There are many places for family fun in Manhattan|Statue of Liberty|Central Park is the perfect place for family fun in Manhattan|Person doing a research
There are many places for family fun in Manhattan|Statue of Liberty|Central Park is the perfect place for family fun in Manhattan|Person doing a research
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May 20, 2019

Ideas for family fun in Manhattan

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It is a good thing that you decided to visit New York, especially forever famous Manhattan. Reason for your visit might be just for the sightseeing or scouting for potential relocation. Nevertheless, you are here, and ready for a wonderful time. There are many ways to spend quality family fun in Manhattan. And today, we will list a few of them. No doubt that you’ll find many more on your adventure. So, let us begin.

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Person doing a research

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Children’s Museum of Manhattan is exactly what you need for family fun in Manhattan

This place is full of exhibits that your kid will find interesting. Anyone can find this place amusing, but especially children that are up to 10 years old. Exhibits are displayed and designed with the idea to engage children into thinking and learning through fun. Since children need to touch everything, this is the place for it. All exhibits are hands-on and they stretch across five floors. Some of them are, “Little West Side” where your kid can pretend to be a taxi driver. Or “The Lab” where little ones can finger-paint, make custom art, and draw. Enlist your child in one of their workshops and have family fun in Manhattan regularly. After visiting, your child will have more knowledge on how to develop healthier habits and engage their motor skills.

Central Park

Central Park is the hallmark of New York and Manhattan. It is covering almost 850 green acres and it is accessible to anyone for more than 150 years now. Although, since the 1980s it is open from 6 am to 1 am, so keep that in mind when you visit. Many of its residents are referring to it as a “Heart of Manhattan” and how could they not? This place is like an oasis, surrounded by the modern world and yet isolated and secured. It will give you the feeling that you are in untouched woodland, surrounded by lush and green. It is attracting locals and tourists daily.This is a place for picnic, bike, jogging, walking a dog, or simply resting on a bench reading newspapers. Be sure to visit The Turtle Pond or The Lake, both located in southern edges. It is fun for your little ones where you can rent rowboats, kayaks, and have a nice meal at a restaurant. Central Park is huge, and you’ll need more than a day if you desire to crunch every little bit. We are sure you will visit this place regularly.

Central Park is the perfect place for family fun in Manhattan

Central Park

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

While you are in Central Park, you will notice that there is a massive building in the middle. Resting on the 13 acres is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is a neoclassical architectural piece that has been stunning its visitors since 1880s. We will recommend visiting on weekends, but other days are fine as well if you do not mind crowded spaces. And once you do, you’ll find marvelous exhibits that will keep you talking about them for weeks. From Egyptian, Greek, and Roman collections to Africa, Oceania, and The Americas. This place is packed, and it holds some of the unique pieces that can be seen only here. For sure a place to take your family to.And while you are near Lower East Side, be sure to visit Attaboy where you can find one of the best cocktails in NYC. This will for sure make your day after visiting so many museums.

The American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is a highly esteemed institution worldwide. It has combined science and culture in the most unique way so everyone can find it enjoyable to visit. It was founded in 1869 and since then, it is gathering the information and researching everything around us. A place where you learn all there is about the history of human beings, animals, and nature. Also, you will learn how to nurture the world around us. You will learn more about our planet and the universe we live in.Furthermore, there are many scientific programs you can participate in. You might have a future scientist within the family that will emerge after the visit. And finally, did we mention that there are Dinosaurs? Yes, you will find your buddy T-rex here and many others. A place to have family fun in Manhattan, and to learn a lot along the way.

Family fun in Manhattan is no fun without the Statue of Liberty

Finally, you can’t visit New York and miss the opportunity to gaze upon the magnificent Lady Liberty. As a matter of fact, that is probably the first thing you should do. It is the embodiment of the American spirit and it is for sure worth your time. You’ll be amazed by its might and glory once you are standing beneath this beautiful goliath. If you are a resident, take your kids to a field trip, preferably during spring, and make new long lasting memories. Next, to the statue, you’ll find the Statue of Liberty Museum which is a must see. One of the many Manhattan art galleries to explore. Also, there is an immersive theater that will take you on a historical journey. You will get to know our American Lady better. Your family will love it.

The Statue of Liberty

Do not forget to visit the Statue of LibertyThese were some of the places you should visit for family fun in Manhattan. And not only fun but educational as well. Manhattan is full of wonders. The place is rich with one of the best restaurants, stores, and museums in the world. A unique place where concrete and nature intertwined into a beautiful combination suitable to anyone. We wish you to fall in love with Big Apple and become our neighbor as soon as possible. Until next time.


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