move large items without getting injured|elevator light sign|sofa with a blanket on it|snickers
move large items without getting injured|elevator light sign|sofa with a blanket on it|snickers
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December 16, 2018

How to move large items without getting injured?

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Every relocation is different. However, there is one thing that is usually common for all types of moves. During every move, you may ask yourself how to move large items without getting injured. In case you are moving without help from the expert furniture movers NYC, you will stay extra careful when moving bulky and heavy belongings. But, no matter how careful you are, accidents happen during the move. Use our tips and stay safe while you move heavy, bulky and odd shaped items.

Prepare for the move in advance

Moving your home is not an easy task. To have a successful relocation, you need to find a suitable moving company for your relocation, to declutter your home and do so much more. All those move-related tasks may overwhelm you. However, with a good strategy and preparation, you may avoid delays or problems.

elevator light sign

When moving to an apartment building make sure you reserve an elevator for the moving day.When moving on your own, the biggest obstacle you will overcome is to how to move large items without getting injured. This is probably the biggest concern when moving your home on your own. However, if you prepare in advance and organize, you may be able to avoid doing this part on your own. First off, you should consider asking your friends to help with the move. Moving large and bulky items is far less complicated when you have someone helping you — this particular task in a two-person job. Your friends may be happy to help you on a moving day and load your large items without difficulty.Another important aspect you should keep in mind is the clothes you wear while you carry heavy and big pieces. To make sure you stay safe and how to move large items without getting injured, consider wearing running shoes. Running shoes or similar footwear will keep you stable while carrying big pieces of furniture or appliances. The worst thing that can happen is that you slip or fall while carrying something heavy. On the other hand, you should also wear comfortable clothes that cover your body without belts or parts that hand out.

How to pack large and bulky items?

Before you start packing your home for the move, you should calculate how much packing supplies you will need. You should start packing your home unless you have all the packing supplies ready. To how to move large items without getting injured, consider using the best quality packing supplies. Stern cardboard moving boxes, wrapping paper, packing paper, packing tape are very important when packing valuable but also heavy items. If moving home appliances or big pieces of furniture, make sure to wrap and protect each individual item. If you secure everything properly, you will be safer while loading those bulky items onto the moving truck.

Ways to move large items without getting injured?

In case you are wondering how to how to move large items without getting injured, use our guide. It will help you complete the most difficult task when moving home.

sofa with a blanket on it

Have someone helping you when moving heavy and bulky items.

Use professional moving equipment

Professional movers with experience making the most challenging relocation seem easy. But how do they do that? They use professional moving equipment and various tools to speed up the process and stay safe at the same time.If you are moving without the mover's help, make sure you rent professional movers’ equipment. Keep in mind that moving companies may not have the equipment you need if you ask them on a moving day. You should let your movers know in advance when you need to use those items. Moving and storage NYC professionals will give you advice on using the equipment properly. On the other hand, if you have your moving dolly or a shoulder strap, the process will be much easier. It is imperative you use all those tools movers advise you to. That is the safest way to how to move large items without getting injured.

Organize elevators

In case you are moving to a high rise building, you may need to reserve a loading dock and notify your building manager about your move. However, sometimes when moving large and heavy items, using the cargo elevator is a must. Make sure to prepare in advance and reserve the elevators you need before the moving day. This way you will have enough time to how to move large items without getting injured in the process.

Don’t overdo it

No matter how strong you are, you may need to be very careful while carrying heavy and bulky items during the move. Most of us make a mistake and try to do everything efficiently on their own. Here are few tips on staying safe during the move. The most common main goal is to finish the entire moving process within a day or two. That is the reason why most people do too much or get injured in the process. Even the best movers need a break, so take small breaks and don’t overdo it.


It is best to wear comfortable clothes and good shoes when carrying heavy items on a moving day.

Consider hiring a professional moving crew

Professional movers are here to help you how to move large items without getting injured. Quality moving companies train their movers and provide the best insurance for the move. If you think you may not be able to handle heavy and large items on your own, consider hiring professionals to complete the job. Movers know how to disassemble big furniture pieces if need be. They follow the latest security protocols and have quality professional moving equipment. On the other hand, they will save you time and big physical strain.Professional moving crew members are used to handling these big and bulky pieces. Other than that, quality movers will save you time and headaches when moving home because accidents happen. And the damage is a very common occurrence when people try to move heavy and bulky items without help. That is why you should weigh your options and think twice before you start loading the heaviest items onto the moving truck. Use our tips to how to move large items without getting injured and stay safe when moving your home.


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