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November 22, 2022

Is it better to move on a weekend or weekday?

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Moving is a significant decision. Several factors determine whether or not moving on the weekend is preferable. Moving on a weekend or a weekday offers advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the best time to relocate may depend on your lifestyle. Let's ask the question now. Is a weekend relocation preferable?

Ask for help well in advance from family and friends

Since weekend relocations are typically a little more expensive than weekday moves, lifestyle and finances are the main determining factors. Let's go through the advantages and disadvantages of moving on a weekend or weekday.

Is it better to move on a weekend or weekday?

Advantages of moving on a weekend

Off work

Although some people would rather relax and enjoy their weekend when moving. Weekends are ideal, as most people are off work. Moving on a weekend means you have more time to move everything without rushing. This also means you won’t have to worry about skipping work and not getting paid.

Tip: It is preferable to pack during the week so that you don’t waste a weekend doing so.

Children are not in school.

Moving on a weekend is beneficial if you have kids because they won't have to miss school. This is a fantastic way to complete the move over the weekend and enable them to begin school on a weekday because catching up on schoolwork can be challenging, especially if you're juggling exams. Make sure you properly plan your move to avoid disrupting your family. 

More helping hands

When relocating, the more assistance you have, the better. Having support is essential, and moving independently makes it even more important. If asked promptly, family and friends will likely offer their help. Ask them in advance so they can be available on the day of your move.



This is a contentious issue since it depends on where you reside. Moving on a weekend rather than a weekday may be preferable if you live in a bustling city or downtown. Since most businesses are open Monday through Friday, weekdays in the city are busier than weekends. 

However, if you reside in a quieter city, weekends can be highly congested because everyone is outside and using the weekend to accomplish things. Weekends could get busy because most people don't have enough time to run errands or participate in any activities throughout the week.


Most moving companies charge more on weekends than on weekdays. This is because there’s a high demand on weekends, so they need to compensate for that. It is unfortunate if there are no funds to afford the extra charge. So, if you cannot afford to pay extra, move on a weekday or move with the help of family and friends.

Building restrictions

When moving into an apartment, some buildings may not have the leasing agent available on weekends (especially Sundays). This could be a problem, as some agents will only give you the key on moving day and may want to do a move-in walkthrough to note any damages or other issues you may have in the house.

Some buildings, on the other hand, may not have an elevator, while some may only allow move-ins early morning. This could be a huge inconvenience if you’re not moving in on the ground floor. So, before you commit to moving on a weekend, find out from your leasing office about elevator reservations.

Move when the kids are not in school

Advantages of moving on a weekday

Less traffic

Since weekends can be full of traffic, especially in busy districts or downtown areas, moving on a weekday could be the best. Avoid moving during rush hour by starting the move early.

You have the advantage of hiring the company of your choice

Getting a reputable company of your choice to move you is probably most people's wish. Working with a company that has great reviews, is professional, and has overall great service can be hard to find when moving on a weekend. So, moving on a weekday could potentially help.


Because most people prefer to move on the weekend, opting to move on a weekday could be cheaper. Weekdays are considered off-peak, but be careful of holidays. If you want to save money, a weekday move is the best option.


Missing work and school

Unfortunately, when choosing to move on a weekday, you may have to skip work and have your kids miss school. Missing work and school could be problematic for the kids, especially if they have exams. Make sure you know their schedule to avoid moving on an important school day. If you can move over the weekend, we recommend doing so.

Missing work could also be a problem, depending on where your occupation is and if you have leave days.

Less help

Moving on a weekday can be stressful if you need help and have no one available to help with that. It's important to ask for help ahead of time to avoid disappointment. You shouldn’t expect help to be available on short notice; this is why we advise asking for help as soon as you have your moving date.

Ready for that move?

Capital City Movers provides free estimates for all types of moving, including local, long-distance, and business. If you don't have the time or resources to move on a weekend or during the week, you can rely on our staff to handle a full-service move. For additional information, call us at (718) 619-4881 or visit our website

Remember that finding the best moving company that will move all your possessions quickly while you unwind and take care of other things is crucial whether you decide to move on a weekend or a weekday. Both moving on a weekend and a weekday have advantages and disadvantages; you simply need to decide which is best for you and your family.


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