corporate relocation to NYC starts with a view on lady liberty|For corporate relocation to NYC great team effort is needed|team building in the office|sky viw on street in NYC|man taking notes
corporate relocation to NYC starts with a view on lady liberty|For corporate relocation to NYC great team effort is needed|team building in the office|sky viw on street in NYC|man taking notes
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June 12, 2019

How to plan a corporate relocation to NYC

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No matter what kind of relocation we talk about, it’s always a complicated and stressful thing. And if you’re trying to relocate your business, that can be a lot of work. Corporate and business relocation are often more demanding than residential moving. But people tend to move their business in order to achieve better business opportunities and pursue a company’s growth. And what can be more attractive than realizing business ideas and work in New York City? New York City is a great location for finding both good employees and new clients. But if you’re thinking about corporate relocation to NYC, don’t get overwhelmed by satisfaction and illusions of earning money fast. There are things about business relocation you should know. Besides you need to have clear business and expansion strategy in mind, you need to think about relocation itself. How it will affect your corporation and employees? And what are the most important factors when it comes to planning a corporate relocation? We’ll try to answer some questions they may be bothering you, so read carefully. And if you’re already considered relocating your corporation to NYC, Soho movers will help you relocate your office with ease and fast.

For corporate relocation to NYC great team effort is needed

If you’re planning a corporate relocation to NYC, it’s very important to inform your employees about their new working environment and what can expect while living in NYC.

Start preparing for a corporate relocation to NYC in time.

You can’t just pack your office and relocate your business to another place. Remember, besides office stuff you have a more important thing – your employees. First of all, you need to inform your employees about corporate relocation to NYC. This is a big change for their habits, place of living and working environment. So, start preparing for corporate relocation in time. Inform yourself about all costs and start with a plan. Big Apple is an attractive location, but also very expensive. Renting business offices in Manhattan can cost you a fortune. And your employees are using cars? Then you should know that almost 56% of NYC citizens don’t own a car because it’s too expensive! Make a list of things you should consider. Renting space for office, packing and moving your things, taxes, and bills. Moreover, once the moving hiatus is over, check some best barbecue spots in NYC for some team building with some burgers.

team building in the office

Corporate relocation to NYC can be very stressful and bring you a lot of complications while relocating the office, so consider hiring a professional moving company.

Find the best area for relocating your office.

NYC is a metropolis with various areas, but if you’re planning a corporate relocation to NYC it doesn’t mean that you’re done with business strategy. Just because you are relocating your business to NYC, it doesn’t mean that the whole city is an attractive location. New York City is a city where according to the state’s Empire State Development, small businesses make up 98% of all state businesses, which means that entrepreneurs are having great opportunities to start a business. Another research says that business started in NYC have an average revenue of over $1.1 million a year! Starting your business in Manhattan can be attractive, but also costly. So if you are relocating your corporation which is small, you should pick among Suffern, Garden City, Mineola or Glens Falls, cities and areas that are pronounced as the best for relocating your business. Companies like Avon Products are based in Suffern, and there are over 19 businesses per 100 people in Garden City!

man taking notes

After the moving hiatus make sure to get some team building activities!

Pick the right time for moving.

It’s not always a good time to do a corporate relocation to NYC. First, think about weather difference. Imagine that you’re moving your company from Miami to NYC. That’s a big difference. You may get used to sunny and warm days, while in NYC you will face with cold weather and rain often. Imagine relocating your business when it’s snowing or heavy raining? Besides, New York is big and it's not easy to drive in it. Traffic jams are a common thing so you better Arm yourself with patience because you’ll surely get irritated by lots of fire hydrants, bus lanes, taxi vehicles all around and sidewalks full of tourists and people. Check all the routes, streets, and parking garages near your new business environment. If you relocate by yourself, pay attention to signs, because unlike other cities in America, you can’t make a right on a red light in NYC, except the very rare cases where a sign shows you that you can. Check as much as NYC moving tips as you can for this endeavor. But in NYC, commercial vehicles have certain privileges over regular drivers. This particularly applies to the park. But don’t risk to get towed, plan your relocation in time.

Get rid of old office stuff and use various packing materials.

When you’re going to pack your office, get rid of the things you don’t need. Surely there are numerous things like old computers, books, and furniture that you’re not going to relocate. You can recycle them or donate! Or if you have time, you can try to sell them and earn some money. Finding the right packing materials when you’re packing office is important because you have electronics and fragile things. If you have original boxes, pack computers and its components in it. Packing paper, soft cloth and bubble wrap can protect electronics if you don’t have original boxes. Clean and ink-free packing paper is great for protecting fragile items. And when you fill the box don’t forget to mark each box and write what is in it. If you label your boxes help your movers to put boxes in your new office by writing on the box where it should stand. Computers, phones, printers, scanners, chargers, Wi-Fi routers, and other devices are a usual part of workspace today, you need to organize all cables and wires you have in the office. You can use zip ties to bundle cables.

sky viw on street in NYC

NYC is one of the most expensive cities in America, so moving your business there will bring you higher costs, but also new and high opportunities for business growth.

Corporate relocation to NYC starts with hiring a professional moving company

Let’s be honest. You can’t move all offices and business by yourself to a small town, and not to think about NYC. Moving experts highly recommend hiring a professional moving company if you’re doing long-distance relocation or business relocation. Hiring a moving company is an additional cost, but in this case, consider this necessary and required. But that amount you will pay for their services could be twice lower than packing things by yourself and break the expensive electronic equipment. The moving company will transport your things safely and efficiently. Cross country moving companies NYC is a great company that will relocate your business with ease and prepares you for starting your business fast.


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