Try to prevent rodent infestations in storage|Containers of diffrent sizes|Leather furniture
Try to prevent rodent infestations in storage|Containers of diffrent sizes|Leather furniture
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May 28, 2021

How to prevent rodent infestations in storage units

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You want your belongings to be safe at any moment in your storage unit. For that reason, it's very important to prevent rodent infestations in storage at all costs. They can damage and ruin all your items quickly so protecting everything is necessary. That's why so many relocation companies NYC offer you great services to help you with prevention and safe storage. Here are just some of the things you can do to make that process easier.

Protect your belongings in order to prevent rodent infestations in storage

Before you put any item in storage it's wise to protect it. Especially because you never know when rodents can come across your belongings. The bestway to protect your items is to keep themsealed and plastic containers or have something to put over them. So before you put anything in Long Island storage, make sure that is well protected from any type of rodent. Better be safe than sorry, because you don't want any unpleasant surprises.

Containers of diffrent sizes

Put everything you can in sealed plastic containers

A storage unit is no place for food

One of the worst ways you can harm your belongings is to store food with them. It makes them want to come inside the storage unit as they can smell the food. And you can't blame them, as you've put food with your items. Even our local movers in NYC will tell you that it's a bad idea as it takes only a little to invite them inside your storage space. Make sure that before putting your items in storage to clean everything up inside the unit itself.

Put plastic over your furniture and mattresses

When it comes to rodents they usually don't love furniture and mattresses. However, if they have crums on them or have a scent it might attract them. It's always a good idea to put some plastic or other materials that will let your mattress breathe or keep your furniture clean while in storage. Just check out everything before storing. Your mattress isn't the most expensive, but it still requires some protection to keep it safe and sound.

Leather furniture

Protect your furniture to prevent rodent infestations in storage

Raise everything from the floor to prevent rodent infestations in storage

If you want to make it as difficult as possible for rodents and insects to get to your belongings, then lifting up your items might be a good idea. It will make the job more difficult for them and will mostly keep them away from your furniture and mattresses. For the best results hire packing services to protect your belongings in the best possible manner. It will be up to you to put everything above ground and protect it to the fullest extent.You expect that everything in your storage unit is completely safe. However, that's not always the case. For that reason, we hope that you take some of our advice to prevent rodent infestations in storage. It's a shame to get anything destroyed or ruined just because you didn't pack well or leave bread crumbs over your belongings. Even small mistakes can cost you a lot so it will be wise to think about everything you need to do. Take all the measures you can to prevent disaster inside your storage.


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