New York City|Calculator and bills|Dog in a home|The Bronx
New York City|Calculator and bills|Dog in a home|The Bronx
New York CIty housing
January 9, 2022

Misconceptions about renting an apartment in NYC

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Renting an apartment in NYC can look like a very daunting task. Before all, you have to invest a lot of time and nerves in finding a proper place. If you are searching for a condo for the first time, you have to be very careful, so you don't miss anything significant. Although it's a challenging mission, with the right directions it's not impossible. Continue to read this text and Capital City Movers NYC will help you to resolve any doubts about renting.

Is renting an apartment indeed a waste of money?

One of the most popular desires for many of us is to purchase a home. Some people want to increase their living space since their family is getting bigger. Or, they found a new job, and now are moving by using the help of residential moving companies NYC. Whatever the reason is, one of the most common motives we receive is that they are sick of wasting money on rent. They think it's easier and better for them to give the money for their installment loan, instead of renting. Calculations like that have no basis. You pay a landlord not just for the place you reside in, but also for your portion of the fees, upkeep, and repairs. Plus, it allows you to relocate any time you want.

Calculator and bills

You can save money with rent, instead of repaying the loan.

Can a lot of people live in rented flats?

Many apartment owners care how many people will live in the space they rented out, so this is an item that you should clarify at the beginning. Those who, for example, rent a two-room apartment, want to know whether two or four persons will stay there. In that sense, if there are fewer people, they are often ready to adjust the price. Be open to negotiating, or at least, try. In case the space is small, and you have a lot of stuff, contact us and use the benefits of long term storage New York.

Pets are allowed during renting an apartment in NYC

Actually, this is not true at all. If you have a dog, or a cat, be sure to mention it to the landlord because not all of them are "pet friendly". They have the right to forbid you this, but in that case, no matter if the apartment is great, it’s still not for you. There is a possibility for negotiation, even with those who initially resist the idea. Maybe they will agree if they know that you are a responsible pet parent, if your pet is not dirty and neglected, and thus will not damage the apartment. We suggest that you include this item in the contract. Don't forget that Williamsburg moving companies can relocate your beloved pets as well.

Dog on the sofa

Be sure to ask about your pet when renting an apartment in NYC.

Landlords can suddenly check up on you

This is another relatively common stereotype about renting an apartment in NYC. Yes, the landlord owns the property, but he can't do whatever he wants. The law is the most important thing and both parties must respect it. Tenants have certain rights, and you should be well informed, so you can protect yourself and your family. In most cases, a landlord cannot enter a tenant's home unless he offers adequate notice. Remember, he can visit you when:

  • There is an emergency - A fire or a flood is a fair reason for visiting a house. The landlord should react quickly to avert more damage and he can do that without giving notice.
  • Maintenance and repair - If there are any undesirable situations, allow him to do the necessary work. In case you repaired it, show him the bill.

Will it be expensive?

When you consider moving to New York and start to think about the money, we believe that anxiety is knocking on the door. But, relax! If you want to save funds, don't search for a flat in lower Manhattan. Many other neighborhoods can offer you a great deal. Certain parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx are very safe to live in and have cheaper rents that you can afford. You should explore apartments located in Kew Gardens, Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, and Prospect Park South. These areas have great transportation and you will not need a lot of time to arrive in the city center or your job. It's a good option for the beginning.

The Bronx

The Bronx has one of the lowest rental prices.

Can you sublet the apartment?

Although you may believe otherwise, you, as a tenant, can sublet the condo. Yet, there are certain rules to follow. First of all, you will have to ask your landlord for permission in writing. Include in your written request all information on your possible subtenant. Also, add any other specifics regarding the agreement, such as the duration of the sublease, your justification for obtaining a sublease, and the rent you will receive. The deadline for response is 30 days. Remember that the leaseholder is still liable for the rent as well as any damage to the flat.

Hiring a broker when renting a flat in NYC

One of the biggest mistakes is thinking that you can do everything on your own. Yes, it is possible, but it will make your life much harder. A broker serves as a link between potential renters and landlords or property management organizations. Before you find one, inquire about fees. Sometimes they can be high, but they are definitely worth saved time, and success is guaranteed. They will adhere to your budgetary and relocation deadlines.Renting an apartment in NYC can be really stressful. We advise that you start looking for a condo ahead of time. Don't wait for the last moment because it will be much harder that way. Also, it's necessary to have all adequate documentation for your renting such as the ones that show your earnings, job status, and credit status. Don't despair, because now you understand these misconceptions, everything will be easier for you.


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