antique porch|antique room|relocate your moving furniture by taking the drawers out and packing separately|antique cupboard
antique porch|antique room|relocate your moving furniture by taking the drawers out and packing separately|antique cupboard
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August 14, 2019

How to relocate your antique furniture the safest way

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Moving is a difficult endeavor. So many things you have to consider and so many things you have to think about. One of those things is the packing process. When you look at the sheer amount of stuff you have to pack and move, you will get dizzy. In addition, like this was not enough, you will remember that you have antique furniture that needs special care during the relocation process. In this article, we will talk about the packing process and the moving process when you want to relocate your antique furniture. The transit of the items can be nerve-wracking as well. Only the thought of your antique furniture getting damaged during a bumpy truck ride by inexperienced movers is enough to make the moving process a living hell. That is why you should do your research and get the most reliable New York City movers. So, without any further ado, let's dive in!

relocate your moving furniture by taking the drawers out and packing separately

Take out the drawers first and then pack everything separately

Relocate your antique furniture the safest way

Even though your movers know how to pack antique furniture safely, it is only natural for you to feel worried. This is why it is a great idea to do some of your own research and learn how to best relocate your antique furniture. If you are too scared to move your antique furniture, you can look up Long Island storage options, and deal with it later with a bigger budget. So, let's get to preparing for the move!

Get enough packing material

We cannot stress enough how important this step is. Packing material is the cornerstone to every successful move. If you do not have enough packing supplies, there is a big chance that something will get damaged or broken. And we do not want that. In order to avoid that, you need to get ample packing paper, bubble wrapping, foam nuggets, packing tape, and everything else you can think of. Another good option is the thin foam wrap, which is also known as dolphin wrap. In addition, you should get corner protectors, ample moving blankets, a microfiber cloth, furniture pads, and of course, some top quality moving boxes!

Before you start packing your antique furniture

There are a couple of things you need to do before you start packing and moving your antique furniture. First of all, you need to make an inventory. This is an important part of the packing process because you will document the state of your antiques before the move. You can snap photos of each antique piece of furniture. This will allow you to know if some of your furniture got damaged during the relocation process. After that, you should get an appraisal of your antiques. This is important because you will be able to tell one of the cross country moving companies NYC of your choosing, the exact price of the items they are about to move.

antique room

You should get moving insurance for your antique furniture

Get moving insurance

This is a big step if you are still worried about the items. Your moving company will probably give you some insurance, but it is best to get your own moving insurance. If you already have a homeowners insurance, make sure to check if the policy covers antique furniture. Although you will not be able to replace your antique piece, you will still be able to get monetary compensation.

Packing your antique furniture

If you did everything that we have already mentioned, it is time to start packing! First of all, buy a microfiber cloth online and clean your antiques up. It is important for your furniture to be in pristine condition before you pack them, so they do not get damaged during the move. You also should not use any chemicals when cleaning the items, just get the dust and debris off with a microfiber cloth.

  • Disassemble everything that can be disassembled: This does not mean that you should disassemble absolutely everything. If your antique furniture is either too old or too fragile to disassemble, do not do it. Just leave it as it is and pack it that way. If it can be disassembled, do so with extra care. If it is a big cupboard, at least try to take out the drawers and shelves. This will make packing and moving everything a lot easier.
  • Wrap every piece of furniture in thin foam wrap: This is an important step of the packing process. In order to pack and move everything safely, you need to put several layers of protection. The first layer of protection should be a thin foam wrap or moving blankets. You should never start off with plastic wrapping because it can trap moisture and destroy your wooden items. After you put the foam wrap on the furniture, tape it well, and pay extra attention to the parts where the drawers are.
  • Wrap every piece of furniture in plastic wrap: You can also use bubble wrapping for this one. After you have secured every piece with a thin foam wrap, it is time to wrap everything in bubble wrapping or plastic wrap. This will ensure the added protection from damage and bumps along the road.
antique cupboard

Put more packing material on glass surfaces

Moving the items to the moving truck

This is a tricky part especially if the objects you have to move are heavy. If everything is packed correctly, you can take a furniture dolly to take everything to the moving truck. Get help from a friend or a mover to lift the antique to the dolly. After that, use an additional dolly to put underneath the part of the furniture that is not on the dolly. Slowly move the dolly to your front door and make sure you have a ramp installed to safely get the item down the porch. After that, you should slowly push the dolly upwards on the ramp and into the truck.With all that said, good luck with relocating your antique furniture!


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