|a sign - Moving into a high rise apartment in NYC|a woman carrying box|a street
|a sign - Moving into a high rise apartment in NYC|a woman carrying box|a street
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September 18, 2020

Moving into a high rise apartment in NYC

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We are all witnesses that buildings are becoming taller and taller. Even though it was unbelievable just about 100 years ago, we are progressing and high-rise buildings are a part of it. If you are considering moving into a high rise apartment in NYC, you are in luck. The bad side is that there are so many little things that you need to think about when doing this. Yes, you definitely need cross country moving companies NYC if you are moving interstate but that is not all. Find out how to accomplish this well and without any major hiccups.

Moving into a high rise apartment in NYC - do it right!

High rise apartment moving can become tricky if you are not careful. Once you start the move, you should finish it. That means that you have to make sure that nothing will get in the way of your relocation. You need to prepare properly so that you could have a moving day without problems. But how to relocate into high rise apartments in NYC?

  • Make proper plans
  • Hire reliable movers
  • Declutter
  • Inform your neighbors about the move

Make proper plans

Before you do anything practical, you need to make proper plans. Even though moving into a building sounds like a piece of cake, it can be even more complex. Due to the reason that you are moving to a place where you will have other people around, you need to decide when to move, to make reservations, etc. You should try to reserve the parking spots in front of the building. Just imagine having to drag all the items around for a longer distance. Also, you can try to get permission to use the building elevator just for the purpose of moving in. Also, you need to calculate moving costs. The worst thing would be to have a bad moving company to do the job.

Hire reliable movers

In order to move to a high rise apartment without major complications, you should hire a reliable moving company to help you. Even though most people try to do on themselves, there are usually a lot of little frustrations that you would not have if you have hired a moving company. The difference is not that much in the way of moving and relocating items but in the approach. Without professional help, you have more chance to make some mistakes that will make you regret your decision to do it yourself. On the other hand, when you hire proper movers, you get to relax a little and think about other stuff. Be sure to find the right movers for you and you will feel the change in the approach of the whole process.

a sign - Moving into a high rise apartment in NYC

Proper movers are extremely important for this kind of relocation

Rent a storage unit for easier access to your items

In order to make everything much simpler for you and your movers, you should consider renting free storage NYC. This way, you will put everything there for your movers to pick it up on your moving day and transfer to your new place. Of course, in order to do this, you will have to do some investigation and pick the right storage unit for your purposes.


Moving into a high rise apartment in NYC can be complicated. For example, if you have too many items that you want to relocate, you might want to think again. More things equal more problems. Even though most buildings have elevators to lift you, it is still not pleasant to go up and down, even for the smallest items. On the other hand, decluttering before moving is a perfect way to get rid of extra clutter that you wanted to throw out for weeks or months, but you just did not have the time. Reduce the number of items that you will relocate and the whole process will be much easier!

a woman carrying box

Declutter before moving and make everything much simpler

Inform your neighbors about the move

In order to minimize the stress and unpleasant scenarios for your new neighbors, you should be responsible and make everything not to disrupt them. That includes several things that you can do. First, you should relocate in the work hours, the time when most people are the work. But, we all know that not all people have the same work hours, so you should inform them that you are moving in their building and that there will probably be some noise. This way they will be ready for your moving day and they will most likely be tolerant that day.

a street

Inform your neighbors about the moving

A week before the move...

Even though you may be completely ready for the moving day, there is always a chance that something is missing. Most people forget to pack their pack the essential box, to finish some smaller things. Even though there are not that many things that you need to finish, you should still know that there is plenty to do one week before the moving day. Also, check that you have packed everything. It would be a shame to realize that you have made a mistake in the middle of the relocation.


High rise buildings are our future. They are really practical since a lot of people can live there. But, the more stories the building has, the more problems you are going to have when moving. At least if you do not know what to do. Even though it is not part of the relocation itself, it is pretty important for you to establish a good connection with your new neighbors. After all, you are going to live there for some time and you will most likely need their help. Also, they can be of help during the move, offering help, and making the whole process much easier. Moving into a high rise apartment in NYC does not have to be tough, you just need to follow these tips and we guarantee that you will not have any problems along the way!


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