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August 9, 2022

Items to keep with you during the move

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Moving can keep one preoccupied, and sometimes you may forget the most important items to keep with you during the move. Understandably, a lot of people may not know what exactly to take with them in the car and what to keep in the moving truck.

If you've never had to move much and don’t have a clue as to what things you can take with you. We will help with that.

Take the most important things in the car with you during the move
Take the most important things in the car with you during the move

We’ll give you an idea of the stuff you can make with you. We also do recognize that everyone has different priorities in terms of items they want to take with them, but we all need these essentials to take with us.

Packing these items in a moving truck could potentially be a high loss risk or get misplaced in boxes and furniture. You may also need them during the trip in case of emergency or if something else comes up that needs you to produce your identity etc. Therefore; it is VERY IMPORTANT to keep them with you during the move.

Drivers license

Can be needed if there’s a traffic stop by the police or if you are doing a long-distance move and may need to book a hotel during the trip. Your license is proof of identity and shows that you are licensed to operate a vehicle. Always take this with you.

Wallet or purse

Your wallet or purse carries money and other essentials you need. Always have it handy.

Medical records

You may need these in case of emergency while moving. Also, keep them with you so they’re safe because anything can happen in the truck. Remember to keep a copy in a safe place when you get to your new home.

Will and life insurance card/papers

Very very important! You should protect your will like you do your life. It is extremely important. Keep it safe.

House keys

Your new house keys should be with you. Don’t give them to the movers EVER as they can go missing and you never know when the movers will make it to your home. Don’t make that mistake.


Most jewellery is irreplaceable, thus you should carry it with you.


Keep this in your wallet or purse so you don’t lose it. Have some extra money just in case you need it during the trip.

Social security card

Keep this safe together with your will and medical records, this should be handled with extensive care.

Birth certificates

These records are important to keep safe because if you lose them, it's a whole long process of going to the DMV and filing affidavits. Save yourself the headache and keep these safe with you.

Phone/Laptop chargers

To charge your phone while on the go and if you are sleeping at a hotel overnight. You need your phone to always have a battery in case of emergency or if the movers need to contact you, they should be able to reach you at any time.

Tissues and paper towels

Keep tissues in the car with you. They are also there if needed.

Don’t forget pet food and water too
Don't forget pet food and water too


If there’s medication you’re taking on a daily, keep it with you. It can be in your purse (preferably) because that’s easier to access. You should be extra careful with medication if you have young children. Keep the medication out of reach.

If you aren’t on any prescription medication or if you aren’t taking medication on a daily due to an illness. Have some motion sickness pills, headache tablets pain medication just in case you or any other family member needs them. Have medication for your pets too if they are taking any.

Extra clothes

Keep an extra pair of clothes in the car if you need to change. Have clothes for the whole family too. If you have younger children, bring enough diapers, formula, and toys to entertain them. Take frequent breaks and have your kids stretch out, play outside and use the restroom as needed.


You need these if you make a stop and are on a long trip. Refresh as needed so these will be convenient to have with you in the car.

Food for your pet

Do not forget your beloved pet when taking all the necessities. Pets will need food and water too and if they’re on medication, take that with you as well. Pack some toys for your dog and have them play and burn some energy when you stop at a rest area.

Sanitising wipes

Wipes are great if you’ll be making a few stops and touching everything and if you stay at a hotel. Wipe down everything to make sure it is safe and clean especially if you have little ones. Wipes also help if you don.t have enough time to stop and wash your hands. Don’t forget regular wipes for your little children as well.


Don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout the trip. You can buy your favorite refreshments, but water is very important to have. Always keep a bottle handy.

Ready to make that move?

It’s so easy to forget what to keep with you when moving. Remember that if you aren’t sure about any items, just take them with you because you may need them. Keep all your items safe. Remember to stay hydrated especially if you’re moving during the warmer months and always have a bottle of water handy.

If you have a tote bag that you can use to keep all the important documents in one place that would be perfect so you don’t find yourself missing some items once you get to your new home. Remember. Safety first!!!

Capital City Movers is ready to make your move stress free. We provide professional services for your needs. Give us a call at (718) 619 4881 for a free quote and visit our website for more information.


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