Use the necessary packing supplies and learn How to pack sculptures safely.|Gather moving supplies in advance.|Use durable moving boxes or wooden crates.|Pack sculptures properly for transport.
Use the necessary packing supplies and learn How to pack sculptures safely.|Gather moving supplies in advance.|Use durable moving boxes or wooden crates.|Pack sculptures properly for transport.
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May 23, 2020

How to move sculptures safely

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Pieces of art are difficult to transport because they are delicate and can be easily damaged. In addition, they are probably your most valuable possessions, so you need to be particularly careful in order to move them safely to your new destination. Sculptures and statues areparticularly difficult to movebecause of their weight and unusual shape. If you are wondering how to move sculptures safely, we have some suggestions. Read on and find out how to find reliable residential moving companies NYC, learn about packing techniques and moving supplies that you will need.

Plan your move carefully

It’s very important to start planning your relocation in advance so that you would think carefully about every step of the relocation. Write a list of all the activities that are included in the process, such as:

  • Organizing your belongings
  • Protecting and packing your things
  • Hiring a reliable moving company
  • Renting a storage facility
  • Transport and unpacking

Once you make a to-do list, you will know exactly what you should be doing before, during and after the move. When determining the budget make sure to include all expenses, from renting a truck to paying your movers extra for special services. Planning ahead is the key to a successful and hassle-free move, so make sure to do your homework.

How to move sculptures safely – gather appropriate packing supplies

Before you start packing your sculptures, make a list of all packing supplies that you will need. Depending on the size of the sculpture, you will need the appropriate moving boxes or wooden crates, bubble wrap, packing tape, shredded paper or packing peanuts, scissors, markers.

tape, bubble wrap and scissors

Before you start packing gather the necessary moving suppliesOnce you have the necessary supplies, start wrapping your sculpture with bubble wrap. Use several layers of bubble wrap and then seal it with tape. Place the wrapped sculpture in the moving box and fill the inside space of the box with shredded paper or packing peanuts. In this way, you will protect the sculpture and prevent it from moving. It’s important that the sculpture doesn’t move in transit because it could be damaged. Once this is done, shut the box and seal it with packing tape. Label the box “fragile” and make sure to ask your movers to be extra careful with it.

Should you use boxes or wooden crates when moving sculptures?

Pack sculptures properly for transport.

Learn how to relocate sculptures safely and don't risk any damage during transportAfter you protect your sculptures and statues, you can place them in moving boxes or wooden crates. The most important factor is the size and weight of the piece of art you are moving.Moving boxes are a good option for small and medium-size sculptures. They should be sturdy and durable, so make sure the boxes you use don’t have any damage. In case you have large and heavy sculptures wooden crates would be a better option. Just make sure there is no space between wood planks and fill the crates with shredded paper and pacing peanuts before placing the sculpture inside. Also, don’t forget to label your boxes and wooden crates once you pack your belongings.

wooden crate

Pack your sculptures in wooden boxes and label them as "fragile"

Hire reliable movers to transport your items if wondering how to move sculptures safely

One of the most important parts of the move is hiring reliable and experienced movers. They are well informed about the moving experiences and struggles you might have, so their advice is invaluable. Good and well-trained movers will make sure your belongings are handled with care. This is particularly important when you are moving items of high value, such as artwork and sculptures. In addition to hiring movers, you might need a storage facility. In case you don’t know where to place some of your belongings, such as bulky and heavy sculptures, you can leave them in storage. Find short term storage NYC with guards, security cameras and gates, so that you wouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your things. Also, make sure the storage unit is close to your new home and easily accessible.

Consider buying additional moving insurance

If you are an art lover and you have some valuable paintings or sculptures, think about buying some additional insurance. First, make sure to check what kind of coverage your movers offer. It’s most likely that they offer released value protection, which is the most common option. This is the basic insurance that is included in the original price. However, this type of insurance isn’t related to the actual value of your belongings. The compensation is pre-determined and usually set at 60 cents per pound per article.The other option is full value protection when the company is liable for the full value of your items. This type of insurance is paid extra, but the company is obliged to replace or compensate for any damaged items. However, it’s important to understand that moving companies are not responsible for the protection of items of extraordinary value. These are items with a value of more than $100 per pound, such as jewelry, artwork or fine china. In this case, you will need third-party moving insurance, which is usually priced at 1-2% of the value of your belongings.


Moving is never easy – it can often be stressful and overwhelming. This is particularly true if you have items that are very valuable. Artwork, sculptures, statues, fine china, jewelry can be expensive so it’s important to protect them properly.You have to collect the necessary packing supplies in advance and hire a reliable company to transport your possessions. Also, inform yourself about the moving insurance your moving company offers and consider buying third-party insurance. Even if your movers are well-trained and experienced accidents can happen. Make sure to organize your move carefully and stick to the plan. Finally, have a safe and happy relocation.


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