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May 19, 2022

How to help seniors pack for a move

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Moving as a senior is always going to be more of a challenge than it is when you’re younger. Being older means you may have more things in your possession. Things you've collected over the years, like furniture, clothes, gadgets, etc. It is good to know how to help seniors pack for a move.

Seniors tend to hold on to things of great value or have been passed down from their parents or grandparents, thus passing them down to their kids and grandkids.

It is best to seek help during your move as a senior because you may not be fit enough to do everything yourself, and the more help you have, the better and easier it will be for you to pack everything on time.

Seniors are more fragile and vulnerable. Unfortunately, some moving companies may take advantage of this fact. It is, therefore, important that if you have a mom, dad, or grandma/grandpa that has to move, you render as much help as possible. Here are a few tips on how to help seniors pack for a move.

Start slow and label all boxes
Start slow and label all boxes

  1. Floor plan of the moving space
  2. Declutter
  3. Start with the big stuff
  4. Ask family and friends for help
  5. Pack slowly
  6. Search for a moving company
  7. Use apps to sell your stuff
  8. Pack essentials
  9. Take your time and be patient

Tip#1 Have a floor plan of the moving space

Having a floor plan of your current house helps you plan the move a bit better. It will allow you to start with the smallest rooms first and you’ll have a clearer idea of where to start. This is especially helpful if you have a big house. If you have people helping you during the move, then the floor plan will work great. Always plan, and have your floor plan ready as soon as you know your moving date.

A floor plan is also important if you have a moving company helping you to pack. When the packers come, you can hand them the floor plan and make their job easier. Most moving companies have movers that'll know exactly how to help seniors pack for a move.

Tip#2 Declutter

Start decluttering your house slowly. Decluttering can take a lot of time so the sooner you start the better, start as soon as you know your moving date. You can start by having a garage sale or giving away stuff that you haven’t used in a long time or selling your things online.

Tip#3 Start with the big stuff

Starting with the big stuff will help move things faster. Once all the big things are out, you’ll have enough space to sort and pack the smaller stuff. These include musical instruments, couches, beds, tables, chairs, etc. Of course, as a senior it is more challenging to move all this by yourself, so that leads us to our next tip below.

Tip#4 Ask family and friends for help

If you have family and friends close by, ask for help. We are sure that they’d be more than happy to. If you don’t have any family close, however, you should ask friends. Assign a different task to everyone so you all don’t end up doing the same thing or packing the same room at the same time.

Packing with help on hand goes by faster and you will have company while at it.

Tip#5 Pack slowly

Start the packing process slowly, this means that when you start packing you should take your time and not rush. Rushing can put some strain on your body and that could lead to injuries and thereby slow everything down (which is not good). Take things easy, if you can only pack 1 hour a day, then so be it. Take time so you don’t physically strain your body.

Tip#6 Search for a moving company

If you don’t have any family or friends to help you pack for your move and can’t do it yourself, then finding a moving company that provides packing services will help tremendously. If you can’t afford packing services, try to find a packing agency in your city specifically for seniors as they are usually cheaper than a moving company. These agencies are great and they are trained to work with seniors.

Always read reviews and ask questions before deciding on any agency or moving company.

TIP#7 Use apps to sell your stuff

Technology has advanced so much that it is now easy for you to sell stuff from the comfort of your own home using different apps. This is great if you can't go out and sell the stuff yourself for example; if you can’t do a garage sale due to where you live etc.

Some of the most popular apps include:

Facebook Marketplace






There are numerous apps available on android, apple, laptops, and tablets. These apps are convenient and you can find the app that is best for you. You can sell stuff to locals, nationwide or you could even sell stuff to the app itself. This will save you so much time and that means fewer things to worry about and you focusing on your moving plan.

TIP#8 Pack essentials

You need to make sure to pack all essentials that you’ll need for moving day and during the move. It is good to pack a bag with important documents like IDs, driver's licenses, leases, medical records, etc. Also important to have all your medication with you. Keep the bag of essentials on your person at all times during the move.

TIP#9 Take your time and be patient with yourself

This is probably THE most important tip in this whole article and that’s because you always want to take things easy and slow so you don’t injure yourself, over exacerbate yourself, and for your overall mental health. Taking time will ease your moving stress and anxiety and essentially, you’ll have a clearer mind and pack everything properly and promptly. This is especially if you live alone and don’t have help. DO NOT RUSH YOURSELF!


All these tips are really important in making your move smooth and stress-free. Remember to always do your research, ask around, read reviews and ask family and friends for help with your move. Start slowly and be patient with yourself. Remember to keep essentials with you and stay positive. Capital city movers will help with your moving and packing needs. You can give us a call at (718) 619 4881. For more information and a FREE quote, please feel free to visit our website. Happy moving!


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