Two Halloween skeletons - store your Halloween decorations safely after reading our guide|Halloween pumpkins|Storage options|Children in costumes
Two Halloween skeletons - store your Halloween decorations safely after reading our guide|Halloween pumpkins|Storage options|Children in costumes
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November 9, 2020

How to store your Halloween decorations

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There are some really easy ways you can use to store your Halloween decorations. For example, you can find good moving boxes for your decorations and use them. However, depending on the type of decoration, you might not even need to use boxes. In any case, if you are not afraid of a little dust (in the true spirit of Halloween) you can simply store some of them on top of your boxes. You will also have to choose whether or not you wish to store your decorations at home or somewhere else. Usually, most people store them in the attic or the basement and the decorations remain there until next year. However, you cannot simply store everything everywhere. So, we have prepared a really amazing guide for everyone who is interested to learn something more about one of the best holidays ever.

How to properly store your Halloween decorations and save them for the next year?

When it comes to this - you can do it in whatever way you would like, provided that you know a few things. For example, you will need to know which decorations can "stand the test of time" and which cannot. So, no one expects you to store your carved pumpkins for the next year (believe us, you do not want to do that). However, you can always:

  • Separate the decorations based on their durability. Some items for Halloween can be used only once and others can be used plenty of times. So, if you have a spooky plastic skeleton in your yard right now, you can pick it up and store it for the next year. However, you cannot store candy for an entire year and give it to children in 2021. This is something you should think about a lot. However, you can save the candy and use it as a Halloween decoration only, but we do not recommend this. Also, feel free to consider some green packing solutions for this.
  • Store them properly. If you need to store or move a piano you will call some of the best piano movers NYC offers, for example. However, you cannot call some of the best Halloween decoration storage facilities to store your items. This means that you will have to think of some really amazing ways to make sure this goes according to plan. Having some good moving boxes will do the trick. However, make sure that nothing will happen to your items while they are inside boxes. Thus, avoid areas with high moisture and avoid cardboard boxes.
Halloween pumpkins

You cannot store your pumpkins so do not even think about that

Bonus storage tips

There are some other things you can do with your Halloween decorations. Most people simply place them inside regular boxes and leave them somewhere for an entire year. We have mentioned that you can do this with some items, but you cannot do this with everything. However, there will always be new things you will have to get for the next Halloween season. After all, where is the fun in only reusing the items you have ready at hand, right? So, you will have to think about some really good ideas for the next holiday season. Either improve the items you already have or make sure that you get some new ones. It is easier than knowing how to find a roommate in Brooklyn, believe us.If you are planning to relocate with some of the best Westchester movers you should think about your decorations as well. Of course, when you are moving and relocating you will have plenty of things to think about and not only on decorations. However, your decorations are your necessary items, so to say, and you will need them for the next Halloween. Thus, make sure that you bring them along. This is why it might be a good idea to store all of your decorations inside moving boxes. That way, you will not have to pack them once again - simply use the boxes they are already in. It is not a bad idea to keep the items you do not need inside moving boxes for this occasion. However, make sure that you do not forget about them.

Are there other ways you can store your Halloween decorations?

There certainly are other ways you can store your decorations for Halloween. However, they might not necessarily include the full meaning of the verb "to store". One of the things you can do when this is concerned would be to use a dedicated closet for your Halloween decorations. It might be one of the better ideas, provided that you do not need that closet for something else. That way, you will always know where your items are. The only bad thing about this is that you will have to pack them if you are relocating before next Halloween.

Storage options

You will probably not need professional storage options for your decorationsIf you are living inside a small apartment then this will not be an option. Chances are that you will have to throw every decoration away, provided that you had any in the first place. You can hire some external storage options but, then again, you will have to pay for a full year of service. This might not be a good idea when this is concerned. So, you can always "store" them to someone else as in selling them for profit. If this is not an option, then you can probably think of something else to keep your decorations.

Why are Halloween decorations important?

You cannot celebrate one of the best holidays without them. There is something special when you wear a costume and have your place decorated. After all, trick or treat would feel different if you wore your plain clothing and so on. So, in order to keep that spirit alive, you might want to find a way to keep your decorations. The neighborhood kids will certainly appreciate that!

Children in costumes

Make sure to keep your decorations for all the children who will enjoy themAfter you store your Halloween decorations you can rest easy for an entire year! Of course, this is valid only if you found some of the best options to store your belongings. Remember, even a simple attic will do if you do not have anywhere else to store them. Good luck and happy holidays!


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