New York City skyline|Manhattan|metro is useful when you want to rent a cheap apartment in NYC|New York City buildings
New York City skyline|Manhattan|metro is useful when you want to rent a cheap apartment in NYC|New York City buildings
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October 21, 2019

How to rent a cheap apartment in NYC

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New York City is huge! With over eight million people living here, and thousands of tourists going through the city daily, it can get quite crowded and difficult to find good accommodations! And since the Big Apple has become wildly popular in recent years, the apartment rents have skyrocketed! All of this can make it hard to rent a cheap apartment in NYC. Luckily for you, the best company that specializes in moving and storage Brooklyn - Capital City Movers NYC - is here for you! Today, we take a look at some of the ways in which you can hunt for apartments in New York. Hopefully, you will be able to discover the best options for you - and find a happy home with our help!

Exploring your options

One of the first steps you will want to take is to explore each and every one of your options. The first step in doing this is to get to know New York City. This is especially true if you have never lived here, or never visited. Start by exploring the five boroughs of the city. There's Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Each of these boroughs is a story for itself. All of them offer different things - and even different lifestyles. You will want to examine what each one represents to know where you will fit in the best.

New York City buildings

Each borough tells a different story.Then, you will want to dive deeper into your chosen borough and explore the parts it is made of. A smart idea at this time would be to pay New York a visit and just walk around. You should do this months in advance. Get to know New York through time. Learn your way around the city - figure out the street layouts, nearby venues and all the things you'd be able to do here before moving.After that, it's time to start researching the costs of everything in the borough. You would be surprised how costs can vary from place to place. You can even talk to the locals of Brooklyn Heights movers about this - and the most affordable housing options around. They might be able to give you some great insight into how you can rent a cheap apartment in NYC!

Start looking at listings to rent a cheap apartment in NYC

After you have the feeling for various places where you can settle in New York City, it's time to start looking at some listings for apartments. This is usually the best way to find where you can rent a cheap apartment in NYC. Other ways include getting the recommendations from your friends, family and colleges, of running into roommate ads (and there are many benefits of having a roommate in NYC) and similar cases.


Manhattan is often very expensive for life.However, a thing you should remember is not to focus on the area you really liked. Sometimes, finding that perfect home in just one area of New York can really be impossible. You should expand your search to at least nearby places. This way, you will be able to find some cheaper apartments only a few blocks away. A great example of this is that a one-bedroom in Manhattan can easily be out of anyone's price range, while the same thing in Brooklyn is much easier to afford.The thing you always need to take into account is how much you will need to commute. This is a part of everyday life for all New Yorkers, but it's an important thing. Having the chance to walk to your workplace might be great, but sometimes you can find apartments further away and much, much cheaper. Think about your priorities, and how much you can save by jumping on the metro on your way to work.

Dig deeper to rent a cheap apartment in NYC

Hopefully, your apartment hunting won't take a long time. The further you spread your web, the easier it will be to catch something nice. However, what happens when you run into a nice property? Do you just dive in and hope that the rent will be affordable?

metro is useful when you want to rent a cheap apartment in NYC

You might need to use the metro to score a cheaper apartment!The answer, of course, is no. You should always think well about renting an apartment, and ways in which you might get it for cheap. First, you should read the reviews about the area, as well as the place itself. Maybe you are able to rent a cheap apartment in NYC, but it comes with a secret cost. The best people to inform you about it will be the previous tenants. Websites like The Listings Project or Zillow are the best for this type of investigative work. Afterward, you should also check with the New York Department of Buildings records. This is a great place for you to discover possible complaints and violations that people file against the property. This is also where red flags my rise - listen to them.Finally, you should explore the building on the map, and finally visit the place. When exploring the area, look for nearby services and amenities. This depends on your lifestyle, but you might include things like convenience stores, laundromats, restaurants and pubs. Remember, some things can create noise - but can also help you score a cheap apartment in NYC!

Don't be afraid to negotiate

The final thing you need to remember in order to rent a cheap apartment in NYC is not to be afraid of negotiation. Yes, you should act fast in NYC real estate, but you can get a discount if you are also playing it smart. A lot of landlords actually start higher than what they deem appropriate for the rent in their apartment. You might be able to get them down to a good number if you are being proactive. Good luck!


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