your kids keep their personal items on moving day

Make arrangements for your kid on moving day and keep them occupied with their toysKeep the personal items of your kids or take them with you. This way, when you are settling in, your child can adjust with their favourite things. Allow your teens to keep personal things they will need for the first night with them. If long distance moving, it is a good idea if you are traveling on a plane or long car ride to have activities and snacks on hand (magazines, books, DVD, games, etc). Once you are settled in, it is time to adjust to your new lifestyle, both your kids and you.


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