Manhattan vs. Queens - the final showdown|Manhattan vs. Queens - costs of living|Manhattan skyline|A lot of different people living in Queens|A dark subway which seems out of order.
Manhattan vs. Queens - the final showdown|Manhattan vs. Queens - costs of living|Manhattan skyline|A lot of different people living in Queens|A dark subway which seems out of order.
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July 20, 2018

Manhattan vs. Queens

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Looking for a new place to live? Or have you decided to lower your everyday costs? Whatever the reason, check out our Manhattan vs. Queens showdown and see where you'll be moving to next! They both have their pros and cons, but only one is perfect for you. Take a look and see which one you like more before you contact your reliable movers in NYC.

Manhattan vs Queens: main similarities

As we all well know, there are a lot of differences between Manhattan and Queens. However, there are a lot of similarities as well. For one, you can't walk fifty feet in either of those boroughs without seeing something amazing, but it is just the effect New York has on everyone. This atmosphere though is the most important similarity between these parts of NYC, you'll feel like in you're in the center of the world.

Manhattan skyline

Manhattan vs. Queens: More similar than you might think.Apart from the mentioned, these boroughs share the same:

  • job opportunities - since both of these places are relatively close to each other, the jobs are the same for the most part. You can easily get a job in Manhattan while you live in Queens and vice versa. The only actual issue is getting to work.
  • taxes - since they're in the same state, taxes are the same, of course. Keep in mind that this doesn't mean that the pay is the same. You might have an easier time dealing with taxes in Manhattan.
  • health and banking systems - all the healthcare facilities follow the same rules in these boroughs, as well as the banks. So, in the showdown of Manhattan vs. Queens, hospitals, and banks don't play an important part.
  • river (mostly) - there's no getting away from the Hudson in anywhere in NYC. So, if you're not a big fan of that river smell, consider moving further inland. However, the more important thing here is that both Manhattan and Queens have access to river transport.

The main differences

Unfortunately, the similarities between Manhattan vs. Queens end with the river. However, their differences are what will make you want to relocate to one of these places. So, to best choose the destination for your next home and pick the best Queens movers, check out these factors.

Price of living

When we set up the match between Manhattan vs. Queens, one thing stood up the most. That thing is the cost of living. Neither of the boroughs is particularly cheap, but Queens is more affordable. Don't get us wrong, prices everywhere in New York City are higher than they usually are elsewhere, but Manhattan leads in the costs. The difference is minimal, but you'll still find a more affordable home in Queens rather than Manhattan.

Manhattan vs. Queens - costs of living

Living in Manhattan might be more expensive.On the other hand, the jobs have the same pay, but since Manhattan has more banks, companies and retail stores than Queens the average pay is a little higher. However, keep in mind that the same job will get the same pay in both places. It's just that it's easier to get a white-collar job in Manhattan, and those are usually better paid. So, if you're looking to cut down on the costs of everyday life, you can ask Manhattan moving professionals to help you move to Queens.


If there's anything in New York that there's a lot of - it's people. Most of us even start to ignore them unless they literally grab us or run into us. However, who you live with is as important as where you live. In this field, the battle of Manhattan vs. Queens goes to the Queens' side. This borough is one of the most diverse places in America. Most of the population here are immigrants, so you'll get a chance to experience some of the most genuine cuisines. And we're not talking about the American adaptations, either. You'll get a chance to experience meals as they are prepared in their country of origin!

A lot of different people living in Queens

People are a lot more diverse in queensWhile Queens offers a colorful specter of nationalities, so too does Manhattan. However, in the center of the City, people are always rushing and minding their own business. No one gets a chance to talk to each other or enjoy the moment! Well, I think that Manhattaners would not have it any other way. However, it makes finding those home cuisine restaurants a little harder. And there's not many of them, to begin with. So, instead of looking all over little Italy for that home-cooked pasta, you can take a trip to Queens and enjoy it.

Manhattan vs. Queens: Transportation

Finally, we come to the last and the most important difference between these two boroughs - transport. While in Manhattan you'll be able to walk everywhere, Queens is a different story. Since it's much larger than the island you'll need to rely on the subway for moving around. This is usually not a big deal unless the subway stops working for some reason. Make sure you get information of the NYC subway in time, so you can plan your route.

A dark subway which seems out of order.

Besides having a car, this is the only way of transport from Queens to Manhattan.Another thing you can do to make your transportation easier from Queens is to get a car. Having a car is difficult when you're in Manhattan, but it's a treat when you need to commute for work. If you're not sure whether you need a car, check out our pros and cons of owning a car in NYC guide to help you decide.Finally, in our competition of Manhattan vs. Queens, you need to take your personal preferences into account. Decide which borough has the better vibe for you! And keep in mind that these places are not too far away, so you could still have the best of both worlds.


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