prepare for New York traffic|cars on the bridge|traffic light signalization|subway
prepare for New York traffic|cars on the bridge|traffic light signalization|subway
Relocating to NYC
November 17, 2018

How to prepare for New York traffic

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Driving through New York is much more complicated that may appear in the beginning. Every New Yorker will tell you that driving through this beautiful city is not something even residents do. However, there comes the time when you may have to drive your vehicle through NYC. If you are a visitor keep in mind that you should prepare for New York traffic. Use our guide to prepare in advance for this specific kind of adventure. Keep reading and find out how you can save money on parking, avoid getting a ticket or worse.

New Yorkers advice – don’t drive in NY unless you absolutely have to

If you're unfamiliar with driving in New York City, you should take as much time as you need to prepare for this action. Most New Yorkers will advise not to drive in NYC unless you’ve done it before. Visitors usually use a different means of transport when they come to the Big Apple. And once you get here, you may use a taxi or a subway to get to any part of town you wish to see.


Consider alternative transport options when visiting NYC.Keep in mind that the costs of driving and parking your car in New York can easily add up to a pretty sum. In case you are visiting for a few days or weeks, consider other transport alternatives. However, if you are planning to move to NYC, consider studying in detail the NYC subway guide. After you know how much easier it can get to move around without finding and spending too much money on parking, you will be much happier. Soon you may realize that your driving your car around NY rarely makes sense.

Plan your route

If you are planning to drive through New York or just arrive at your hotel, make sure to plan your route carefully. It is very important you know where are you headed in advance. If you don’t have another choice, use your car GPS service to manage the streets of New York.You can prepare for New York traffic and take time to plan and remember all available routes to your destination. It is recommended you check out all the city maps and find more than one route in advance. If you can, make sure to research online for the current traffic jams to stay on track before you start the car.Keep in mind that driving around NYC can be quite difficult if you are not used to this kind of pressure. People are everywhere, they cross the streets at every turn. And that is not all. In New York, you may have to follow different rules of driving than in your hometown. That is why you should prepare for New York traffic in advance and arm yourself with patience.

Plan for Parking

Finding parking in New York City can also be very complicated. Next, to planning your route, you should also consider planning when to park before you even start the car. Most New Yorkers use parking garages for parking. However, prices for garage parking may be different even when the parking garages are on the same street. The price of parking may add up to a pretty sum before you even know it. For this reason, you should prepare for New York traffic, and visit NYC Bestparking website. In case you use this website, you may be able to plan for parking and find lots of options for parking with prices.

traffic light signalization

In New York, you cannot turn right on red light.

How to prepare for New York traffic?

Avoid rush hour

Most New Yorkers are used to surviving the nasty rush hour traffic. Keep in mind that rush hour traffic in NYC is the worst and you have to be brave to drive your car during heavy traffic. In case you absolutely have to drive your car during rush hour traffic, consider leaving an hour or two before you have to meet someone. And if that is the case, consider taking a big cup of coffee with you.

No Turn on Red

There are some unexpected driving rules in New York City that you might not know. To prepare for New York traffic you should get familiar with NYC driving rules. Those rules may be different than driving rules you are used to in your hometown. One of those rules is that you cannot make a right turn on red.

Prepare to pay the meter

If you decide to park your car in New York City, you will have to get used to paying the parking meter. The city had old parking meters that only accepted quarters. However, today you can pay the meter with cash or credit card but you have to visit the nearest meter to take your ticket. You should always have some change on hand for paying the meter.

cars on the bridge

If you drive through New York, try avoiding rush hour traffic.Other tips on preparing for driving in NYC

  • Parking tickets happen 24/7
  • It is best to pay the parking ticket than get towed
  • Avoid parking near water hydrants
  • Garage parking signs may trick you. Before parking inside the garage make sure to check the rates
  • Stay calm while driving through New York

What if you don’t want to drive around NYC?

In case you are considering driving your car to New York City and leaving them in a safe place while you browse the city, consider a storage solution. Quality storage facilities NYC offer storage units of various sizes for storing different kinds of belongings. Reliable storage facilities have top quality security systems in place and constant surveillance.When you prepare for New York traffic and your check out the best storage facilities that can take care of your vehicle for a few days while you visit. In most cases, driving around New York for newcomers may be quite hard. To avoid possible difficulties in traffic, make sure to consider leaving your car inside the reliable storage facility near your residence. Moving and storage Brooklyn professionals will make sure your car stays safe at any time. Contact storage facilities to make sure they have some room available if you decide to park your car for a few days.


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