A bed in a hotel room|Moving a king size bed|Professionals can move your bed with ease|King size bed
A bed in a hotel room|Moving a king size bed|Professionals can move your bed with ease|King size bed
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February 8, 2019

Moving a king size bed like a pro

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Since the dawn of time people have been relocating from one place to another. And, while we have become very efficient and competent in it, there are still some items that pose a problem. True, this is nothing like the things people have had to go through when they moved to England in the middle ages. But, it is still arduous to move these items. Items like pianos, aquariums, and beds are tremendously complicated to relocate due to their shape and size. And, since these items have further difficulties in their own special ways, we cannot possibly cover them in one article. But, what we can do is to give you a quick rundown on how to approach moving a king size bed.

Moving a king size bed

Moving a king size bed takes some preparations and helpful people.

How to organize

As it is with every type of relocation, you cannot start moving to NYC until you organize. That is simply a fact. Just winging it will only lead you to relocation accident and injuries. The first thing that you need to know when it comes to moving a king size bed is that you cannot do it alone. You are going to need to get someone to help you out and there are basically two ways in which you can do it.

Help from friends

If you are only moving a king size bed and nothing else (simultaneously) you can call on your friends to help you out. King sized beds do not require too much equipment to prepare for relocation and they are not as fragile as pianos or aquariums. Therefore you can successfully move one without having to hire professionals. But, keep in mind that it won't be easy. You need to know what you are doing and have competent people helping you out. Carefully consider who you are going to invite to help you. One capable friend will do you much more good than two unreliable ones. You do not need deadweight while handling a king-sized bed.

Help from professional movers

If you do not have such friends or you simply do not want to go through the hassle of moving a king size bed, you can always hire professionals. This is usually the smarter thing to do as professional New Jersey movers are much better equipped for moving a bed then you could ever be. Just make sure to hire reliable local movers. Check them both online and in person to make sure that they are trustworthy and capable. Once you do that you can work out a moving plan with them. If you choose so, you can handle dismantling and packing your bed, while they transport it. Or you can let them deal with everything. Just make sure to know all your options and their price before you decide.

A bedroom

If you want to avoid the hassle, simply call professional movers to move your bed.

Prepare for moving a king size bed

The most common way of moving a king size bed is to disassemble it on your own, pack it and then use a truck to transport it. We will now go over these steps so that you get more familiar with them. Keep in mind that you can have professionals help you out at every step of the way. And, if you find some part of the relocation too difficult or you do not have enough time or skill to do it on your own, don't shy away from calling professional movers.

Moving equipment

In order to move a king size bed, you are going to need some moving equipment. Not much, but you are going to need it none the less. First off, you are going to need work gloves, work boots, screwdrivers, moving belts or ropes, and a hammer. Safety is always number one. People seem to remember this only after they get injured. In order to relocate your bed without any issues, you need to avoid mishaps. That is why you must have work boots and work gloves. They will help your grip, help you avoid splitters, save you from slipping and save your toes if you drop something. Do not think that none of these will happen to you. That is what each person thought before they got injured.


Start by taking off anything soft off your bed. This means any covers, blankets, pillows, and mattress (if possible). Then you need to unscrew your bed. Make sure to do so slowly and with care. Take the screws and put them into a single bag or box along with your hammer and screwdriver. This is a good way of making sure not to lose these essential parts of your bed. Try to disassemble every part of your bed, but do not risk breaking it. Especially if it is an old or antique bed.

King size bed

A king size bed can be quite hard to disassemble.


Once you have your bed disassembled, you need to pack it. Take each part of your bed and wrap it. You can either use air bubble or some other professional wrapping material, or you can use your everyday items. Thick clothes can be great for wrapping wooden parts of your bed as they can provide protection from accidental bumps.


Now you are done with preparing your bed for relocation so it's time to deal with transport. The biggest issue here and the main reason why people hire professional movers is that driving a moving truck is hard. Even if you rent one, you need to understand that just because you know how to drive a car doesn't mean that you can drive a truck. That would be the same as going from a bicycle to a motorbike. Sure they are similar, but there are some crucial differences.

Loading into a moving truck

Once you have figured out who will drive the truck, you simply need to load your bed into it. You can use belts and ropes to carry any parts that are too large to be carried by one person. Make sure to put the largest parts first and then lay the easier parts on top of them. The less possibility there is for your parts to move around in the truck, the better.


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