Moving bulky furniture can be easy if you are using proper equipment.|bed|forklift
Moving bulky furniture can be easy if you are using proper equipment.|bed|forklift
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May 30, 2020

Moving bulky furniture made easy

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If you need to move oversized furniture, there are proper and not-so-proper ways to go about it. You can definitely try to use your muscles and nothing else but that is practically inviting an injury to your doorstep. The best way of moving bulky furniture, such as a piano, is to simply hire piano movers NYC and let them handle it. However, it is not really that difficult to move it on your own, either. You will just need an additional pair of hands and some equipment. We are going to go through several easy ways of moving your items.

How to move bulky furniture?

Here are the things that you can do, when it comes to moving your large items:

  • Use sliders to move bulky furniture
  • Use additional moving equipment
  • Move bulky furniture manually

Use sliders to move your bulky furniture.

Use sliders to move bulky furniture

Furniture sliders are a great way to move anything that is large and heavy. You simply "slide" them in beneath the piece that you want to move and then you can slide it to its desired location. However, do note that this will still require effort on your part as you will need to push or pull the item. The best thing to do is to ensure that there are enough people to do the pushing to make it easy. Here are some of the best sliders on the market that you can purchase.

Use additional moving equipment

You can utilize additional equipment in order to make your bulky items even easier to move. One of such tools is a shoulder dolly. Basically, this is a set of lifting straps that will go over your shoulders and minimize the weight you will be carrying on your back. You will be able to utilize stronger muscles while also providing additional leverage. Just don't use them when you encounter stairs, as the weight will mostly be on the person at the bottom.You can also use moving blankets for this purpose. They are similar in function to sliders, but you will be pulling on the blanket instead of the item that you are relocating. Finally, you can use a moving dolly to make your items even easier to handle. This is a small square platform that has four wheels. You will simply place the item on top of it and then you can roll it wherever you want to. This is a great piece of equipment, a staple of Queens movers, in fact, that will make moving your items a lot easier. Do note that you still need to hold onto the item when it is on the dolly itself and that, depending on the circumstances and the item, it might require more than one person.


Aside from the proper equipment, make sure to gather a group of physically prepared friends

Move bulky furniture manually

If you really want to move your heavy and oversized items on your own, without any tools, here are some suggestions:

  • High-low method where two people carry the item at an angle, one holding it low and the other one high.
  • Remember to bend from the knees and hips
  • Always "hook" chairs around any corners
  • Disassemble everything that you can

And that is how you want to go around moving bulky furniture. For the best results, consider hiring a professional mover. That simple decision will save you a lot of time and effort.


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