|dollars - moving in with friends|friends laughing|a woman sitting
|dollars - moving in with friends|friends laughing|a woman sitting
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September 30, 2020

Is moving in with friends a good idea?

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One of the biggest trends is moving in with friends. Of course, we can all see the pros of doing something like this. On the other hand, it is not all good. There are a lot of things that you need to carefully evaluate so that you could avoid making a mistake. Before you hire cross country moving companies NYC to help you relocate, be sure to understand what moving in with friends will bring to the table. So, let's find out whether it is good for you to do something like this and why!

Advantages of moving in with friends

  • Lower costs
  • Shared duties
  • You know each other

Lower costs

One of the biggest advantages of starting to live with friends is that you will share the costs of living. That means that you will not have to do everything by yourself. You will have the help that will make everything much easier for both of you. Besides sharing costs of rent, you will also share everything else like groceries, things for your new place, etc. Another way of saving a little money is moving in a specific part of a city. That is the reason why many millennials move to suburbs. It is way cheaper and even better if you can share it.Many people make a decision based on this fact. On the other hand, you should not rush the decision regarding living with something, even with a friend. Get all information and then decide on your own.

dollars - moving in with friends

Splitting costs is beneficial for both of you

Shared duties

When starting to live with a friend, one of the best pros is sharing responsibilities related to the household. That means that you will each have your own responsibilities. It will make your living much easier and therefore, you will be able to live in peace. It often happens that people start to avoid doing this and it makes everything much harder. Many friendships were broken due to this fact. After all, it is also an act of showing respect to your friends. If you avoid doing this, there is very little chance that your relationship will survive.

You know each other

We all know how awkward it can be when moving in with a stranger. On the other hand, when moving with your friend, you do not have to be extra nice just so that you could make a good impression. Living with friends means that you are completely open with one another and that you do not have to be someone that you are not. All cards are in the open and that is something that most people like about living with friends. Before you hire Capital City Movers NYC to relocate you, you should still hear all the bad sides of living with a friend before making a decision.

friends laughing

Your relationship can make living together easier

Disadvantages of moving in with friends

  • No privacy
  • Occasional awkwardness

No privacy

We all love the privacy and there is no doubt about that. You probably remember the times when you lived with your parents when you wished that you could live on your own. Living with a friend is similar. Even though you like each other and want to live together, you are still two separate individuals. That means that there will probably be times when you would want a little alone time where you can refresh and regenerate yourself. When living with someone, even with a friend, you will not have a chance to do this when you want.

a woman sitting

You can't isolate yourself when you want to

Occasional awkwardness

This is something that most people do not think that it will happen to them. We should tell you that sooner or later, you are going to feel it too. This awkwardness is usually present regarding the money. For example, you do not have the money right now but your roommate has.On the other hand, it does not have to be about money at all. Even though you are friends, there is very little chance that both of you know the same people. That means that it can get awkward when your roommate is having a company but he or she has not informed you. Either way, you should be prepared for occasional awkwardness regarding even the tiniest things. This can always lead to a fight. But there are a lot of ways to resolve a fight with a friend. The key is to talk with your friend and make sure that everything is on the table.

Preparation for moving with a friend

Before you can settle, you need to do all the necessary things to actually relocate. The most important one is hiring proper movers for the job. That means that you should search and pick the one that suits you best. One of the best moving services that make your job easier is renting a storage unit from various storage facilities NYC. You easily transfer all your belongings until you are ready for the move.The good thing about it is that you can continue renting it. Both of you will probably have a lot of items that you would want to store anyway. This way you can use your storage unit for various purposes. Of course, one of the main goals is to split the costs of everything that you use together.


Moving in with friends is generally a very popular idea due to obvious reasons. Many think that it is easy to do something like this since you already like each other. The thing is that you spend only a couple of hours a day but when living together, you are constantly together. This is something that not all people think about. Of course, it is very important that you are good friends and that you know each other well. Also, you need to make an agreement on how to handle possible situations. If you have this figured out, you can live with your friends easily!


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