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September 16, 2022

Important things to remember before moving

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It is very crucial to prepare before moving. Whether long distance, local, or overseas. Planning a move can be overwhelming and may trigger emotions for anyone. The most important thing is to take care of your mental health during this process because it isn’t easy.

There are also important things to remember before moving to have a stress-free moving experience. It should go without saying that importance when moving is relative, so keep that in mind. However, you’ll still need a guide when you move because it is quite a process.



Once you’ve decided on the move and aren’t sure where to start, the best thing to do would be to secure a moving date first. A moving date will give you a clear time frame of the move, so you know how long you have to prepare everything before the day comes.

Pro Tip: Start preparing on the day you get a date.

A few things to do once you have a moving date are:

  • Inform your landlord- Put a notice in if you have to so your landlord or leasing agent knows when to expect your home to be vacant. If you own your home, start arranging with your agent to begin selling your home.
  • Start drafting a moving checklist- It is imperative to have a moving checklist to track your progress, and not miss anything important. A moving checklist entails other checklists, like a packing supplies checklist, floor plan, and moving day checklist. You can read more about moving checklists here.
  • Find a moving company- Get at least three quotes from different moving companies to compare and find the best match for your needs. Ask questions before making a decision, and don't feel rushed if you aren’t decided yet. Research to find a reputable company that you’ll be 100% happy with.
  • Start decluttering slowly- Take your time decluttering. Start with the least used room, as there may be a few items in boxes, and ask family and friends for help to pack faster as you make progress. Sell stuff you don't need online or garage sale. You’ll need all the money you can get, so why not.


Moving isn’t cheap, and if you don't have a budget, you may spend more than you should. Budgeting is a great guide to help keep your expenses in check during the move. Be realistic when budgeting, and ensure you get quote estimates from different moving companies, so you have a rough budget to work with.

Budget for every expense that involves moving. From hiring a moving company, travel costs, hotel stay, gas, packing supplies, and any miscellaneous things during the process.

Transfer utilities

This is a crucial thing to remember. If you're staying in the same city or state, call your provider and see if you can transfer utilities to your new home. Some important utilities that need to be transferred are electricity, cable, etc. Transfer utilities at least two weeks before moving day.

If moving to a different city, pay any balance due and close existing accounts. If possible, set up utilities for your new home before you leave your current. This will help get everything set up and ready when you get there.

Change mailing address

Make a list of all places you’ll need to change the mail address. Check the list as you change the address to keep better track of everything. Change your mailing address with the post office. You can do this by simply going online and conveniently changing it there. Other mail address changes should be for any subscriptions you may have, bank, or doctor (if you’re changing doctors, get your medical records transferred to your new doctor). Change of address needs to be done promptly before you move.

Inform your doctor

Let your doctor know about the move and have them refer you to a new doctor in the city you’re moving to (if possible). You’ll need to let your doctor know even when you’re staying in the same city, so they have the most current address on file. Do the same for your children's doctor and your pet’s veterinarian.

Clean your house

Leave the house clean for future residents
Leave the house for future residents

Do not forget to do this despite you owning the house and planning to rent it out. A clean home will give you a good impression in this instance. Think about how clean you found the house, so why leave it dirty? One of the requirements for moving out of an apartment is to leave it as immaculate as possible. If not, a fee will be charged. To avoid paying fees by cleaning the house as you pack.

Cleaning while you pack is a good practice because it’ll make it easier when doing last-minute cleaning. Throw out the trash and unwanted items per room as you pack, so you don't mix up or misplace your stuff. Cleaning should also be done on moving days after clearing out everything to make sure it is left in an impeccable state.

Unsure where to start?

Don't feel pressured to get things done without proper planning. Moving is not easy for anyone, and you may sometimes need some help. Capital City Movers is here to help. We offer moving and other services to make your move smooth and stress-free. Call us at (718) 619 4881 for a FREE QUOTE, and visit our website for more information.


Moving should be an exciting time as you’re starting a new chapter. Some plans and setbacks may happen along the way, which is okay. A good plan, a budget, and surrounding yourself with family and friends during the process will make things easier.

Have a positive mind and enjoy the journey. Remember to always ask for help where needed. Research before deciding on a moving company because they’ll be responsible for your personal property during this process.


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