Clothes on shelves - Howto pack clothes for moving efficiently|A grandfather clock||
Clothes on shelves - Howto pack clothes for moving efficiently|A grandfather clock||
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November 1, 2019

How to pack clothes for moving efficiently

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Compared to packing other things, packing clothes for moving is a piece of cake. You don’t have to worry about it breaking or cracking. Nor you have to wrap it in moving blankets or bubble wrap. You could just toss it in the box and be done with it. However, that doesn’t sound so efficient now, does it? One of the best tips for moving to NYC is to be organized. And the same goes if you want to pack clothes for moving efficiently. So stay tuned to find out how you can do just that!

Ask for help if you need it!

Even though packing clothes for a relocation is easy, some people end up struggling with it. No matter the reason, they just can’t efficiently pack clothes for moving. So they end up asking for help. And that’s why Park Slope movers are there for! You can always let park slope movers pack your clothes for moving instead of you. But be aware that it is going to cost you more.

A grandfather clock

Plus, they’ll have less time for packing some more delicate things like your grandfather clock.

What to do before you pack clothes for moving

Whether you’re prone to collecting things or not. Whether you have a hard time throwing things you don’t use anymore or not. I’m sure you have some clothes collecting dust in your closet. We all have that one piece of clothing that we never wear but keep anyway. Or that we completely forgot about. But if you want to pack clothes for moving efficiently you’ll have to let go of those things.

How to declutter your clothes

Moving is the perfect time for decluttering! And here’s a hack on how to objectively decide what clothes you don’t wear anymore. Get a big box, put your clothes in it and continue acting normally. Once you wear something from the box put it back in your closet.After a few weeks have passed, it’s time to see what’s left in the box. Because what’s left in the box is only the clothes you don’t need anymore. Thus, you’ve successfully decluttered your clothes!

What to do with the clothes after decluttering

There are so many things you can do with the clothes you’re not taking with you. Depending on your time and energy, do the one thing you’ll be the most satisfied with. Or do even a few things. There are no limitations! Here are some ideas:

  • do you have a dress that your friend has always loved? Now’s the perfect chance to give it as a gift!
  • sell your clothes and earn some extra money
  • donate the clothes that are in good condition and help someone in need
  • use your old clothes as a packing material and save some money

Think before you pack clothes for moving

When you’re packing clothes for moving the main challenge is how to do that without getting your clothes wrinkled or dirty. There are various ways you can achieve that. Some imply using non-traditional techniques for folding clothes or using special kinds of boxes.However, if you already know that some of your clothes are going to get wrinkled no matter how careful you are, you can put them to use. Namely, you can use those clothes to, for example, wrap breakable things. Socks are especially good for this. And this trick can save you tons of money.

Make your move green

If you’re trying to make your move “green” then packing clothes is ideal for that. The reason for this is that you don’t really need any packing supplies to efficiently pack your clothes for moving. You don’t need packing paper, moving blankets, bubble wrap, or any kind of boxes!You can carry your clothes on hangers. Or you can also pack clothes in suitcases, bags and duffel bags. After all, you’re also moving those things so why not make those bags useful? Or you can, for example, leave clothes in closets and drawers.

Clothes in a drawer - How to pack clothes for moving efficiently

Check beforehand with your movers if leaving your clothes in drawers would be okay.However, if you decide on using cardboard boxes for packing clothes for the move there’s something you should be careful about. A lot of clothes can fit into one box. But have in mind that clothes are heavy. So if you overfill a box it’ll break. Or if you put too much clothes in a large box its bottom can collapse. That’s why I recommend using small or medium boxes to pack clothes for moving efficiently.

Don’t forget your moving day

One more thing you need to remember before you start packing your clothes is to set aside clothes that you’re going to wear on a moving day. If you want to be efficient when packing, put those clothes in a bag and be careful not to mix it with other bags.


Look at weather forecasting before you decide what you're going to wear on your moving dayFurthermore, it might be a good idea to also set aside clothes for a few days more. So that you don’t have to unpack right away when you arrive to your new home. Or if something unsuspected, like delays, happens to your things you'll have what to wear. Or if it’ll take a few days for your movers to arrive to your new home with your clothes.

How to label and pack clothes for moving efficiently

Now’s the time to start packing! Don’t just put your clothes randomly in the boxes. Instead, do it systematically. You should pack every family member’s clothes separately. Because both packing and unpacking will be much easier. You also shouldn’t mix your winter clothes with your summer clothes. Put them in separate boxes. And start by packing off-season clothes because you can pack that clothes ahead of time.Not only should you pack systematically, but you should also label systematically. Every box should have a label with its content on it. And don’t forget to write the name of the room where the movers should put the box. If you’re not packing like suggested above then you need to label the boxes even more carefully. That is, if you don’t want unpacking to be like hell.

What you shouldn’t pack with your clothes

Here are some things you shouldn’t put in the same box as clothes if you want to pack clothes for moving efficiently. Thefirst one is to pack shoes separately from clothes. You can put shoe-boxes in a bigger box. Or if you aren’t using shoe-boxes, you can put socks inside of the shoes so that they keep their shape during the move. And the second tip is that you shouldn’t put jewelry in the same box with clothes for jewelry can rip your clothes during transportation.


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