a carved pumpkin|You should start with the easiest things|It is very common place for decoration|This is the simplest way to decorate your NYC apartment for a Halloween
a carved pumpkin|You should start with the easiest things|It is very common place for decoration|This is the simplest way to decorate your NYC apartment for a Halloween
New York CIty housing
October 29, 2019

Ideas to decorate your NYC apartment for a Halloween

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Some people get very excited once October comes. It is a month where everything changes. Leafs change their color and you can enjoy this live show. On the other hand, October is special because of Halloween. It is one of the most celebrated holidays and for a good reason. You can become whoever you want and get away from all your problems and worries, at least for that one day. If you want to enjoy this holiday for a couple of days more, you should decorate your NYC apartment for Halloween. This way you will have Halloween spirit longer.

Start with the doormat

What is the first thing that your friends see when entering your house? Of course, it is a doormat. We do not think of them about anything that much important but they can have an important role if you want to decorate your NYC apartment for Halloween. The good thing about them is that their replacement will not cost too much so you can choose whatever you want. It would be a really nice touch, especially if you like kids and want to have some fun with trick or treat. They will certainly know that they just have to ring your bell!

You should start with the easiest things

Start decorating with your doormat


This is a thing where people that own houses have an advantage. Fireplaces are usually a thing that you do not have inside an apartment. Of course, if you have the money you can hire Manhattan movers and relocate from your apartment to a new house. You will certainly have more freedom in the house and you will have more ideas in order to decorate for Halloween.On the other hand, modern apartments offer fireplaces. It is a good thing for you because you can use the mantel in order to decorate your NYC apartment for Halloween. One of the most common ideas for this purpose is the spider web. You can put it over the mantel and see the effect that you are going to get. Put some colors on the mantle as an extra detail. Orange and black are the obvious choice...

It is very common place for decoration

Decorate the mantel

Use paper and scissors

Now we should go back to elementary school. Use paper and scissors to your own advantage. There are so many things that you can make out of this that you do not even need anything else.

  • Flying bats- We can agree that the most common symbol of Halloween is bats. They are mystic and we are all scared of them due to their looks. Of course, not all of us are gifted and know how to draw. You can ask for help from an artistic friend or practice until you become good at drawing. After all, you do not have to draw complicated things, just scary ones.
  • Spiders- Arachnophobia. Should we say anything more than this? The best place for them is the ceiling. Tape them on the ceiling and let them levitate. See the reactions you are going to get.
  • Skulls
  • Mice etc.
This is the simplest way to decorate your NYC apartment for a Halloween

Use paper and scissors to your advantage

Use light into your advantage

We are visual creatures so the best bet for you is to use lights for special scenery. Of course, you are limited depending on where you live but you still can do a lot. Buy string lights and tape them all-around your home. The best place for you to tape them is the ceiling. They usually come in various colors so you can adjust them to your own liking. Another good idea is to place them behind closets and furniture because this will bring the depth effect.If you do not feel like being creative in order to decorate your NYC apartment for Halloween, you can try some well-tested things. Buy candles and put them all around your apartment. There can be a problem though. You may not be allowed to put candles in the open like that because it can create a fire. There is a solution to this problem too. Buy fake candles. No one will even notice a difference.

Did you decorate your NYC apartment for Halloween?

Now that you have done everything in order to enlighten your NYC apartment in the Halloween spirit, you can make the most out of it. If you are new to New York, you can make a Halloween housewarming party. You will not have to think about the theme of the party. Everybody will already know it. On the other hand, you can even try and set another theme for the party with Halloween effects.All of this may sound like an easy job but it really is not. If you decided at the last moment that you are going to have a party for Halloween, you have to clean your apartment in a day and make the scene. It is a troublesome task so if you procrastinate a lot, be aware. After all, people like to get invitations so that they could make themselves available.

What to do with extra stuff in your apartment?

Get rid of it, of course. But the real question is where you should do that. Free storage NYC is a very common solution to this problem. Since you would probably need a storage solution for a shorter period of time, you should not pay that much money. Of course, if you already have a storage unit for yourself, you do not even have a problem. Just use it until everything passes and then return the stuff.


Decoration can be tough. It requires manual work and many people do not like to do that. We live in a time where we can get anything with one click. On the other hand, we should still enjoy the things we have in life. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to enlighten and to bring some joy into our lives. Decorate your NYC apartment for Halloween and see the effects. We are adults but who said that we should not enjoy little stuff too?


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