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September 8, 2022

Innovative ideas for leftover moving boxes

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So, you’ve finally moved into your new home and have a lot of boxes with no idea what to do with them. Well, you can always recycle the boxes or, better yet, put them to great use by being innovative. We will share a few innovative ideas for leftover moving boxes that you can do in the comfort of your home.

Let's face it, some people would rather throw the boxes away without recycling them, but why throw them if you can make something great out of them and save money? Moving in itself is expensive therefore, using your boxes to make something that'll last will help.

Use the leftover boxes for gifts


You can use the leftover boxes to put your shoes in. This is a perfect way for storing shoes in a safe place and preventing dust. You can store your shoes according to the season to make it easier. Especially if you don't have enough space for shoes in your closet.

When summer comes, you can use the boxes to store boots and other winter shoes and vice versa. Some shoes can be stacked and others not so much so, make sure to use the correct size box for your shoes to prevent any damage.

Toy storage box

Children love playing with anything but their toys, and that can be a little overwhelming and frustrating for the parents. It is important to keep children entertained, and because they are curious beings, they will most likely love playing with boxes. You can make anything out of the boxes for your kids.

Examples are:

Car-cut out a car shape of the box and make one for your child. This is a fun activity that your kids will appreciate. Get them involved in the creative/making process. It’ll be fun.

House-depending on the size of the boxes you have, if you have big boxes that you can use to make a mini house, make one. You can make a little princess castle, a box camping tent, or a playhouse. Get creative with the design and have fun with it.

Playpen-use one of your bigger boxes to make a playpen for your baby to play in if they don't already have one. Make sure the box isn’t too high so you can see the child while they in it. Put proper cushioning and fill it up with plastic play balls or any toys of your choice that your child loves.


You can use your leftover boxes to make a table for your kids. The table can be used for different activities including drawing, coloring books, or even eating. Make sure the box is stable and color it with different colors to make it appealing to your little ones.

Book storage

If you have old books that you don't use anymore and have no idea where to put them. You can use one of the moving boxes as a storage bin. Although, you can probably sell the books or give them away. If you're planning to keep them, use the box as storage while you figure out what to do next.

Gift box

Reusing moving boxes for gift boxes is a great creative idea. Moving boxes can accommodate any size of the gift. Keep that in mind when you reuse the box. If there’s none for the size gift you have, you can always cut it and shape it the way you want to fit the gift.

Boxes can be used as toys for children

Customize the box and make it look pretty and appropriate for the specific occasion. Boxes are versatile, so take advantage of that.

Toy storage

Parents always need some storage to place all children's toys. This makes it hard to keep all the toys well organized. A toy storage box is ideal in this situation because boxers are large enough to store numerous toys. Once all toys are organized in the box, you can store them next to your child's play area or the baby's room. If you don’t have any storage for your toys, leftover moving boxes are great when you need to store your child's toys.

Perfume stand

Boxes work great for keeping almost everything. If you have a lot of perfumes and no space to put them, then leftover boxes are your best friends. Take one or however many you need and craft them to your liking to make all your perfumes fit.

Another great idea would be to use leftover moving boxes for makeup you can’t fit in your regular makeup bag and any extra cosmetics you may have.

Mail storage

We're always told to keep mail for at least six months. That can be a problem sometimes, however, if you don't have enough space in your home. Well, if you have leftover moving boxes, you can use them to store “old mail”. This storage box would be great if you have a home office. You can make a filing storage bin out of the boxes and keep all your documents well organized.

Pets house

You can use boxes as an indoor house for your pets. This is great for both cats and dogs. This can be their little sanctuary, and it’ll save you a lot of money. Make it comfortable and put their bed and favourite toys in it.

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Get creative with the leftover boxes and put them to good use. There are numerous things you can do with your left over boxes. We hope these ideas will help. Extra storage is always wanted, and is a great way to use the boxes. Moving isn’t cheap, and so are the supplies you purchase, ensure to use of them as much as you can to get value for your money in more ways than one, why not? Have fun, and enjoy the process!


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