a sculpture - How to pack sculptures safely|a day planner - How to pack sculptures safely|a plastic wrap|a warehouse
a sculpture - How to pack sculptures safely|a day planner - How to pack sculptures safely|a plastic wrap|a warehouse
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April 18, 2020

How to pack sculptures safely

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Getting ready for relocation is a very important thing to do. Proper planning is vital because you can avoid a lot of moving day mishaps this way. Sculptures are the hardest part of relocation because they are delicate and prone to damage. As you know, some of them can be quite expensive and you sure want to preserve them in their original form. So, how to pack sculptures safely? You can always hire residential moving companies NYC that can do this for you. If you are feeling a little adventurous, then be sure to learn how to pack sculptures safely. It can be really easy when you know what you have to do.

Come up with a good packing strategy

Packing is a job that you can do in one day. On the other hand, it does not mean that you absolutely have to wait until the last moment. It is always better to start on time so that you could do everything and do it right. That is why it is best to organize the packing process a few days before the moving day. This way you do not have to rush anything and if you make a mistake, you can make it right without any problems.

a day planner - How to pack sculptures safely

Organize your move on time so you will not have to rush things and make a mistake

Get the right packing materials

Getting your sculptures ready for the relocation can be very challenging because they can be of various shapes and sizes. So, there is no one specific answer to what you will actually need for the packing. Some of the common packing materials are:

  • Plastic wrap
  • Tape
  • Packing paper
  • Moving boxes
  • Moving blanket
  • Shredded paper
  • Towels, newspapers, etc.

As you can see, there are a couple of things that you will most likely need. Be aware that things can change and that you will need something different or in a different amount.

How to pack sculptures safely for your relocation and avoid moving day disasters?

Everything depends on the size and shape of your sculpture. That is the actual reason why every sculpture requires a different packing approach. The first thing that you want to do is to measure your sculpture and know the exact size of it. As you may know, there are moving boxes in various sizes so it would be a shame that you get them only to find out later that you can't really use them. Avoid packing mistakes like this by starting on time. When you have time, you have less chance to forget something.Now that you have got the right moving boxes, you should wrap a plastic wrap around your sculptures. The important part here is to wrap it twice so that you can get extra protection. After that, be sure to tape the whole construction well and you are good to go.

a plastic wrap

The key is to protect your sculptures properly!

Place your sculpture in the box

When we talk about how to pack sculptures safely for your move, you need to be extra careful. Even though you have wrapped it all around, it can still break during the transport if you do not place it properly in the box. We have already said that it is very important for you to pick the right size for your box. Before you place the sculpture, be sure to place the towels or old newspaper on the bottom of the box.Also, you will notice that you have space between the edges of the box and your sculpture. This problem is pretty solvable by placing shredded paper between them. You need to be sure that it will be fixated during the relocation. You do not want your sculpture to move around.

What about larger sculptures?

When it comes to larger sculptures, things can get a little rough. They are usually bigger than boxes so there is no chance for you to fit them there. In order to prepare these sculptures safely, you will have to use the same technique as before. Wrap the whole sculpture with the plastic wrap. Also, put some moving blankets on the top so that you could have some extra protection. Tape the whole construction and you are good to go.

What next?

Packing, loading and transporting sculptures are the most delicate jobs that you will have to do. The best way to secure them before the moving day is to put them in the storage unit where they will wait for the truck. There are a lot of short term storage NYC options for you to choose from. Choose what suits you best and wait for moving day to load them to the truck.

a warehouse

Put your sculptures in the storage unit until your new home is ready for you to move in

How to get your sculptures out of the house?

It is one thing to pack your sculptures for the move. When you do that, you will have to move it around to the storage unit or a more accessible part of your home. It can be problematic to lift them by yourself so it will be best for you to use something that can help you out. There are a lot of different moving dollies that you can use and transfer your sculptures. You can find them almost anywhere. A lot of stores sell them or if you are not feeling like it, you can always purchase them online from the comfort of your chair.


How to pack sculptures safely? As you can see, preparing your sculptures for the relocation can and should be easy. To do this, you will have to follow some pretty basic rules and that should be enough. The only thing that can be problematic for you is time. If you do not start on time and do not organize well, you will have a higher chance to make a vital mistake that can cost you a lot. Be sure to start on time, get proper packing materials and wrap your sculptures multiple times before you pack them in the boxes. After that, relax and enjoy the ride to your new place.


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