a bag after you organize packing for a move|a checklist|packing supplies
a bag after you organize packing for a move|a checklist|packing supplies
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December 28, 2019

How to organize packing for a move

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Packing is one of the toughest and most tedious parts of any move! It takes time and practice, and if you are not careful, you can easily lose or break your items when not packing right! This is why it is very important to organize packing for a move as best as you can! Luckily, there are many commercial moving companies NYC that can help you with this - and Capital City Movers NYC are the best! In this article, we take a look at how you can organize your packing and come on top before the moving process starts!

Gather up the material to organize packing for a move

When packing, it's really important what kind of materials you will be using. That's why you need to organize these items first. You should know whether you want to rent plastic moving boxes or to buy cardboard ones. You also need padding and bubble pack, wrapping sheets or newspapers with which you can wrap things up.

packing supplies

Do not forget to get all the little packing supplies people often forget!Then, you should get all the smaller supplies people often forget! Go nowhere without scissors and heavy-duty packaging tape, which will secure your boxes tightly! Finally, you should have things with which to mark your boxes! Both markers, pens and stickers work - so pick whatever you prefer!

Create an inventory and follow it carefully

The next thing you will need is a good inventory list. This can be a simple or a detailed moving file which will help you organize packing for a move even better! Here, you should keep all your paperwork that is necessary throughout this process! These items can include various reservations - both for trucks and motels, for example - together with payment codes, doctor's and vet's records, cash for tipping your moving company and so on. Basically, any document that you will need during the process, or even after the move - keep it int he file!

a checklist

A checklist will help you speed up the process - and nothing feels as good as crossing things off!Along with that, it's a smart idea to create an inventory list of the packing items. Once you have it, you can simply check things off the list once their box is prepared. This way, you will also know exactly where each item is. And after you packed your home, you will know which box to go through to find something! This can be very beneficial to the whole packing process and can speed it up significantly. When you are moving, you will always be on the clock - so this is a huge plus!

Pack the essentials box

Finally, you should prepare an essentials boxes or bags for each member of your family. These are the things that they will need during the trip to your new home. Imagine you are packing for a stay in the motel! Include personal hygiene items, changes of clothes, comforting items for kids, etc. This way, you will organize packing for a move even faster - and everyone will be happy when the moving day arrives!


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