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October 4, 2022

Make your small NYC apartment a home

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Most New York City apartments are small and may need you to compromise…a lot! Making sure you’re comfortable in your space is imperative to enjoy it fully. If you’ve never lived in a small apartment before, you will need to make a few adjustments to make your NYC apartment a home without “breaking the bank”.

Like any house you’ve had or are planning to have in the future, it's a great idea to look for interior decorating ideas or inspiration. That can be your starting point. Make the house comfortable for all your family members too. Talk to your partner about what and how you would like the apartment to look like, share ideas and decide on what you both like.

Make your apartment comfortable and immaculate

If you have children, get them involved in the process. Especially if they’re of age and can make their own decisions. Remember that children also need to feel comfortable in their home too.

Clean the house

First things first, before you move into a new home, have it immaculately cleaned by professionals or take time to clean it properly. There’s something about a clean house that makes one feel good, and a clean home brings positive energy to the space.

If you aren’t sure about what cleaning supplies; and materials to get for the house, ask family and friends for guidance.

Keep extra furniture in the storage

If you’re moving from a bigger, more spacious place and don't have enough space for your items, keeping extra furniture in storage is the way to go. Or you can sell your items online using different apps, especially if you don't have time to advertise or look for buyers.


Decluttering is one of the very first things you should do after you’ve made a checklist. Make use of old items or dispose of what’s not needed anymore. If there are some old, broken, and unfixable items in your home, consider getting rid of them.

Items you haven’t used for more than a year should be discarded because you probably don't need/use them. You can also donate to homeless shelters/orphanages in your city or have a garage sale and make some money from those items. 

If you have old clothes, you could donate those to the Goodwill/ Salvation Army or give them away to family or friends, but make sure they’re in good condition. If not, it would be best to throw them away. 

Decluttering should be done before you move anything in the apartment so, you don't throw away essentials by mistake. This will save you money and space because you’ll be cutting down on the amount of stuff in your small space.

Be minimalistic 

Having a small apartment means compromise, as mentioned before. You’ll have to be as minimalistic as possible to have space in your home. Being minimalistic doesn’t have to look bad, but make sure you have essentials. If you’d like to add more items than you need, ensure to find a smaller alternative so it fits into your home.

Examples of this is a foldable table, multiple storage bins, etc.


Downsizing is a good way to make room in your house. Do that with furniture and appliances. It's easier to downsize if you live alone, but also possible if you live with a partner and children.

Try to downsize as much as you can. An example would be if you have a 20lb load laundry machine, sell it and get a 10lb load instead. This will help you feel comfortable and open up space for other things in your home.

Pro Tip: Get a 2-seater sleeper couch and use that for guests when they visit. 

Mirrors make a home look bigger than it is

Use mirrors

If you want to create an illusion of a bigger and more open space, use mirrors. They make any home look bigger than it is. Which, in turn, will make your home feel less cluttered. When getting mirrors for your home, choose ones that aren’t too big that they'll overwhelm your space.

Have an open closet

Closets are a big deal in any home. Some have the luxury of a walk-in closet. While others, unfortunately, don't. That is why you should maximize what you can and have an open closet in a small apartment. The reason for this is the limited space so, having an open closet will give you the freedom to move without worrying about door space when opening the closet. 

Also, open closets are easier to maintain and keep tidy because they’re exposed, and that’ll make you ensure everything is well organized at all times. So, there’s more than one benefit to this.

Use bright paint on the walls

Bright paint opens up the apartment. It gives a home a perspective of a bigger and open space. Bright colors also bring so much more light into the home.

In conclusion

Sometimes life takes us to places that we don't expect. I'm saying this to say that you should appreciate all the good and bad and make the best of what you have in your home. 

Having a small space doesn’t have to make you feel “powerless”. You can always make it feel comfortable and make it look the way you like. Always keep your house clean, declutter and buy furniture with multiple functionalities and uses. This will save you money and space.

Try not to have too many unnecessary items and furniture in your apartment. If you have more than what your space can accommodate, use storage services to keep all your stuff safe.

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