automobile collection|Who will pack and move collectibles? It should be a trustworthy moving company.|Action figures|People shaking after a deal is made
automobile collection|Who will pack and move collectibles? It should be a trustworthy moving company.|Action figures|People shaking after a deal is made
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June 6, 2019

How to pack and move collectibles

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Moving is serious and tiresome business. It is can be quite hard with all the preparations and packing. Also, you need to find a proper moving company and organize everything. And each household has something unique to add to each moving project. This makes it all harder to handle, especially if you have some irreplaceable items. You need to make sure that your rare and special items are handled properly. This is why we bring you the guide on how to pack and move collectibles. Let’s take a look.

Which collectibles do you have?

If your hobby is to collect things, then you are well aware of the subject. You’ll know that some items are extremely rare and therefore very expensive. Here are a few base collectibles.

  • Mint condition boxes – This involves any kinds of items that are kept in their original boxes, unopened. This can be a figurine, rag doll, action figure, etc. The point is to keep humidity and dust far away from the box. The condition of the box is the criteria to determine the rarity and value.
  • Paper collectibles – These are posters, old photographs, paintings, stamps, old documents, and the most popular ones, books.
  • Currency – Even if the paper money falls under the paper collectibles category, the currency has a collectible world of its own. Coins go along as well.
  • Fragile items – Here we have glass, crystal, pottery, and ceramics.

Do you trust your movers?

Before you pack and move collectibles, think about who will perform the actual packing and moving. Firstly, you should check the local and cross country moving companies NYC. There are moving crews that are specialized in packing and transporting special items. All you need to do it a bit of researching online. Check out several moving companies and compare their prices and services. Also, do not forget to do a background check as well. You do not want to stumble upon a scamming moving company. Consider this option as it is highly lucrative. It is still affordable, but much safer.

Who will pack and move collectibles? It should be a trustworthy moving company.

Do a background check before hiring a moving company.Additionally, you must communicate with your movers beforehand. They need to know what the special items are that you want to move. This way they will make the right approach and there won’t be any miscommunications. Since your collection is important, we will recommend the brightest moving team in the area. Try out Brooklyn Heights movers, as one of the safest and most trusted moving crews. They will see the monetary value and the emotional aspect as well. Your collection will be handled with care and respect.

If you've kept the original box, it will be easier to pack and move collectibles

We already mentioned the importance of a mint condition box. What is good about the original box is that it is much easier to move around. Although, you still must protect the box. And we will often mention the acid-free paper as an absolute champion in wrapping and preserving valuable collectibles. Hence, use it wisely and wrap your boxes with it. Remember to attach the tape to the paper when you tape it up. You don’t want to damage your box while unwrapping. Next step is to wrap the box in a bubble wrap and place it in one of your moving boxes NYC. Make a nice cushion inside the box to prevent collision and secure the corners with extra paddings.

Action figures

Keep your action figures in their original boxesA final touch is to place the crumpled paper on top and seal the box. But if you care only about the collectible and not for the box, it makes all much easier. But you should still use the box if you have it. And remember to mark and label it “fragile” before loading into a moving truck.

Do you possess fragile collectibles?

As we mentioned above, there are many different fragile collectibles. And even if they are not fragile, we treat them as such due to their value and rarity. Therefore, we need a proper packing technique. It would be great if you have a few plastic bins with you. They are much more stable than a cardboard box, especially if you are moving while raining or snowing. Check with your movers if they offer plastic bins rental services. If not, go out and buy a few, they are reusable and a good long term investment.Take your plastic bin or a box, and make a cushion inside using old rags, towels, cloth, sheets, etc. Then wrap each item individually using the acid-free paper and a bubble wrap. If you have more items, use a bunch of different boxes. Nest your items inside the box and fill the gaps with crumpled paper, packing peanuts, or Styrofoam. This will prevent the movement inside the box. You can test it by slightly shaking the box to check if everything is in place. Shut the box, tape it and label it.

And what about your paper collectibles?

If you have an extensive paper collection, then you already know how to preserve it. However, to pack and move it is much simpler. We are sure you already have them all lined up and kept in the designated album, catalog, or a frame. Whatever it is, wrap it in an acid-free paper for extra protection and place inside a moving box. It is the same with the posters and frameless paintings. Roll them up and wrap an extra layer of an acid-free paper and then place inside the tubes designed for this occasion. As a serious collector, you should already have those. If not, we strongly encourage you to buy a few.

How to handle your old coins?

The first thing to have in mind is that the coins are heavy. Keep in mind that your box containing them shouldn’t be heavier than 30 pounds. If you have a large collection, use several different boxes to pack everything. Also, like any other item, coins need to be wrapped and packed. Assuming that you have the small coin-holders designed for this purpose. If not, then wrap them in a packing paper individually. If you possess a much larger collection, then you should have a coin holder. It can be a box or a book with numerous coin slots. In any case, wrap it in the acid-free paper and place inside a moving box.Who will transport your coins you might ask? We would recommend that you do it yourself if you have the vehicle. If not, there is always an option for an armored transportation carrier. They are handling valuable cargo each day, and they know the best. There are companies specialized in moving antiques, collections, and highly valuable items. Check this option online before you pack and move collectibles, it might be good for you.

Pack and move collectibles like a pro, but consider moving insurance as well

No matter how good you are at packing, moving endeavor always end up with a broken dish or two. Therefore, if you have an extremely valuable collection, you might not want to play the game of chance. Consider hiring a proper moving company specialized in moving high-risk items. Or a better approach is to purchase a moving insurance NYC. Communicate this with your movers since some moving companies offer partial coverage. This way movers can decline on handling high-risk items due to their extreme value. Furthermore, you always have the option of buying full coverage from a real insurance company. Better safe than sorry.

People shaking after a deal is made

Consider purchasing a proper moving insuranceThere we go, now you know the best way to pack and move collectibles. We hope that you’ll find the best way that will work for you and that your collectibles will arrive at the destination safely. Good luck and have a pleasant relocation.


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