It's important to prepare your motorcycle for interstate transport|Hire reliable movers to transport your possessions.|Transporting a motorcycle is a demanding task.|Always check the company's ratings before hiring one.
It's important to prepare your motorcycle for interstate transport|Hire reliable movers to transport your possessions.|Transporting a motorcycle is a demanding task.|Always check the company's ratings before hiring one.
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March 4, 2020

How to prepare your motorcycle for interstate transport

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If you are moving across the country, one of the most challenging tasks will be getting all your belongings to your new home. This doesn’t include only furniture, clothes, and kitchen appliances but also your car or motorcycle. There are several options when it comes to transporting your vehicle – we will explain some of them in the article. However, before that, you have to understand how to prepare your motorcycle for interstate transport. Since moving can be quite costly, we will also discuss charges and possible obstacles. Read on and find out all you need to know about transporting a motorcycle.

How to transport your motorcycle?

Moving is a tiring and stressful process. It includes organizing your belongings, packing, labeling boxes, disassembling furniture, etc. Many moving companies offer full service, so you don’t have to do this on your own. Just find a reliable company that offers good moving services NYC. Transporting large and bulky items can be particularly challenging. When it comes to transporting motorcycles, you have several options.

Drive the motorcycle to your new home

Driving your motorcycle to its destination might be a good option, but it takes a lot of time if you are moving across the country. Since relocation is such a challenging task you might not have enough time for such a venture. Also, you need to take into consideration weather conditions and the cost of fuel and calculate whether this option fits into your predetermined budget.

Rent a truck and motorcycle trailer

The second option would be to rent all the necessary equipment from a rental company. In addition to renting a truck and motorcycle trailer, you would need to have a wheel chock and straps to secure your bike in place. If this is too much work for you, the easiest option would be to hire an auto transport company. Well-trained professionals will transport your motorcycle safely to any destination.

How to find a good moving company

If you are looking for reliable downtown Brooklyn movers there are few things you should consider before hiring a particular company. First of all, the company must be licensed. There are many fraudulent moving companies that don’t have a license and offer lower costs of services in order to attract customers. However, they often change the initial estimated. Also, they don’t offer insurance in case they damage or lose your belongings.

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Search for a reliable moving company that can meet all your needsSecondly, check the company’s ratings with Better Business Bureau. This is a specialized moving website where you can find ratings for companies from F to A+ (A+ being the highest grade), information on the license, comments, and previously submitted complaints.Finally, ask your friends and family for a recommendation. Maybe they know somebody who has moved recently. Their feedback is invaluable because they are the people you trust. You can rest assured that they don’t have a hidden agenda and will be objective and honest. Remember that finding a good moving company will help you speed up the moving process.

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Check the company's ratings and read previously submitted comments and complaints

Prepare your motorcycle for interstate transport

When it comes to moving homes, good organization and proper preparation are key for a successful move. Prepare your motorcycle for interstate transport in order to avoid any possible damage in transport. These are the most important steps:

  • Inspect your motorcycle carefully

It’s crucial to inspect your motorcycle carefully before the moving day. Identify dents, scratches, mechanical problems, etc. Take pictures of the bike from various angles and document the current mileage. You have to be aware of the current state your bike is in so that you can inspect it after it has been transported to your new home. In case of any damages, you will be able to claim insurance. Also, wash your bike thoroughly. This will highlight any damage.

  • Empty the tank before the moving day

A full tank will add extra weight to transport and affect the cost of the move. Also, it’s dangerous to transport hazardous and flammable liquids. It’s recommendable to leave just a small amount of gas in the tank so that you would be able to move the bike on and off the truck.

  • Remove the unnecessary items

You should check under the seats and inside the saddlebag and remove all personal items. Also, remove or secure loose parts due to safety reasons. In this way, you will prevent any damage to your motorcycle during transport.

It's important to prepare your motorcycle for interstate transport

It's important to properly prepare your motorcycle for interstate transport

Do you need insurance?

Moving expensive items such as your vehicle can be particularly stressful. If you decide to hire a company to do this for you, make sure to check the insurance policy. Most moving companies offer basic insurance that isn’t related to the actual value of your belongings. The transporter is often not responsible for damage so you need to understand your options. Check whether your motorbike insurance covers you for transport or take special transport insurance through the shipping company.


Moving home is an exciting period. It is the start of a new chapter of your life. However, it can also be a stressful and tiring experience. This is particularly true if you are not well-prepared and don’t understand the activities that relocation includes. If you are moving special items, which are either extremely valuable or difficult to move, you have to be particularly careful. You must properly prepare your motorcycle for interstate transport. This includes finding a reliable auto transport company, inspecting your vehicle, noting down all aesthetic and mechanical issues, taking pictures, etc. All these tasks are necessary in order to prevent any possible damage during transport.


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