With simple tricks you can make the most out of small homes.|||
With simple tricks you can make the most out of small homes.|||
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March 1, 2019

How to make the most out of small homes

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NYC is one of the most popular cities in the world, but this doesn't mean that NYC is flawless. One of the biggest disadvantages of living in NYC is dealing with tiny homes. This becomes an even bigger problem for people who are moving with their families to NYC. Because this is such a big issue for a lot of people, we have decided to help you. We've created a guide on how to make the most out of small homes for all of you who are struggling with adjusting to small living spaces. Therefore, if you're planning to move to NYC or you've just moved, make sure you read all tips that are listed below.

Divide rooms into zones

One room divided into living room, dining room and kitchen.

A few zones will help you improve your functionality and give your home a unique appeal.No matter what's the size of your home, it will always look like there isn't enough room for your belongings. This becomes an even bigger problem after you move to a home that's smaller than your previous one. In order to make the most out of every room, you'll have to organize your space smartly. You'll manage to that by dividing some of the rooms into zones, or sections. There are many ways of creating separate zones. For example, you can paint every zone in a different color, or you can simply use room dividers. By dividing one room into zones, you'll make your space more functional and organized. Also, zones are great for family bondings since all of you will spend more time together in the same room.

Create an illusion of a bigger space

Most people think that for creating a bigger space you'll have to get rid of big furniture. This is true to some extent. But even though there are advantages of minimalism in the Big Apple, there are also other ways of maximizing the living space. Here's what you can do:

  • Add mirrors - and trick your eye. This is probably the oldest trick in the book, as mirrors are perfect for small homes. This is because mirrors reflect the light and create an illusion of a bigger room.
  • Decorate with light paint colors - go neutral. If you want to make the most out of small homes, you'll have to repaint your walls using lighter colors. Colors like beige, white, grey, even lavender will get the job done.
  • Use lightweight curtain fabrics - get rid of heavy and thick curtains. For creating a bigger space it would be best to use cotton or linen curtains in lighter color shades.

Think vertical to make the most out of small homes

As soon as you move into a small home, start planning how to make it look bigger. The easiest way to do this is by using as much vertical space as you can! Learn some self-remodeling ideas for your home and try to incorporate them into your new living space. Keep in mind that even small projects can make a big change in your home. Go for tricks like:

  • Mounting a TV on the wall - if you don't want to waste space in your home, get rid of TV stands. Instead of having them, mount the TV on the wall. Just by making this change, your living room will look bigger.
  • Getting a wall desk - a great solution for people who work from home. Office desks are usually bulky and messy. But, a desk that's mounted on the wall is much more practical.
  • Mounting a pegboard - a creative way of saving space in a home. In short, pegboards are useful both for the home office and kid's room.
  • Taking bookcases all the way up - this will create an illusion of higher walls. Therefore, your room will look bigger.
A living room.

A mounted TV can do wonders for your home.

Get furniture pieces with multiple purposes

Keep in mind that moving to a smaller home means you won't be able to have a lot of pieces of furniture. So, whether you'll be moving in with your partner or you'll be moving alone into a small home, you'll have to find multipurpose furniture. Get interesting, but also practical pieces of furniture for your new home. For example, get a table that can be used as a dining table anda desk, or buy cubes which can be used both as a coffee table and an extra seat for your guests.

Utilize the space under stairs

Almost every home has a lot of unused space that can be turned into something functional by making small changes. For instance, think about the potential of the space under the stairs. A lot of people turn this space into storage in order to hide or put away some of their unnecessary stuff. You can put these items into your leftover moving boxes NYC and move them to your secret storage under the stairs. Also, you can make the most out of small homes by using the space under the stairs as a seating spot, pet corner, or a reading nook.

Reading nook under the stairs.

Who doesn't want their own reading nook?

Declutter as often as you can

There are two ways for maximizing your living space: using storage units NYC (for storing the stuff you still need) and decluttering (for getting rid of stuff you don't need anymore). Whether you live in a small or big home, you should declutter as often as you can. This is the best way of keeping your home tidy and organized. And without unnecessary stuff, your home will also look bigger.Even though a small living space can give you a headache, don't forget that these kind of homes are also charming and cozy. By using simple and creative tips you can make the most out of small homes with ease. So, instead of worrying about the lack of space, focus on making it better and more functional. Follow our guide and you'll manage to create the perfect place for yourself and your family.


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