photo camera - pack and store film|cold warning sign - pack and store film|storage units|a moving box
photo camera - pack and store film|cold warning sign - pack and store film|storage units|a moving box
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June 28, 2020

How to pack and store film

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Photography is becoming more advanced as we get fresh and new products every year. There are a lot of great cameras where you just have to click and get the best possible photos. Well, not the best possible but decent enough. Sometimes we just have no time to do what we really want and you will consider storing your film for some time. It is very important to do this right because you can ruin it if you are not careful enough. That is why you need to pack and store film in the best way possible in order to preserve it. There are a lot of Chelsea movers that can help you but the good thing is that you can do it by yourself. Let's see how to do it with ease!

Pack and store film like a pro

Easier said than done. On the other hand, if you know what to do and how to do it, you have everything that you need. What are the best places where you can store your film:

  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Storage unit


Sounds pretty uncommon, right? Every photographer knows that cold minimizes the destruction or even prevents it at times. That is actually one thing that you want to do. On the other hand, storing your film in the fridge can be bad if you do not put it so that you can see it. What we mean by this is that some people tend to forget that they have stored the film. Always keep it visibleso that you could have a reminder that you should take it and shoot some photos!


If you want to pack and store film for a longer period of time, consider placing it in the freezer. The difference between the fridge and the freezer is in the temperature. The temperature in the freezer is much lower and that means that you can store your film for a longer period of time, even a few months. The cold will completely stop the destruction of the film and you will be able to use it again without any problems.The most important thing that you have to do is to use the original cases. Any other method of packing and storing your film can be destructive, even though you are storing it in the freezer. Of course, before you use it again, you have to make sure to warm up the film. 3 to 5 hours on room temperature should be enough for you to be able to use it again.

cold warning sign - pack and store film

The low temperatures will save your film!

Storage unit

A storage unit can be a great way to pack and store film for your future uses. But the first thing that you need to understand about them is how to choose the best NYC storage unit. When storing film, the conditions have to be perfect. The film is very fragile and heat and humidity sensitive. These two conditions can ruin it and you can't use it anymore. That is why you should always look for climate-controlled storage units.

storage units

Climate controlled storage can be a solution

How to pack for a storage unit?

Even though you can choose a climate-controlled storage unit, you still have to pack your film and other gear properly. The best way to pack for storage is to use original equipment that you get when purchasing. It is not just for decorations but for storing too. Of course, if you do not have it or you have lost it, it is best for you to use special packing materials like plastic wrap. It will certainly protect it from anything that may fall on it. After all, you want to use the film again.

What packing supplies to use?

We have already said that you can use plastic wrap when packing and storing your film. But you will need a place where you can put them and keep it safe. Cardboard moving boxes are the perfect choice for you. They are easy to use, cheap to find, and very practical.There is one more good thing about moving boxes. You already know that films do not like direct sunlight. Even though you can store your films in a dark place, it would still be good to be extra safe. If you pack like this, you can be sure that your film will be safe for a longer period of time and you will still be able to use it.

a moving box

Place your film in the moving box and protect it from the direct sunlight

Need to move your gear?

We have already said that photography is a very nice profession. You have a lot of freedom to do what you want to do. Naturally, you need an appropriate equipment for that. One of the problems is that people have a tendency to buy more than they actually need. Yes, you can pack and store your gear but what if you have to relocate? You still have a lot of gear that is not being used. You can relocate your photography office with ease with some help. Every move is different and hard in its special way. That is why you should consider hiring commercial moving companies NYC because they have the knowledge to make it possible. Of course, if this is not your first relocation, you can try and do it yourself.


As you can see, there are some very simple ways to pack and store film like using a freezer. On the other hand, it is not good for everyone and some people just like to have a proper place where they can store items. That is why storage units are a great way to preserve your gear and use it again. Of course, the film represents one of the items that require climate-controlled units so be sure that you rent one that has this option. Film can be very easy to ruin and you sure do not want that. We hope that you will preserve your film by using these tips and that you will be able to use it again for a long time!


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