Lady Liberty has no instructions for your movers when moving to NYC||a moving truck
Lady Liberty has no instructions for your movers when moving to NYC||a moving truck
Relocating to NYC
November 5, 2019

Instructions for your movers when moving to NYC

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People often tend to ask us how they should behave with a moving company. They might be the experts when it comes to packing and moving your items, and they are full of experience, but - at the end of the day - you are the one paying them. So, should you be bossy or let the people do their work? And should your attitude change when you are working with residential movers and the specialty ones - like fine arts movers? What instructions for your movers should you have when you need to move to New York City? Well, even when working with the best movers in the industry - like Capital City Movers NYC, you won't just sit and relax. This will be the majority of your job, but you will still need to give out some information and instructions. Find out what they are in this article.

Find movers with good communication skills

When looking into a moving company, what are the traits you search for? These can be anything from a professional attitude and willingness to help to the cost of the move. After all, New York City is huge, and reliable moving companies are many. However, what sets good movers like Capital City Movers NYC apart from the rest is the communication skills we have. All good moving companies need to be able to communicate clearly with their clients.

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Communication is the key!This is, after all, how we pass information from one person to the next. This is also an important skill to look for if you have instructions for your movers. Without it, both you and the moving company will go into the process blindly. This is bad for many reasons. First, they might be packing things you do not want or need, thus upping the cost of your NYC relocation. Then, they might not be securing them as they should and damaging your items in the process. There are hundreds of little things that can also go wrong! Without proper communication, the chances of them happening rise!

Instructions for your movers when it comes to packing

Packing is one of the least favorite activities that people using Manhattan movers need to do. Usually, it will take you a long time, and it is just exhausting. First, there is the part of you going through each room of your home and figuring out just what to take with you, and what stays behind. Then it's time to pick up all the materials and finally start packing.These are the main reasons why people often choose our packing supplies and services over doing it themselves. However, when this happens, you will need to have some instructions for your movers ready. For example, maybe packing your whole home is too expensive for you, so you decide to halve the job with us. You will need to tell the workers exactly what parts of your home are theirs, and what you will pack yourself.

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Talk about packing with your movers.You should also mark fragile items as such. Sometimes, it can be hard to notice them, or just hard to figure out whether or not an item is fragile. By having clear instructions for your movers about fragile items, they will not be at risk of breaking. The same applies to your valuables! Some companies will just not pack these items, so talk to yours about them! All of these - and countless small things such as these - are a part of the instruction package you will be giving to your movers.

Truck loading has a set of separate instructions for your movers

The things we talked about packing apply to the transport of your items as well. It doesn't matter if you are working with residential movers NYC or the commercial ones - the instructions are often the same. However, before we take a look at them, there is an important thing to note here. Your movers have a lot of experience when it comes to loading the truck. Even though you knew how to pack your items, sometimes, you should listen to the advice your movers will have on loading the items. This applies both to lifting heavy boxes as well as keeping them safe inside the truck.

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Your movers know their way around their truck.And even though you should try to stay out of the way for this part, you might still have some instructions for your movers. So, we again take a look at the fragile items. Here, you might want to mark up all the boxes that contain such items. Then, you should talk to your movers about which boxes are with fragile items - and their number. Finally, mention the boxes you will need first after getting to your destination. Knowing this, movers will put them at the end of the truck - and within reach after moving to New York.

Let's talk about the delivery of your items

Finally, the last thing we need to look at is the delivery of your furniture. This may be the end of the moving process, but even here you might have some instructions for your movers! The thing to be aware of here, though, is that there isn't much you can really do. The movers will drive the truck safely, but this means that your items will probably arrive after you to New York - especially during a long distance NYC move. This is where you come in! Talk to your movers about the delivery window, and when you'd like to receive your items. To get an even better moving experience, tell them about the parking space there and how they can fit the truck in. This way, you will be ready for the truck - and to finish your move to New York with ease!


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