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August 11, 2022

Items to throw out before moving

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Moving out of a home takes a lot of work and time. It's made worse if moving alone and have no clue where to start. There may be a few things you can do to make moving easier. These include: decluttering, throwing away unused items, etc. If you aren’t sure what to and not to throw out, we’ll tell you all about the items to throw out before moving.

Make a list of items you don't need before you start throwing anything out
Make a list of items you don't need before you start throwing anything out

It is easier to start by throwing out the smaller items first, especially if you don't have help. Start in a room where you spend most of your time as you probably know exactly where everything is and what you use the most, that should take less time. Once all of that is done, continue with the other rooms.

The kitchen should be the last place to sort and throw out. Some appliances and utensils may take more time and you may still need to use them before you move out, thus the kitchen should be the last place you throw out items from.


Old furniture- This includes tables, chairs, and television. Old furniture should also be donated to shelters or given to family and friends. Don't throw away furniture you may need because you’ll need it in your new home.

Some people love old/vintage items so if that's your style, then keep the furniture as long as it's functional.

Books - Old books or books that you’re done reading can be thrown out. Donate or sell them to make a little bit of money.

Old bills- We all know that you should never throw away your bills and that bills should be kept for a minimum of a year before being thrown out. Keep a file of all your bills so it’s easier to track old and new ones.


The bedroom may have a lot of unused items that we never think to throw out until the moving process comes. Besides clothing, bed sheets, and pillows, there are other things you can throw to save yourself the stress of moving unwanted stuff.

Old sheets- You need to throw these out, especially if they have holes and stains.

Old pillows- Pillows tend to lose their plushness and softness after some time. Throw them out because they're easily replaceable. There’s absolutely no reason to keep them.

Broken mirror- Throw out a broken mirror. It’ll be better to buy a new one when you get to your new home.


Many bathrooms have small items that we may forget about or forget to use. You can throw away the items if they are expired or you have no use for them. Commonly, people may buy toiletries in bulk and forget about them. Try to buy as needed to save yourself money.

Old shower curtains- Throw away old curtains or ones you don't need anymore maybe because of a change in aesthetic or if you have a glass shower door in your new home.

Expired cosmetics- Expired perfumes, makeup, body, and hair products. Throw these away because using them will cause skin irritation and will just add weight to your overall packed items, which is unnecessary. A good way to keep track of cosmetics, especially makeup, is to buy as needed, that way you aren’t wasting money on products.

Toiletries- Soap, deodorant, intimate washes, etc. if they’re old, throw them out.


Kitchen utensils and appliances are probably the worst things to pack and that’s mostly because they require careful packaging and they tend to be small. A lot of people have more plates and utensils than they need which is understandable.

Make sure to buy the correct packing supplies for your kitchen items so you prevent damage.

Pots and pans- If you have badly scratched or old pots and pans, throw them out.

Utensils- You should discard old and rusted utensils. You can buy new ones when you get to your new home.

Throw out old plates to make packing easier
Throw out old plates to make packing easier

Expired food- this is a great debate as some people prefer to take their food with them to their new home. If you are not moving too far away from your current home, you can of course take the food with you if it's still fresh and especially non-perishable food.

A great idea for fresh food you aren’t able to take with you is to invite family and friends over a few days before your moving day. Cook a nice dinner or lunch using the food and if you have some left, give your guests the food. Donate it or give it to the homeless.

Cleaning supplies- old cleaning supplies and ones that are likely to cause a fire or damage while in transit, should be thrown out. Take them with you if they are safe for transportation and if properly packaged. Remember to always put your safety first. You can always buy new cleaning supplies when you get to your new home.


The best way to make clearing and throw out items is to ask family and friends for help. You may miss something and the process may take longer if you are alone. Make a list of what items you don't need anymore and start there.

If you want to make some money out of your items and have some that are still in good condition. Try to sell them online. There are different apps you could use to sell stuff.


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