a dog on the window of the car - Moving advice for pet owners in NYC|a couple walking the dog - Moving advice for pet owners in NYC|a vet examining a dog
a dog on the window of the car - Moving advice for pet owners in NYC|a couple walking the dog - Moving advice for pet owners in NYC|a vet examining a dog
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November 20, 2021

Moving advice for pet owners in NYC

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Relocating to another place is usually a task that most people find hard. There is so much to do and it can become a big problem. But, when we add moving with kids or moving with pets, it becomes even harder. You will have to use even more energy to make everything go smoothly. Pets can be incredibly hard to move and that is why we wanted to give you moving advice for pet owners in NYC. You should know how to make your move even a bit easier. The good thing to know is that movers Long Island will make sure that your relocation goes smoothly. Besides this, there are even more things that you should have in mind. Here are some of them!

Keep the same routine until the moving day comes

You do not want to move suddenly. Your pets will get agitated and that can complicate everything. You should stick to the routine until the day for moving comes. You should keep the same plan for their:

  • bedtime
  • walks
  • cuddling
  • feeding
  • playing etc

Of course, these are not the only things that you should keep the same. Even if you have a good and respectable NYC moving company and do everything that you can to maintain stability, it can be really hard to pull it off. That is why you have to hide them from all that stress until you are ready to relocate!

a couple walking the dog - Moving advice for pet owners in NYC

Keeping the routine unchanged will reduce the stress for your pet

Visit the new place with your pet

Moving with a pet to NYC can be difficult. Pets usually do not like that much crowd and that can create additional stress for them. That is why making sure that this does not happen is crucial. You want to go with your pet and introduce them to the new surroundings.Do this gradually and it should be easier to relocate your pet in NYC.

A crucial piece of moving advice for pet owners in NYC is to visit the vet before the move

Even though your pet may seem healthy, it does not mean that it is. You want to discuss this with a vet and get their permission for the move. Also, you may have to do this depending on the particular place you want to relocate to. You may need the official records of your pet. It is the same with moving insurance NYC when relocating. It is there to protect you until you transfer to your new place. Always go to the vetbecause you may learn something that could disrupt the entire move.

a vet examining a dog

Do not skip the visit to a veterinarian before moving

Keep your pets in carriers

Another great tip for pet owners in NYC is to always keep your pets in pet carriers. If you let them roam around your car or a van, it will make driving more difficult for you. Also, they will be under so much stress. You certainly do not want this to happen to your pet when moving. Buy a pet carrier,put your pet there and cover it with a cloth. It should be enough to keep them calm.

The final tip is to hire reliable movers

Experienced movers are crucial when moving with pets. There are even pet moving services NYC that you can use and make everything easier. The key here is for them to be as efficient as possible without creating additional stress for your pets. So, be delicate when deciding about your future movers!


If you use this moving advice for pet owners in NYC well, your relocation should become a piece of cake. But, it is important that you stick to the plan because it is the only way to pull it off. Make everything easier on your pets and they will be grateful!


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