wine bottles - Moving a wine collection|empty wine bottles - Moving a wine collection|a high temperature sign|wine bottles
wine bottles - Moving a wine collection|empty wine bottles - Moving a wine collection|a high temperature sign|wine bottles
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July 22, 2020

Moving a wine collection to a new residence

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Relocations can be troublesome. There are a lot of things that have to be done. The moment when most people start to feel anxious is when they have to do something that they do not know anything about. Or when they have to prepare something expensive... When moving expensive artwork, you want to preserve it and use it again. Of course, there are a lot of fine arts movers that can help you with this but what about moving a wine collection? Well, if you are in need to learn a couple of tips and tricks about this topic, stay and find out what you need to do!

Moving a wine collection - how to do it right?

This is a delicate matter, that is for sure. Even though your wine collection may not be that expensive to start with, you still want a safe relocation. Wine bottles are very fragile and breaking is something that you need to prevent at all costs. How to do it properly?

  • Appraise your collection
  • Pack your collection properly
  • Think about optimal conditions
  • Put bottles on the side
  • Learn about regulations if you are moving internationally

Appraise your collection

The first thing that you should do is to appraise your collection, especially if you do not have that kind of know-how. We all know that some wines can be very expensive and you certainly do not want to break or damage them during the relocation. On the other hand, appraising your wine collection will give you a set of important facts. If you have ordinary wines that are not that expensive, you can give them as a gift to someone close to you. Your budget for the relocation may not be that big to start with, so this would be the perfect chance to make sure that your moving on a budget is done right! You will get rid of things that you do not need and therefore reduce the costs of the move.

Pack your collection properly

Relocating a wine collection is a delicate job. It is fragile and one little mistake can be enough to spill the wine all around your other belongings. That is the reason why you should use proper moving supplies and techniques to prevent this from happening. The best thing that you can use for packing your wine collection is wine packing boxes. Your bottles have to be separated during transport. The great thing is that they are not that expensive and are usually very durable.

empty wine bottles - Moving a wine collection

There are specialty wine moving boxes with dividers

Think about optimal conditions

Wine is a very delicate matter. High heat, constant moving, and other external conditions are very bad for your wine. They can be the reason why your wine has lost its previous flavor. That means that even though you have packed and prepared your collection just fine, there could still be problems. One of the best safety tips when moving is hiring a reliable moving company. What we mean by this is that you should always ask about the conditions of transport. As we have said, heat and humidity are the main reasons why your wine can go bad even though you have done everything just right. Be sure to check moving companies and ask about the conditions in the truck and whether they can maintain the constant temperature during the whole transport.

a high temperature sign

High temperatures and humidity are your wine collection's enemies

Put bottles on the side

People usually forget to put and pack the bottles on their sides. We all know that wine bottles do not stand as any other beverage. The oxygen in the bottles is very important for the flavor and even though you can't pick the road you will be moving on, you can still do this in order to make the perfect conditions for the ride.

wine bottles

Always place your bottles on the side

Learn about regulations if you are moving internationally

Moving a wine collection locally is not that hard. If you do all of the previous tasks, you should be ready to go. On the other hand, if you are moving internationally, you will have to learn about regulations of the place you are moving to. Problems with moving alcohol are that you will most likely have to pay some taxes and depending on the size of your wine collection, you can pay more than you would want. This is another great benefit of decluttering and giving some bottles of your collections to somebody else.

Put extra effort into finding the perfect moving company

Even though you can do most of these things by yourself, most people want someone professional to handle their relocation. Also, it is much better to have someone experienced coordinate your move, especially when you want to move fragile and expensive items. Look into Capital City Movers NYC and find out what are things that you can expect. The best way to do this is to read moving company reviews where you can find honest and real stories by people who were customers once. It should be enough to decide whether you should trust a moving company or not.


You can see that even though your collection may be valuable, you can do a lot of things to prepare yourself for moving a wine collection. On the other hand, most people want to avoid any disaster during relocation since the relocation itself is pretty intense. Imagine something bad happening like breaking a wine bottle. You would have a lot of stains, smells, and probably a lot of frustration. That is the reason why you should definitely check out the moving companies and try to coordinate the whole relocation with them. After all, they have everything that they need to make your relocation perfect. If not, there are moving insurances that will guarantee that you will be compensated. We wish you a nice relocation and nice warm nights where you can slowly drink and enjoy your wine collection.


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