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Relocating to NYC
December 24, 2020

How to stay focused when preparing for a move?

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Most people have the tendency to procrastinate when dealing with something they find dull or difficult. Most of us are doing that our whole life. From elementary school, when we did our homework last minute, until adulthood when we are starting diets on Mondays or we will “go to the gym tomorrow”. In order to organize and execute a move, it is important to do things on time. It is not that easy to stay focused when preparing for a move, but with a couple of tricks from Capital City Movers NYC you can carry out a move with as little stress as possible.

Create a packing list to stay focused when preparing for a move

Confusion that comes before moving sometimes can feel a bit discouraging. This feeling of confusion about the packing process comes as a direct result of not having a clear plan. Imagine how easier it would be if you created a detailed packing plan. This plan should help you stay focused when preparing for a move, from day one all the way to the moving date.

Stay focused when preparing for a move

You should write down all moving tasks

Start with the right packing strategy

The best way to properly prepare for a move is to do it as early as possible. Consider that sorting and protecting your valuable possessions can be the most time-consuming task. Your motivation to complete the tasks will increase if you know that you will finish them in time. Start packing things from the most demanding rooms. This principle is very useful. If you know that you have already finished the most challenging rooms it will certainly help you stay focused when preparing for a move. It's always advisable to ask local movers NYC for help because they have more experience.

Stay focused to finish packing faster

To combat possible demotivation while packing, complete the tedious task as quickly as possible. Focus only on packing and ignore any kind of distraction. Set your daily goals according to yourroom by room checklist, and then you can reward yourself for doing a good job. A reward is always a good motivation when trying to stay focused when preparing for a move.

Break down the packing process into smaller tasks

It can be pretty easy to get overwhelmed when packing for a move if you think of the entire process as one huge task. Think about the ways you can make it easier. It may sound simple but try to pack step by step. You've probably used a similar motivational trick at work without realizing it. The idea is to break down a large project into smaller mini-projects so that you get the rewarding feeling of progress each time you successfully complete one of those mini-jobs.

Couple packing carton boxes

Pack one room at a time to stay focused.Contact a reliable moving company and get free moving quotes NYC. With the professionals' help, you can have a stress free move. This way you can enjoy more the process of packing and relocation.


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