apartment repairs|painting walls|cleaning floors|moving out of NYC apartment
apartment repairs|painting walls|cleaning floors|moving out of NYC apartment
October 3, 2017

Moving out of NYC apartment – get your deposit back

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While you plan on moving out of NYC apartment, you will probably have so many things to worry about. Whether you plan to move from New York to another state, or you just plan to switch apartments, relocating is never a simple task. When relocating your home from NYC apartment you should be well prepared and organized.

apartment repairs

Small changes and repairs to your apartment will help you get your deposit back.Before moving out of NYC apartment and finding a new place to live, think about the estimated budget you have. Considering that many landlords ask for a deposit and few rents in advance, get some money aside before a move. If you keep reading, you will find out the ways you can save money by leaving your old apartment in good shape. That will allow you to get your deposit back and save money before moving out of NYC apartment.

Prepare for moving out of NYC apartment

Before moving out of NYC apartment you should set the date of your move and organize. If you are moving long distance, a professional moving company can help you. If your apartment is pretty big, you will probably have many things to pack, including bigger home appliances and furniture. Those are all the part of an everyday job for a reliable moving company.Making a list is essential when it comes to moving out of NYC apartment. Besides new apartment hunting and packing, you will have to clean your current living space and leave it in good shape. If you are moving last minute, you can call a professional cleaning service to help you clean your apartment in detail. They usually bring their own cleaning products that are stronger and more efficient. Hiring cleaners is very much recommended in case you have many roommates or a big apartment to clean before you move out.

How to leave an apartment in good shape?

painting walls

If you see any visible damage or scratches on the walls, you can repair it yourself in no time!When moving out of NYC apartment, many of us think more about our future home than the place we’re moving out of. That is a natural thing to do because we all feel excited about the move. However, leaving an apartment behind in a good shape is very important and for many reasons. First of all, you will feel less stressed and better organized while packing for a move if the place you leave is clean. Second of all, by cleaning up thoroughly and doing some small repairs in your NYC apartment, you will be able to get your deposit back. Also, this will save you money for your future apartment rent, so let’s see what you can do!

Tips on home cleaning and reparations

  • Repair the walls. Before moving out of NYC apartment make sure you leave the walls in good shape. If you decided to put some paintings or pictures on them, remove all the nails and hooks. In case you see a breakage and or damage to the wall and it’s your fault, you should repair it. There are many products available in hardware stores that you can use to cover the wholes. Don’t forget to paint the walls if the landlord asked you to.
  • Maintain the floors. We all know that floors are the dirtiest part of the home. In many cases, it is also the most damaged surface, especially if we don’t take our shoes off. Before you leave the apartment, make sure to sweep, vacuum and mop all the floors thoroughly. If you have pets, make sure every corner is free of hairballs. In case your dog or cat made some visible scratches on the moldings, you should replace or sand it. Don’t forget to clean the hidden areas behind the fridge, washing machine etc. You would be surprised how many spills or sticky residue you can find there.
cleaning floors
  • Make sure to use stronger sanitizing products when cleaning the bathroom in detail.
  • Polish the bathroom. The bathroom should be the most sanitized room in every home. However, after so many uses every day, especially with two or more roommates in the apartment, it can be pretty hard to clean in detail. Hair, mold and toothpaste stains are usually the most visible dirt in this part of every home. You should invest in some strong sanitizing products and make sure the bathroom is in the same shape it was when you moved in. The most common repair that happens to a rented apartment bathroom is the bathroom utility leakage. Make sure you double check every utility separately, so the water is not leaking anywhere.
  • The kitchen should be spotless and grease free. This is the part of every home that gets stains from almost every kind of food. Whether you were cooking, deep frying or baking in your kitchen, you should be prepared to clean like you never did before. A kitchen is known for its many hidden corners that usually get neglected when cleaning on weekly basis. There are surfaces we rarely clean like inside of cabinets, the floor behind the fridge, stove and other. Pay special attention to those areas, and your kitchen will look and smell fresh and clean.
  • Other surfaces in your apartment that you should double check for dirt or damage are:
  • Windol ledges
  • Rool corners
  • Baseboards
  • Door nobs and frames
  • Entrance door locks
  • Electric installations (or if every light switch works)

In the end, make sure to make a list of every repair that you paid for while living in the apartment. If the repair itself was a consequence of neglection from the previous resident or a landlord, you should be given your money back.Before moving out of NYC apartment, make sure you hire a professional moving company. In case you are last minute packing, the moving service can help you pack and move in no time. By leaving your apartment in good shape, you will be able to get your deposit back. It will also make you save more money for the moving process and for the future rent.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iApBJYyi67k


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